• Do not derail this Nepal government: Sujata Koirala

    Sujata made the remark while her party leaders including president Sher Bahadur with the tacit support of India is plotting to derail the government.“Immediate change in government will only stall the development works initiated by the government”, she continued.

  • PM Oli needs electrical shock: Nepal

    “We are aware that recently the government was about to bid adieu. We still remember those grim faces in Baluatar. Madhav Nepal, JN Khanal, Bam Dev and other leaders expressed their total support to the government and played their role to strengthen the government”, he said.

  • No meaning to attend Nepal government talk meet: Upendra

    The leaders of agitating Madhesi alliance have rejected attending an all-party meeting called by the government. Chairman Upendra Yadav of Federal Socialist Forum talking to the media said that the alliance leaders will not be taking part in the meeting called by Prime Minister Khadga Prasad Oli.

  • Nepal must bridge India and China: Bhattarai

    The former Maoist leader who currently leads the so-called movement called as ‘New Force’ addressing a program in Kathmandu said, “Our prosperity in only possible by transforming our country into a vibrant bridge between India and China.”

  • No relevance in holding Nepal local level elections: Poudel

    “The country has already been endorsed as a federal state”, he reminded referring to the newly promulgated constitution and questioned the motive of the government, “What is the need for holding local level election as per the earlier setup”

  • India is best served by Nepalese Pahadi pimps: Biplab

    “How many years have passed already since the Nepalis begun demanding their Gorkhaland”, he asks and continues, “How is it possible that a country that takes repressive measures against its own people will help liberate people from another country?”

  • Nepal can not become a secular nation: Shashank Koirala

    The Nepali Congress Central Committee member Sashank Koirala is also not in favor of retaining secular status of the country. He remarked, “A country with more than eighty per cent Hindu population cannot become a secular nation”.

  • Nepal protest will be a decisisive one: Mahato

    Chairman Rajendra Mahato of Sadvawana Party commenting on the ongoing capital centric protest led by the seven party Madhesi alliance claims that the protesting parties will return to Madhesh from Kathmandu only after ensuring that Madhesis get their much deserving rights.


Shrish S Rana, Senior Political Analyst Nepal

What sort of democracy? Centuries of self government at the local levels are


Gokarna Bista, Secretary UML, Nepal

His courage in stepping up the Dhara Hara tower, personally speaking,


Dr. Prakash Chandra Lohani, Senior leader, RPP, Nepal

The assumption of the role of leadership of RPP at the moment by


Pradip Nepal, UML leader, Nepal

I did not meet high flying leaders from China. I just met with


Dr. Shekhar Koirala, Nepali Congress leader, nepal

We are going with the spirit of the 12 point agreement and also

Five Question

Arvind nath Rimal, Senior political anaalyst, Nepal

The pretext for the support of Balkanization of Nepal being the so-called

Five Question

Narayan Kaji Shrestha, Senior leader, Nepal Maoists party

It is true that we have so far failed in drafting the constitution.

Five Question

Ram Chandra Poudel, Vice Chairman, Nepali Congress

To say that the constitution should enjoy complete consensus means that this nation

Five Question

Kamal Thapa, Chairman, RPP-Nepal

The leaders of the RPP and RPP-Nepal have felt the need for the

Five Question

Thakur Prasad Sharma, RPP leader, nepal

Since we possess similar views and thus there is the pressure from the

Quote Of The Day

Telegraph Nepal,

Top Bahadur Rayamajhi, a standing committee member of Unified Maoists’ Party said today

Quote Of The Day

Telegraph Nepal,

“What crime has Ruwel committed against Nepali nationalism”, asked Deputy Prime Minister Sujata

Quote Of The Day

Telegraph Nepal,

It was not my defeat…but it was the defeat of the parliament as

Quote Of The Day

Telegraph Nepal,

Mr. Thapa made the remark in London at a program organized by the

Quote Of The Day

Telegraph Nepal,

We firmly believe that Nepal needs the Chinese support as we are undergoing

cartoon of the day

Nagarik Daily, March 20, 2011, Person: Did you find it...look for it carefully...New Constitution is written in the Cigarette Box

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What to do with VAT evaders??
  • Matter will be hushed up!
  • Demands punishment!
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Nepal China Relations Six Decades of Friendship, Partnership and Cooperation

“The idea of revitalizing the Silk Road to which the present Chinese leadership has attached considerable importance is more than sentimental attachment to the past; it reflects also the economic need of the present which is gradually emerging as the felt need of all countries in the region.”
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Nepal: Buddhism, ethical economy and Development

The most important benefit Buddhism brings is happiness. In the modern world which has been threatened by terrorism, violence and material acquisition, the attainment of grosS national happiness is conducive to development.
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Nepal China Sixty Years of Good Neighborliness

Traditionally, Nepal and China are bound by close ties of profound socio cultural and religious affinities since ancient times, which, in due course of history, were strengthened consecutively by important bilateral historical intercourses and events.
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Nepal China Relations: Some Reflections

