• Nepal condemns Peshawar children killing, claims a heinous crime committed

    Nepal on Tuesday condemned brutal killing of children in Peshawar of Pakistan terming it ‘heinous crime against humanity’. At least 141 people, most of them Children (131), were killed in a brutal attack carried out by the Pakistani Taliban in a military-run School in Peshewar on Tuesday.

  • Declare Nepal a Sanatan Hindu State: Kamal Thapa

    Addressing a program here in Kathmandu, December 16, 2014, he said, “Indeed it was King Prithivi Narayan Shah who engineered geographical integration of the country but it was King Mahendra who pioneered emotional integration of the country that was divided into different castes and creeds.”

  • Nepal: PM Sushil Koirala in politics for serving people better, talks absurd

    “Our primary objective to join politics is to ensure that all Nepali citizens will be able to live a prosperous life and will be able to use facilities as are being used by the citizens of a developed nation,” he said and added, “It is our duty to ensure all these in our life time.”

  • Dahal eying Nepal Prez post, impeding Charter drafting: Minister Basnet

    Mahesh Basnet- the minister for Industries from the United Marxist Leninist while addressing a press meet in Biratnagar organized by Press Chautari, December 16, 2014 said, “Pushpa Kamal’s inexorable desire to grab the presidential post is keeping the constitution drafting process hostage.”

  • Nepal confident on timely constitution, claims parties working hard

    Under any condition Nepal will see the birth of its new constitution come January 22, 2015. The United Marxist Leninist Senior Leader Madhav Kumar Nepal so claimed while addressing the inaugural session of the eighth convention of his party’s Parbat district chapter in Kusma.

  • Maoists Chairman Dahal claims, I am next Presidentof Nepal

    Both the equations cropped up during discussion between the parties after completion of constitution drafting process. “They have both assured me that they will not engage in any debates or whatsoever in their proposal on appointing me as the next President,” also said Pushpa Kamal.

  • Nepal: British embassy clarifies, Ambassador not in Kathmandu

    “The Embassy regrets any misunderstanding that the comment may inadvertently have caused”, concludes the statement. In the meantime, the ministry of foreign affairs in the absence of Ambassador Sparkes summoned Charge d’Affaires at the British Embassy in Kathmandu, Guy Harrison and advised the Embassy to refrain from making such remarks in future.

  • Nepal: Upendra firm in his stance, reiterates single Madhesh State demand

    We are still firm on our earlier stand of one state in Madhes, thundered Chairman Upendra Yadav of Madhesi Janaadhikar Forum-Nepal. “Name of a state and its geography holds no significance”, he told a media gathering in Kathmandu, December 15, 2014 and added, “Division of resources is most important.”


Ms. Pampha Bhusal, NCP-Maoists leader, nepal

But since this CA is an impediment for forward oriented changes and hence


Yub Raj Gyawali, Vice Chairman, UML party, Nepal

It is not a question that the constitution can’t be drafted under external


Professor Surendra K. C, History Department, Tribhuvan University, Nepal

Practically all exhibited their inner profound love and service towards him. Modi got


Laxman Ghimire, Nepali Congress leader

But the fact is that the NC leaders from Mechi to Mahakali have


Mohan Bikram Singh, General Secretary, NCP-MASAL, Nepal

Definitely, Mohan Baidya has the Marxist-Leninist line. But as regards the issues of

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Jagat Gauchan, RPP leader, Nepal

The King will definitely stage a comeback. Where has the King gone after

Five Question

Mohan Baidya, Chairman, NCP-Maoists, Nepal

We the real and honest revolutionaries are determined to form a single Communist

Five Question

Dr. Babu ram Bhattarai, Senior leader, Maoists party, Nepal

Talking as members inside the regional body, well all possess the similar status.

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Had the 1990 Constitution been a curse for the nation? Was everything

Five Question

Bhim Prasad Gautam, Unified Maoists leader, Nepal

Yes! It is a matter of fact that foreign play prevails in Nepal.

Quote Of The Day

Ishwar Pokharel, , General Secretary United Marxist Leninists

The leaders who are known for having practiced in the past irregularities, opportunist

Quote Of The Day

Telegraph Nepal,

The government and political parties that were behind the unceremonious ouster of United

Quote Of The Day

Rajan karki, Senior Journalist, Nepal/Chief Ed. Gorkha Express

A change definitely is a reform for the better. In the name of

Quote Of The Day

Ram Hari Joshi, Senior Leader, Nepali Congres

The then Indian Ambassador to Nepal, C.P. N Sinha played a crucial role

Quote Of The Day

Dr. Prakash Chandra Lohani, Vice Chairman Rastriya Jan Shakti Party

The major challenge ahead of us is to get rid of this political

cartoon of the day

Nagarik Daily, March 20, 2011, Person: Did you find it...look for it carefully...New Constitution is written in the Cigarette Box

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What to do with VAT evaders??
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Rapid economic and social transformation be objective of Nepal diplomacy

Regional Cooperation: Leadership of both the summit and the secretariat of SAARC and later BIMSTEK should be utilized to strengthen relations with neighboring countries as well as in promoting investment, tourism, exports and trade diversification.
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NGO proliferation in Nepal only a post-democracy phenomenon

Proliferation of NGOs in Nepal, though only a post-democracy movement phenomenon, has not been able to prove their efficacy in society except in the case of education and advocacy. Ecologist, feminist and indigenous movements have gained some currency through these NGOs.
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Nepal’s efforts to industrialize are circumscribed by open border with India

