• China enters Nepal through Road connection, Good news at last

    The spokesperson at the Ministry of Physical Infrastructure, Devendra Karki claims that the ministry is all set to bring the highways into full operation after completing the up-gradation and blacktopping in the next two fiscal years.

  • Nepal: No Big Brother trend should be repeated, says Yogesh

    Secretary Yogesh also assured in his speech that during his forthcoming visit to New Delhi, Prime Minister KP Oli would not make any agreement with India that is not in favor of Nepal’s national interest. Rather, he said, Prime Minister Oli will raise the issue of revisiting all previous unequal treaties signed by Nepal with India.

  • Do Not beg alms from India, Thapa suggests Nepal PM Oli

    There is always the feeling (implied among India leadership) that Nepal’s Prime Ministers visit India only to seek support (financial or any other, such as Medanta Hospital, form of support) from them, reports quote unidentified Ministry Officials as saying.

  • Nepal: Dahal may handover Maoists party command to Baidya

    Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal of Unified Maoists Party is all set to handover the party command to Mohan Baidya Pokharel ‘Kiran’. In response, says Baidya he will only reunite with the mother party provided the party rectifes its faulty political roadmap.

  • Nepal: India lifted Blockade with no strings attached, says Dahal

    Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal of Unified Maoists Party while expressing happiness over the lifting of five months long economic blockade by India opined that lifting of blockade came not by trading Nepal’s sovereignty with India.

  • Nepal: Madhesh agitation to continue with new faces

    The parties that have freshly joined the alliance are Rastriya Madhesh Samajwadi Party headed by Satat Singh Bhandari, Federal Sadvawana Party headed by Anil Kumar Jha and Madhesi Janaadhikar Forum-Republican headed by Raj Kishore Yadav have joined the alliance.

  • No compromise with India: Nepal PM Oli

    Prime Minister Khadga Prasad Oli has reaffirmed his commitment to the fellow citizens that during his impending state visit to India he will not reach any agreements with the southern neighbor that will compromise Nepal’s national interest.

  • Clear nod to visit Delhi for Nepal PM Oli

    The government spokesperson Sherdhan Rai informed the press following a cabinet meeting that, visit details were discussed in the cabinet. The cabinet has provided its clear nod to Prime Minister Oli to embark on a trip to India.


Shrish S Rana, Senior Political Analyst Nepal

What sort of democracy? Centuries of self government at the local levels are


Gokarna Bista, Secretary UML, Nepal

His courage in stepping up the Dhara Hara tower, personally speaking,


Dr. Prakash Chandra Lohani, Senior leader, RPP, Nepal

The assumption of the role of leadership of RPP at the moment by


Pradip Nepal, UML leader, Nepal

I did not meet high flying leaders from China. I just met with


Dr. Shekhar Koirala, Nepali Congress leader, nepal

We are going with the spirit of the 12 point agreement and also

Five Question

Arvind nath Rimal, Senior political anaalyst, Nepal

The pretext for the support of Balkanization of Nepal being the so-called

Five Question

Narayan Kaji Shrestha, Senior leader, Nepal Maoists party

It is true that we have so far failed in drafting the constitution.

Five Question

Ram Chandra Poudel, Vice Chairman, Nepali Congress

To say that the constitution should enjoy complete consensus means that this nation

Five Question

Kamal Thapa, Chairman, RPP-Nepal

The leaders of the RPP and RPP-Nepal have felt the need for the

Five Question

Thakur Prasad Sharma, RPP leader, nepal

Since we possess similar views and thus there is the pressure from the

Quote Of The Day

Amik Sherchan, Maoists leader, Nepal

Even if Bhattarai says that let’s wind it up, it would not work

Quote Of The Day

Sudhir Sharma, Editor, The kantipur daily

China’s aggressive economic investment in Nepal, worry for India

Quote Of The Day

Telegraph Nepal,

Top Bahadur Rayamajhi, a standing committee member of Unified Maoists’ Party said today

Quote Of The Day

Telegraph Nepal,

“What crime has Ruwel committed against Nepali nationalism”, asked Deputy Prime Minister Sujata

Quote Of The Day

Telegraph Nepal,

It was not my defeat…but it was the defeat of the parliament as

cartoon of the day

Nagarik Daily, March 20, 2011, Person: Did you find it...look for it carefully...New Constitution is written in the Cigarette Box

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What to do with VAT evaders??
  • Matter will be hushed up!
  • Demands punishment!
  • No idea!

An Indian Saint warans Indian Rulers: From Nepal with love

Furthermore, this punishment has ruined the Nepalese economy and facilitated the birth of a criminal community of both Nepalese and Indian combine indulging in black marketing, extortion, smuggling and other vices as a way of life all along the Nepal-India borders.
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Nepal: Love, relationship and long distance ties

‘Love’ is one of the all time popular buzz word. All persons, from play group child to elderly, every now and then are found to be using this word in their daily conversation. But when we ask any of them what actually the ‘love’ is, the answer is either silence or vague exaggeration mixed with some examples.
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Nepal and Indian constitution compared

Regarding the fundamental rights (FR), right to property is a legal right in India while CON envisages it as a FR. Similarly, the A-18 of CON is similar in nature as that of A-14 of COI where it talks about equality before law and equal protection before law.
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Thailand and Nepal have a long standing relationship