Chinese foreign policy towards Nepal is seen as based on the practice of Panchasheel, the five principles of peaceful coexistence, and Chinese diplomacy and aid prograrns conducted in such a way that they have earned real goodwill and respect of the Nepalese people.
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The WTO Membership: Likely Social Implications for Nepal

Nepal has been enjoying political independence since long, but the same may not be true about its economics. Sandwiched between two Asian giants, namely, India and the People’s Republic of China, with different socio economic and political environments.
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Conundrum of Reconstruction Nepal

But it is more than heart-wrenching to note that the government is yet to undertake any reconstruction work. Otherwise, as many as770,000 homeless families would have been still struggling in temporary shelters.
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A beginning for something better in Nepal; Pokhra Airport

When the PRIA embarks upon international flights, foreign tourists will no longer need to take detour from Kathmandu. Taking this fact into account, hotel entrepreneurs in Pokhara are making a huge investment in big hotels and other tourism- related infrastructures to accommodate the inflow of bigger number of tourists.
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Protecting migrant workers’ rights in Nepal

Last year, the government made as big announcement as implementing a free-visa-f ree ticket labour migration to Nepalis. Unsurprisingly, it came as good news to both the current and aspiring migrant workers.
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India has lost Nepal willingly but it is costly

The joint statement issued by India and the EU in Brussels in many more ways than one challenged the Nepali sovereignty and insults the Nepali population in a manner that is uncalled for.
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China’s newly formulated matured strategy on Nepal and South Asia

China has lured or say better convinced Nepal in a positive manner and in doing so utmost care has been taken that neighboring India doesn’t get irritated with the help and support that Beijing has offered or say promised Nepal. This speaks of China’s subtle diplomacy.
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China must feel Nepali pains or else it would be too late

Professor Surendra KC says that the Indian diplomats in writing so express the Indian taste which is to keep Nepal in its fold for ever. Now let’s wait for Chinese benevolence to be exhibited towards Nepal which is suffering the most.
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Nepal looks for urgent Chinese help with an appeal

However, we also dare to appeal China to open its heart at time of our crisis that is already there, to which China understands better, and be of some support, a tangible one, and please the pained hearts of Nepali population that has been reeling under Indian coercion since decades and decades.
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Maharishi ‘Ved Vyas’ son of Nepali soil

Only recently I could learn that Maharishi VED VYAS, the great saint who penned the voluminous epic, “The Maha Bharat” was himself a Nepali first and later only a Brahmin by birth.
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Talk of consensus in package…Resham Firiri…Resham Firiri…Udera jaun Ki….

I have been told by my superiors that talks keep one’s health in a very good shape. I have become health conscious these days as we have arrived at a consensus inside our own family.
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Nepal-Poland Relations: Now 52 years old

By the way, I wish to assure Ambassador Pradhan that Poland now needs a Consul General who would represent Nepal. I am sure, if this office gets established in Poland, once again thousands of Polish tourists will head towards the land of their choice.
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Nepali media and Judiciary

I have learnt a lot from the new technologies that have sneaked into this domain quite for some time now. We are enjoying and trying to cope up with the burgeoning challenges that lay ahead of all of us.
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Indian barbarity at its worst in Nepal

India continues to enjoy smothering the daily lives of Nepal. The unwarranted economic blockade imposed by the southern neighbour some two weeks back has caused enormous difficulties herein the country.
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The peace process should have addressed the structural problems which bred the insurgency. Until 2007, Nepal’s peace process was viewed with great optimism as it unfolded quickly, moving fast from the 12-point understanding to CPA to CA election to the realization of a republic (Heiniger, 2009: 47-48).
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Nepal: German MPs Stress on accountability of leaders

He promised to fight in the German parliament for the possible support for Nepal’s democratic, development and peace initiatives. Big parties should support the smaller parties after election and tell them how can we help you and how can we work together.
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Nepal: Addressing Impunity

There is alarming situation of impunity in Nepal due to lack of fair investigation and prosecution against those involved in the crimes under international law. Impunity has hindered access of the general public to justice. Justice has been influenced by access, money and power.
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Originally, laws are natural or positive. Natural laws devote universal law prescribed by divinity or nature. All modern laws are positivistic in nature. They dominate modem times. In the twenty first century of today, modern laws comprise in the main all the positive elements of State and Society.
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Nepal: International Terrorism: Threat to Global Security

The global scene nowadays seems to have been dominated by all pervasive violence, terrorism is the most virulei manifestation of such violence. It is true that people are living through the age of terrorism. Nobody is immune from the octopuses of terrorism.
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South Asia: Rehabilitation and Reconstruction in Post-Conflict Sri Lanka

It is in this regards that the International Community, especially the Governments in South Asia, has an obligation towards working with the Sri Lankan Government while sharing the lessons learnt on not only rehabilitation and reconciliation but also on counter insurgency strategy and practices.
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Nepal Views: Polish success in market economy and attracting foreign investment

Poland still faces many challenges. The transition from Communism to EU integration and the unemployment hit the people very hard. Thanks to the EU and flexible labor laws, many people flocked to the Western Europe and the UK looking for work and better life.
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