• Kamal Thapa is Nepal Foreign Minister, to talk with India

    First meeting of the cabinet following swearing in of Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli has decided to assign Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Foreign Affairs Kamal Thapa to hold talks with ‘disgruntled’ Indian establishment with the objective to ease ‘flow of goods through the border’.

  • Minister Bijaya assures Nepal Tharu and Madhesi community

    Whereas the party chairman is already an important member of the newly formed government headed by United Marxist Leninist chairman KP Sharma Oli, Madhesi Janaadhikar Forum-Loktantrik cadres are still engaged in violent protests.

  • Beaming China PM assures Nepal of support as per demand

    Chinese Prime Minister Li Keqiang has extended his heartfelt congratulation to KP Sharma Oli for having elected Prime Minister of Nepal. Prime Minister Li claimed that the two countries share close ties and thus China is ready to extend our support for the overall development and prosperity of Nepal.

  • Sign trade and transit treaty with China immediately: Nepal experts

    The draft of the proposed treaty was forwarded by the Chinese side while I served as an ambassador to Beijing but, no progress has been made in this regard since then, said Acharya addressing an interaction in Kathmandu, October 12, 2015.

  • Modi wicked ploy while congratulating Nepal PM Oli: Rohit

    Claims veteran communist leader Narayan Man Bijukche ‘Rohit’ that the congratulatory message from India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi for United Marxist Leninist Chairman KP Sharma Oli for having elected Prime Minister of Nepal is yet another wicked move of Indian rulers. Great reading indeed.

  • Indian PM Modi extends congratulations to elected Nepal PM Oli

    The Indian Prime Minister said that Prime Minsiter Oli has been elected in democratic and orderly elections, and conveyed his hearty congratulations, reads the embassy statement and adds, “Prime Minister looks forward to working closely with Shri Oli.”

  • Indian SSB thrash Nepal police men in Modi style

    India’s notorious border security force, Seema Shasastra Bal deployed along Nepal’s border checkpoint in Biratanagr of Morang has thrashed one of the police officers on duty by dragging him mercilessly from the Nepali side towards the Indian territory.

  • Chairman Oli is new Nepal PM, Sushil accepts defeat

    The United Marxist Leninist Chairman KP Sharma Oli has been elected thirty eighth Prime Minister of the country defeating the erstwhile Prime Minister and Nepali Congress President by 89 votes in an election held in the parliament, October 11, 2015. The damp squib has lost the poll.


Shrish S Rana, Senior Political Analyst Nepal

What sort of democracy? Centuries of self government at the local levels are


Gokarna Bista, Secretary UML, Nepal

His courage in stepping up the Dhara Hara tower, personally speaking,


Dr. Prakash Chandra Lohani, Senior leader, RPP, Nepal

The assumption of the role of leadership of RPP at the moment by


Pradip Nepal, UML leader, Nepal

I did not meet high flying leaders from China. I just met with


Dr. Shekhar Koirala, Nepali Congress leader, nepal

We are going with the spirit of the 12 point agreement and also

Five Question

Narayan Kaji Shrestha, Senior leader, Nepal Maoists party

It is true that we have so far failed in drafting the constitution.

Five Question

Ram Chandra Poudel, Vice Chairman, Nepali Congress

To say that the constitution should enjoy complete consensus means that this nation

Five Question

Kamal Thapa, Chairman, RPP-Nepal

The leaders of the RPP and RPP-Nepal have felt the need for the

Five Question

Thakur Prasad Sharma, RPP leader, nepal

Since we possess similar views and thus there is the pressure from the

Five Question

Madan Regmi, Senior Political analyst, Nepal

But I too sometimes fail to understand why China has to act in

Quote Of The Day

Pradip Nepal, UML leader

The monarchy had formally ended in the year 2001. Gyanendra’s monarchy was just

Quote Of The Day

Telegraph Nepal,

So said a crestfallen President Sushil Koirala of Nepali Congress talking to media

Quote Of The Day

Telegraph Nepal,

Quote Of The Day

Bishnu Rijal, Nepal Journalist

Yes! Because of these reasons, the BIPPA pact has drawn excessive attention and

Quote Of The Day

Keshar Bahadur Bhandari, Retired Army General, Nepal

Isn’t it that a Prime Minister of Nepal government formed immediately after 2006

cartoon of the day

Nagarik Daily, March 20, 2011, Person: Did you find it...look for it carefully...New Constitution is written in the Cigarette Box

Voting Poll

What to do with VAT evaders??
  • Matter will be hushed up!
  • Demands punishment!
  • No idea!

