• Indian Proposed Energy Cooperation Agreement to Nepal: Full Text

    This agreement will act as a bridgehead for facilitating joint cooperation in the power generation and transmission. It will also enable export of power between Nepal and India on mutually acceptable terms.

  • Nepal: Energy cooperation accord not in terms set by India, says Bastola

    Leader Dharmendra Bastola who is the chief of the party's energy division speaking at the meeting said that the fresh proposal from India has been forwarded with the objective to exploit Nepal's natural resources and that it has made India's ill-motive towards Nepal wide and clear.

  • Nepal Maoists NAY to Bhutan model of energy accord with India

    When asked to comment on the fresh Indian draft for 'Energy Cooperation' between the two countries, said Pokharel, "We are in no need to sign new agreement with India. India can invest in Nepal's hydropower based on the agreement reached between the two countries in 1997."

  • Nepal energy minister says power deal with India will be signed, liking exposed

    "With the arrival of Prime Minister Sushil Koirala (from the US), the cabinet will take a decision on holding talks with the Indian side and thus a team from the ministry (Energy) will head towards New Delhi", declared the minister. So everything is going as per the instructions from above?

  • Indian denial, says Nepal deserves right to develop HP potential

    The Indian Embassy in Kathmandu issuing a press statement has accepted forwarding a draft for energy cooperation between the two countries had but it has said that the proposal in no way constrains Nepal’s sovereign right to develop its hydro power potential.

  • Is India reviving East India Co. Policy towards Nepal?

    In his brief interaction with the Nagarik Daily, July 20, 2014, Gyawali also says"Unless and until we produce five thousand megawatts, energy trade is not possible," he says and adds, "I seriously object to the projection made by the Electric Authority that beginning year 2017 during the rainy season Nepal will have an energy surplus."

  • Indian Energy cooperation proposal irks Nepal Maoists, demands draft be made public

    In a regular press briefing party spokesperson Dina Nath Sharma informed the media men that the party chairman had held talks with the acting Prime Minister Bam Dev Gautam over telephone and demanded the government to make the draft public in the larger interest of the country.

  • Indian design is to capture entire Nepali rivers, claim experts

    "It is highly unfortunate that the new proposal has come by ignoring the draft of a proposal on Energy Trade forwarded by Nepal in the year 2010," said former government secretary Dhungel. "At best both the proposals should be made public and an open discussion be held," Dhungel is quoted as saying by the Annapurna Post Daily.


Rameshwar Khanal, Former Finance Secretary, Nepal

The budget I have in my mind should address the initiatives taken as


C. P Mainali, General Secretary, NCP-ML, Nepal

It is not that I can't take the proper initiatives. The problem has


-Prthivi Subba Gurung, PB member, UML, Nepal

Oli's chairmanship is all the more urgent and necessary to manage the party's


Dr. Shankar Sharma, Senior Economist, Nepal

In no way it could be justified. Instead of providing money, they should


Ishwar Pokhrel, General Secretary, UML, Nepal

If Madhav Nepal embraces poll then his defeat is almost guaranteed. That has

Five Question

Professor Rabindra Khanal, Political Scientist, Nepal

There will be no visible shift in Nepal policy to be acquired by

Five Question

Lal Babu Pandit, Minister General Administration, Nepal

Those who have obtained DV, Green card or it could even be Ration

Five Question

Mani Thapa, Chairman, Revolutionary Communist party-Nepal

The anti-national 12 point agreement followed by the domestic movement which did away

Five Question

Radha Krishna Mainali, Jhapa movement activist, Nepal

Later I made self criticism. Still I wish to beg apology from all

Five Question

Mr. Thakur Sharma, Spokesperson, RPP, Nepal

Even our new Chairman Pasupati S Rana too has made honorific comments

Quote Of The Day

Rabindra Pratap Shah, Inspector General of Police, Nepal, IGP

It is totally unfair to label the entire Police Force as a corrupt

Quote Of The Day

Sushil Koirala, Nepali Congress President

The Nepali Congress warns the Maoists not to take the magnanimity of the

Quote Of The Day

Mitra Pariyar, Columnist, Nagarik National Daily, September, 22, 2011

“To reward any region and area in the name of a particular ethnic

Quote Of The Day

Srish Ballav Pradhan, Senior Journalist, Nepal

....but in the name of changing the treaty it should not become a

Quote Of The Day

Ishwar Pokharel, , General Secretary United Marxist Leninists

The leaders who are known for having practiced in the past irregularities, opportunist

cartoon of the day

Nagarik Daily, March 20, 2011, Person: Did you find it...look for it carefully...New Constitution is written in the Cigarette Box

Voting Poll

What to do with VAT evaders??
  • Matter will be hushed up!
  • Demands punishment!
  • No idea!

Nepal: Vital is political compromise among of political economy key actors

What is needed is a political - cultural compromise, as it were, among the key actors of the political economy of a country despite differences in their vested interests. Some shared experiences and convictions must grow if a social democracy is going to happen and be successful.
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Nepal: Social and economic rights need political embedding and rule of markets

A Social Democracy’s choice of economic and social policies and instruments needs to pursue a two pronged strategy by balancing objectives of practical efficacy ( productivity, growth) and normative legitimacy (fair distribution of life chances, social inclusion, work).
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This is a Time for Social Democracy

Most of you will remember the famous prophesy by Francis Fukyama, the US’s leading political intellectual, shortly after the fall of the Soviet Union in 1992. He said: world history has reached its final destination with the end of the communist empire in 1989.
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Nepali Meaning & Philosophy of Namaste