The impact of globalization is so persuasive that Indian goods with a trademark label ‘for sale in Nepal’ have replaced not only Nepali goods but also goods from overseas in recent years in Nepali market that is yet to acquire the character of a national market.
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Defending Nepal Interest in the emerging internal, regional and International Challenges

Nepal’s political parties and leaders are divided on almost every important aspect of national politics, economic management and international affairs, making Nepal vulnerable to internal division and external influence.
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Local Self-Government in Nepal: Evolving Practices

The history of local self-government in Nepal can be traced to about five decades back when it got rid of the century-old family autocracy of Ranas. It was basically a rural country without an institutionalized form of governance.
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Nepali effort towards economic advance is Development sans delivery

Although Asia’s embattled economies are still fragile - ‘use of the community itself for sustainable poverty alleviation programs at the lowest level of aggregation,’ appears to be the only hope for billions of the poor in this region.
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It is this system that is now a decade old. One recalls an analysis concluding that the first decade is the most crucial for new democracies to the point that such nascent democracies even go to war in the first decade. We have not gone to war and the multi party constitution and system are intact.
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A dignified and principled foreign policy is what Nepal needs

Nepal’s national interest can be undermined if the security or vital political interests of either of big neighbours are undermined in Nepal. Despite the declared policy of not allowing the Nepalese soil against the security or political interests of the neighbouring countries, including India and China....
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UK envoy in Nepal is Persona Non Grata

Cool down Mr. Ambassador. You have pinched the Nepali sentiments whether they are Christian or the followers of Hinduism. You could not understand as to how the Nepalese live together. Better learn from “we the Nepalese people”, if you wish.
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Nepal: Make public SAARC event expenditure!

Now that the ‘talking club meets of the South Asian respected buffoons’ have come to an end and thus logic demands that the Nepal Government should clarify as to what was the limit of the money that had been poured in to make the talkathon a grand success- that it was definitely not.
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We the fools of Nepal

The festivals come at regular intervals thanks the republican order, an order nobody has understood so far as to what it literally means and for whom it has been in force in the country since a couple of years approaching a decade or so.
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Nepal: Ensure Big Guy, China, entry into SAARC body or dismantle

The results though are cipher to the extent that the declarations and commitments contained therein made by these talkative leaders at time of the inception of the regional body itself remains yet to be brought into practice and let’ not talk of the recent years’ announcements. So sad.
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Dr. Rizal ko beizzat bhayo aslil Hindi gana ley

Chanting of dirty slogans and ugly songs inside the Nepal’s money spinner CA body has become a common phenomenon.
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Nepal ZoP recharged, thanks Isabelle Duquesne

The long forgotten issue has very freshly been brought to the world attention once again. Thanks Isabelle Duquesne, the writer of the book “Nepal: Zone of Peace”. The book has a touch of Hindu religion because the very cover has Om printed. Omkar embodies the universe.
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Magadh Emperor Chandra Gupta's Nepali linkage

Hari Narayan Apte, an eminent Indian scholar in his book entitled “Chanakya and Chandra Gupta”, clearly mentions in his carefully written book that Chandra Gupta was the son of a KIRATI girl, Mura Devi. He also mentions that Mura Devi hailed from the mountains wherein Kirats lived then and continue to live still.
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Biratnagar Nepal school days recalled: Dear Prahlad, I miss you

Prahlad, I must admit, was not only brilliant but a hard working student. Perhaps he was the class topper each year in the annual examinations. He used to tell me “Narendra! You must double your study hours...”.
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Nepal and Russia relations, new thinking needed

Nepal possesses precious natural resources, flora & fauna. We export them unprocessed. There are so many items in Nepal which needed scientific research in order to ascertain their potentialities. But where is the manpower, laboratories investment?
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Nepal and Russia Relations and Global Scenario

The existing potential of Russian-Nepalese cooperation is not used in full measure at the level of small-scale and medium scale business and in hydropower production. There are some indications that the interest of the Nepalese businessman in working on the Russian market is growing.
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Nepal: Development Discourse of Civil Society

Although the role of fieldworkers in the execution of the proposed program is vital, there is still a need for more special and more specific knowledge to ensure the efficiency of planning and evaluation studies. Democratic development, however, involves not only the restructuring of state-civil society relation toward freedom, economic justice, equality, autonomy and cooperation but also the role of donors.
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The peace process should have addressed the structural problems which bred the insurgency. Until 2007, Nepal’s peace process was viewed with great optimism as it unfolded quickly, moving fast from the 12-point understanding to CPA to CA election to the realization of a republic (Heiniger, 2009: 47-48).
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Indo-Pak normalized ties must for Peace in South Asia

Indeed it occupies a paramount position in Indo-Pak relations and over the years it has abundantly become clearer that without its resolution, the peace of South Asia would continue to remain an elusive commodity.
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South Asia: Rehabilitation and Reconstruction in Post-Conflict Sri Lanka

It is in this regards that the International Community, especially the Governments in South Asia, has an obligation towards working with the Sri Lankan Government while sharing the lessons learnt on not only rehabilitation and reconciliation but also on counter insurgency strategy and practices.
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Nepal perspective: Military intervention is not the solution

US should critically evaluate over the differences of its decades long foreign policies that are creating an anti-American sentiment worldwide.
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Nepal Views: Polish success in market economy and attracting foreign investment

Poland still faces many challenges. The transition from Communism to EU integration and the unemployment hit the people very hard. Thanks to the EU and flexible labor laws, many people flocked to the Western Europe and the UK looking for work and better life.
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