Regulating Nepalese Energy and Water Related Utility Infrastructures

There are some issues that need to be kept on consideration such as regulating risks, service continuity or reliability, and unregulated charges for services.
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Redraft Nepal Charter: To Rein in Parties conduct and pledge People’s power

Paragraph 264 is concerned with Political Parties Founding, Registration and Operations. Paragraph 265 asserts inter alia that it is forbidden to restrict its operations. Paragraph 266 requires Political Parties to be registered with the Election Commission. Finally, paragraph 267 says that on all other matters it shall be as per the laws.
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Nepal: Economy and inefficiencies in disbursement of fiscal budgets

In 18th century “classical free trade” philosophies started to emerge from the wishful thoughts of Adam Smith. Later then from 1970s the process of economic liberalization, privatization and globalization started to boom.
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Nepal perspective: ASEAN and SAARC, A Comparative Primer

However, perhaps if Japan revives the long outstanding visionary projects to create Asian Highways, Railways and Waterways we shall a step closer to regional peace, harmony and development for the benefit of all mankind.
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Open letter to Indian PM Modi from Nepal

Starting from the back of Indus valley civilization till date, we can say that the fertile and heterogeneous landscapes of different countries in South Asia went through different epic incidences of suppressions, revolutions, and evolutions in political and developmental system.
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Nepal: Normative Standards of Civic Education

Teaching about civic education always entails sharing of life-experience, conversation among the educators, leaders and citizens and preparation of life for living in shared world as a good citizen and human being. This is the phase of reflection on human condition of Nepali citizens and action to transform this for better.
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Building Modern State through Civic Education in Nepal

This is the phase of reflection on human condition of Nepali citizens and action to transform this for better. It is a “constitutional moment” for Nepali citizens, a moment that provides opportunities to include their rights and shoulder corresponding responsibilities in the forthcoming Constitution of Nepal 2015.
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China dubious stance on Nepal

If the northern neighbour does not correct its dubious stand, Nepal and her people will be compelled to raise a serious doubt over its principal of Panchasheel. The government and some party leaders have rightly decried the recent deal of India and China
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Indian PM twists Nepal arms

People in Nepal lined up the streets when the Indian PM Modi was in Nepal in order to get a short glimpse of the man who in a surprising manner swept the Indian elections and came to power which was almost like a miracle.
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Nepal and China in uneasy relations

Despite the exchanges’ of verbal “sweet and delicious” congratulatory messages by Nepal and China while marking the sixty years of the establishment of Nepal-China bilateral relations, both the countries, however, are feeling somewhat uneasy on how to trust and take each other in the days ahead. The damage has already been done.
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China betrays Nepal

The Chinese highhandedness has best been decried by none less than former Nepal PM Shri KN Bista in his Republica article dated 29, July 2015, wherein he says that China has betrayed Nepal and its population. This is his gist of the article.
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Need for a Secret Scotland team to locate Nepal missing items

But Nepal Government must invite Scotland secret service agents to locate those items which went missing from Nepal. After all, the missing items must be found in order to assure the donors, both domestic and at the international level. That’s all.
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Nepal-Poland Relations: Now 52 years old

By the way, I wish to assure Ambassador Pradhan that Poland now needs a Consul General who would represent Nepal. I am sure, if this office gets established in Poland, once again thousands of Polish tourists will head towards the land of their choice.
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Problem free Nepal-Pakistan relations

And all of a sudden, the Pakistan Prime Minister said, "Well! Excellency the problem is that we don't have any problems". Listening to this, Ambassador Rajbhandari jumped.
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Maharishi ‘Ved Vyas’ son of Nepali soil

Only recently I could learn that Maharishi VED VYAS, the great saint who penned the voluminous epic, “The Maha Bharat” was himself a Nepali first and later only a Brahmin by birth.
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Talk of consensus in package…Resham Firiri…Resham Firiri…Udera jaun Ki….

I have been told by my superiors that talks keep one’s health in a very good shape. I have become health conscious these days as we have arrived at a consensus inside our own family.
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Nepal: Maoists bottom-line, CA with federalism

That he is still ferocious and a smart player of the politics came to the fore just yesterday, October 26, 2012, when Chairman Dahal declared in Bhaktapur that “we will not quit the government unless the parties agree to revive the Nepal CA body and draft a new constitution through the same authority”.
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Nepal-China Relations and CPC 18th Congress

The problem is basically internal but in the current regional and global context continued understanding, goodwill and support of a powerful and friendly neighbor like China will be crucial in the struggle of the Nepalese people to come out of their current internal problems and external challenges
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Nepal and Russia Relations and Global Scenario

The existing potential of Russian-Nepalese cooperation is not used in full measure at the level of small-scale and medium scale business and in hydropower production. There are some indications that the interest of the Nepalese businessman in working on the Russian market is growing.
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The peace process should have addressed the structural problems which bred the insurgency. Until 2007, Nepal’s peace process was viewed with great optimism as it unfolded quickly, moving fast from the 12-point understanding to CPA to CA election to the realization of a republic (Heiniger, 2009: 47-48).
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Nepal perspective: Military intervention is not the solution

US should critically evaluate over the differences of its decades long foreign policies that are creating an anti-American sentiment worldwide.
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South Asia: Rehabilitation and Reconstruction in Post-Conflict Sri Lanka

It is in this regards that the International Community, especially the Governments in South Asia, has an obligation towards working with the Sri Lankan Government while sharing the lessons learnt on not only rehabilitation and reconciliation but also on counter insurgency strategy and practices.
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Nepal Views: Polish success in market economy and attracting foreign investment

Poland still faces many challenges. The transition from Communism to EU integration and the unemployment hit the people very hard. Thanks to the EU and flexible labor laws, many people flocked to the Western Europe and the UK looking for work and better life.
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Indo-Pak normalized ties must for Peace in South Asia

Indeed it occupies a paramount position in Indo-Pak relations and over the years it has abundantly become clearer that without its resolution, the peace of South Asia would continue to remain an elusive commodity.
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