Maharishi ‘Ved Vyas’ son of Nepali soil : Only recently I could learn that Maharishi VED VYAS, the great saint who penned the voluminous epic, “The Maha Bharat” was himself a Nepali first and later only a Brahmin by birth.

Talk of consensus in package…Resham Firiri…Resham Firiri…Udera jaun Ki…. : I have been told by my superiors that talks keep one’s health in a very good shape. I have become health conscious these days as we have arrived at a consensus inside our own family.

Nepal-Poland Relations: Now 52 years old : By the way, I wish to assure Ambassador Pradhan that Poland now needs a Consul General who would represent Nepal. I am sure, if this office gets established in Poland, once again thousands of Polish tourists will head towards the land of their choice.

Nepali media and Judiciary : I have learnt a lot from the new technologies that have sneaked into this domain quite for some time now. We are enjoying and trying to cope up with the burgeoning challenges that lay ahead of all of us.

Nepal’s ZoP proposal fused with Women and Peace Seminar : He took King Birendra’s ZoP as a good proposal and appealed the government of the day to reconsider in reviving this issue which, he maintained, could become an effective tool for regional security.

The Old Energetic Boy who shaped Nepal-Poland Friendship : In fact, it was Andrzej Wawrzyniak’s encouragement that Nepal-Poland Friendship could contribute a little in enhancing Nepal-Poland ties in its formative days.

Last salute to great Nepali soul Kishunjee, Rest in peace : Bhattarai knew but took the entire events in a light manner with the sole aim that his utterances may bring about a vertical split in the party he so dearly nurtured over the decades.

Nepal: Senior Upadhyaya Shailendra is no more! : At such a reception one fine evening in Kathmandu, minister Upadhyaya, the foreign minister then, suddenly rushed towards me and said, “Look brother Upadhyaya! Do the Kathmandu posted diplomats talk to you about ours having intimate relations”?

Nepal: Shaktikhor Free Lunch Enjoyed : For some the entire event was a fate decider. For yet some others it was a gala program wherein uglier jokes were being cut against each other forwarding this or that reasons albeit political ones.