For cultural cooperation, Thailand and Nepal have shared common value in cultures and Buddhism. Lumbini is the birthplace of Lord Buddha and one of the most important sacred place for all Thai pilgrimage to be visited.
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Nepal PM Oli, do not be a big loser while visiting India

The proposed visit of the Prime Minister (PM) K.P to India has created a great deal of curiosity and concern among the Nepali people. In fact, PM Oil himself declared that his first foreign trip will be New Delhi. In this light, it is all but natural to see the people getting increasingly anxious about the proposed journey of Oil to India.
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Deepening Democracy in Nepal: Roles of Parties and institutions

The Constitution of Nepal 2015 spells out the Nepali state “independent, sovereign, secular, inclusive, socialist-oriented federal democratic republic.” The notion of sovereignty presumes the ability of Nepali polity to marshal collective power of various institutions and actors.....
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Nepali Nationalism and National Interest in Age of Globalization

Nepali state is indigenous creation, not a Westphalian one. It may be territorial but its society is de-territorialized. They are living in more than 100 countries of the world and retaining Nepali identity through they are citizens of other states.
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Madhesh melodrama and Indian design in Nepal

This is a white lie as even a five year old child in Nepal knows that India is behind the entire melodrama in Madhes/Terai. Thus, there is no iota of doubt that India is the main culprit behind the current crisis in Nepal.
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Nepal do not ignore China repeatedly or else face music

The fact is that the PM must not go to Delhi until Delhi apologizes its fault and makes friendly gestures towards Nepal for its entire fault which is not the making of Nepal and its population. But unfortunately he is going Delhi.
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Nepal: Dragon is welcome but should realize our concerns

All that Nepal needs from China is honor and respect to our national integrity while getting generous support from Beijing and Beijing perhaps understands this Nepali desire for our continued sovereignty. Welcome Beijing to Nepal.
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Nepal: Lord Pasupati will chase Indian PM Modiand team

If not then Lord Shiva will chase Modi and his team ad infinitum. Modi will have to face the wrath of Lord Pasupatinath. Behave Indian PM Modi or see what our Lord shall do for you and your dangerous team.
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Eyes centered on Nepal Army now

How to deal in such a chaotic situation that he and his colleagues understand better than a common man like, for example, we the Nepali population. But national unity must remain intact. We all are all brothers and sisters. That’s all.
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Maharishi ‘Ved Vyas’ son of Nepali soil

Only recently I could learn that Maharishi VED VYAS, the great saint who penned the voluminous epic, “The Maha Bharat” was himself a Nepali first and later only a Brahmin by birth.
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Talk of consensus in package…Resham Firiri…Resham Firiri…Udera jaun Ki….

I have been told by my superiors that talks keep one’s health in a very good shape. I have become health conscious these days as we have arrived at a consensus inside our own family.
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Nepal-Poland Relations: Now 52 years old

By the way, I wish to assure Ambassador Pradhan that Poland now needs a Consul General who would represent Nepal. I am sure, if this office gets established in Poland, once again thousands of Polish tourists will head towards the land of their choice.
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Nepali media and Judiciary

I have learnt a lot from the new technologies that have sneaked into this domain quite for some time now. We are enjoying and trying to cope up with the burgeoning challenges that lay ahead of all of us.
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Indian barbarity at its worst in Nepal

India continues to enjoy smothering the daily lives of Nepal. The unwarranted economic blockade imposed by the southern neighbour some two weeks back has caused enormous difficulties herein the country.
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Nepal and Russia Relations and Global Scenario

The existing potential of Russian-Nepalese cooperation is not used in full measure at the level of small-scale and medium scale business and in hydropower production. There are some indications that the interest of the Nepalese businessman in working on the Russian market is growing.
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The peace process should have addressed the structural problems which bred the insurgency. Until 2007, Nepal’s peace process was viewed with great optimism as it unfolded quickly, moving fast from the 12-point understanding to CPA to CA election to the realization of a republic (Heiniger, 2009: 47-48).
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Nepal: German MPs Stress on accountability of leaders

He promised to fight in the German parliament for the possible support for Nepal’s democratic, development and peace initiatives. Big parties should support the smaller parties after election and tell them how can we help you and how can we work together.
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Originally, laws are natural or positive. Natural laws devote universal law prescribed by divinity or nature. All modern laws are positivistic in nature. They dominate modem times. In the twenty first century of today, modern laws comprise in the main all the positive elements of State and Society.
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Nepal: International Terrorism: Threat to Global Security

The global scene nowadays seems to have been dominated by all pervasive violence, terrorism is the most virulei manifestation of such violence. It is true that people are living through the age of terrorism. Nobody is immune from the octopuses of terrorism.
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South Asia: Rehabilitation and Reconstruction in Post-Conflict Sri Lanka

It is in this regards that the International Community, especially the Governments in South Asia, has an obligation towards working with the Sri Lankan Government while sharing the lessons learnt on not only rehabilitation and reconciliation but also on counter insurgency strategy and practices.
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Nepal Views: Polish success in market economy and attracting foreign investment

Poland still faces many challenges. The transition from Communism to EU integration and the unemployment hit the people very hard. Thanks to the EU and flexible labor laws, many people flocked to the Western Europe and the UK looking for work and better life.
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