Namaste is a formal and traditional way of greeting prevalent widely in Nepal and India. Unlike “Good Morning “ “Good night ” in English and Asiawalikum, “Khudda Hafiz” “Sabhakhair” in urdu “Ram Ramjee” in Tharu, “Lalsalam” in Communist group, “JaiNepal” in Democratic Group.
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Nepal viewpoint: Conflict and Social Change, A Theoretical Aspect

Writing as early as the 1960s, Mancur Olson pointed out that economic development might actually produce instability and conflict rather than stability and contentment, partly because the “goods” from growth would almost certainly be mal-distributed, as would the “bads”.
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Understanding Sustainability Gender Issues and Poverty Alleviation in Nepal

Poverty is pervasive in developing and least developed countries. Most of the people are in poverty and they are compelled to the pungency of being poor. It is very complex and cruel aspect. Once the people fall in the vicious circle of poverty, it is extremely difficult to overcome it.
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Nepal: Ideologies do not seem to provide answer to human conditions

For a broader Nepali society Bhagwan (the Nepali equivalent translation of God) exists everywhere, that is, in each and every material and living species (there is a saying that debvata (demigod) exists in each and every stone of the country. This makes Nepal – a unique Deva Bhumi (abode of gods and goddess).
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Plan for proper exhibition in Nepal

In the arrangements of the exhibits museum fatigue should be considered carefully in relation to the eye, the vision and to comprehension. Convergence, by which our two eyes see as one, is brought about by two sets of muscles, six for each eye.
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Indian envoy in Nepal talks absurd

Ambassador Ray is correct in denying that RAW has no role in Nepali affairs. In fact the Indian envoy who controls the embassy has no say over the RAW chamber located inside his own compound, just adjacent to his own office.
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Who sidelined Nepal monarchy?

To recall, Mr. Nepal used to make several trips to India in order to meet them and perhaps such visits to India were being made to convince the Maoists that the King, the villain of Nepal in his eyes, must be overthrown through the latter's Himalayan force and that is what had happened eventually.
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Choking press in Nepal's vibrant democracy?

Interestingly, such a spine chilling law is about to take the form of a law but yet the champions of "mission journalism" of the bygone era, including the International Federation of Journalists-IFJ, have so far not come to the streets or with convincing statements.
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Nepal's Dr. Bhattarai outbursts against India has meaning

And now when he is being cornered by his own party boss, he has begun speaking against India? But why? Is India the real villain for Nepal? If yes then why Dr. Bhattarai, the onetime SLC topper, kept this million dollar secret under his sleeves for so long? Yet better late than never. Nepali blood after all.
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Dr. Rizal ko beizzat bhayo aslil Hindi gana ley

Chanting of dirty slogans and ugly songs inside the Nepal’s money spinner CA body has become a common phenomenon.
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Nepal ZoP recharged, thanks Isabelle Duquesne

The long forgotten issue has very freshly been brought to the world attention once again. Thanks Isabelle Duquesne, the writer of the book “Nepal: Zone of Peace”. The book has a touch of Hindu religion because the very cover has Om printed. Omkar embodies the universe.
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Magadh Emperor Chandra Gupta's Nepali linkage

Hari Narayan Apte, an eminent Indian scholar in his book entitled “Chanakya and Chandra Gupta”, clearly mentions in his carefully written book that Chandra Gupta was the son of a KIRATI girl, Mura Devi. He also mentions that Mura Devi hailed from the mountains wherein Kirats lived then and continue to live still.
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Biratnagar Nepal school days recalled: Dear Prahlad, I miss you

Prahlad, I must admit, was not only brilliant but a hard working student. Perhaps he was the class topper each year in the annual examinations. He used to tell me “Narendra! You must double your study hours...”.
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Nepal: Development Discourse of Civil Society

Although the role of fieldworkers in the execution of the proposed program is vital, there is still a need for more special and more specific knowledge to ensure the efficiency of planning and evaluation studies. Democratic development, however, involves not only the restructuring of state-civil society relation toward freedom, economic justice, equality, autonomy and cooperation but also the role of donors.
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Nepal views: Russia and the Multipolar World

Multi polarity of the world will certainly bring a justified balance between the countries, creating a healthy and conducive atmosphere. Moscow’s stance on multi-polar world is certainly the only solution to make the world a better place to live in.
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Nepal and Russia relations, new thinking needed

Nepal possesses precious natural resources, flora & fauna. We export them unprocessed. There are so many items in Nepal which needed scientific research in order to ascertain their potentialities. But where is the manpower, laboratories investment?
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Nepal and Russia Relations and Global Scenario

The existing potential of Russian-Nepalese cooperation is not used in full measure at the level of small-scale and medium scale business and in hydropower production. There are some indications that the interest of the Nepalese businessman in working on the Russian market is growing.
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Indo-Pak normalized ties must for Peace in South Asia

Indeed it occupies a paramount position in Indo-Pak relations and over the years it has abundantly become clearer that without its resolution, the peace of South Asia would continue to remain an elusive commodity.
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South Asia: Rehabilitation and Reconstruction in Post-Conflict Sri Lanka

It is in this regards that the International Community, especially the Governments in South Asia, has an obligation towards working with the Sri Lankan Government while sharing the lessons learnt on not only rehabilitation and reconciliation but also on counter insurgency strategy and practices.
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Nepal perspective: Military intervention is not the solution

US should critically evaluate over the differences of its decades long foreign policies that are creating an anti-American sentiment worldwide.
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Nepal Views: Polish success in market economy and attracting foreign investment

Poland still faces many challenges. The transition from Communism to EU integration and the unemployment hit the people very hard. Thanks to the EU and flexible labor laws, many people flocked to the Western Europe and the UK looking for work and better life.
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