Nepal: Unity talks meaningless while RPP house is in disarray

Dr. Prakash Chandra Lohani

Senior leader, RPP, Nepal

TQ1: There are allegations that you the leaders of the RPP creating mess inside the party? Is that true?

Dr. Lohani: The assumption of the role of leadership of RPP at the moment by Pasupati S Rana is not only objectionable but an illegal act also. Mr. Rana’s forceful claim that he is the RPP Chairman goes against the general Assembly mandate. It would be highly illogical to accept Mr. Rana as RPP Chairman simply because he has not only ignored the General Assembly mandate but also has rejected the wishes and preferences of some two thousand plus party representatives/delegates. How could we accept his leadership then?

TQ2: Isn’t it that the RPP summit leaders are generally taken as SB Thapa and Pasupati S Rana and the likes?

Dr. Lohani: Who were the top leaders and who belonged to the foot path is not an issue that has to be defined by some others. Instead this issue is to be settled by hundreds of thousands of the party cadres and workers across the country. The party general convention, the apex body of the party that it is, has only the right to determine as to who the summit leader of the party is and who is not. The general Assembly thus decided that for the first year, it would be SB Thapa assuming the role of Party President, and for the second year, it would be Lokendra Bahadur Chand assuming the same role for the party and likewise, for the third term of Party Presidency, it shall go to Mr. Pasupati S Rana. And the decision then made then was that the Presidency for the fourth year shall come to me. RPP Presidency in a rotational basis is what had been agreed upon then. That was a clear decision taken then. But ignoring the party decision made then Mr. Rana declaring himself as the Party Chairman is not only illegal act but also, as I see to it, is a grand conspiracy.

We are all set to discourage those who have been hatching conspiracies against the party; to bring back party from illegal to legal track and such acts must not be taken as our conspiracy but should be read as benevolent acts which ultimately are in favor of the party. How could it be taken as a conspiracy if one tries to make the party to move ahead in a democratic manner and a wish to advance the party in a united fashion by honoring the assembly’s mandate? Whatever we have been doing as of now is only for the party’s unity. It is also a step in order to sideline the conspirators from the party.

TQ3: Your activities appear to provide an impression that the RPP is on the verge of a split. In such a situation how could you move ahead in a united manner?

Dr. Lohani: We haven’t initiated any such acts that could harm the party and carry it towards a split. We can’t even think of such moves. The party has not split and we shall not allow the party to split. A section inside the party has been trying to ignore the general assembly mandate and here we are to oppose such dangerous trend. We are thus in a way trying to save the party. We will not allow the conspirators to split the party come what may.

TQ4: What sort of signal will approach people with what you have been doing of late when the RPP has initiated unification talks with the RPP-Nepal led by Kamal Thapa?

Dr. Lohani: It is good that the two parties unite if the two differing parties converge on theoretical lines. We welcome such initiatives. But when your own house is in disorder, frustration prevails; and when you have been inviting problems by ignoring the party’s general assembly legal decisions and thus how long you can enjoy the new found love with the next door neighbor? In fact, the unity efforts are being made in order to cover up the disorders observed in your own house. This is what the general cadres and workers believe. In my opinion, a calculated rumor is being spread of unity efforts only to divert the attention of all concerned that the house is in order. This is what we have been feeling and this is a calculated rumor.

TQ5: But it is said that Mr. Rana and Mr. Kamal Thapa have already come to a common point for party unification. Isn’t it?

Dr. Lohani: How much they are together or not is altogether a different issue. What is important here that first you have been ignoring the assembly’s mandate and frustrating the wishes of the thousands of party delegates and when your own house is not in order and given the situation you simply wish to establish relations with someone only speaks of the height of irresponsible behavior. This could be understood easily. There is no relevance and logic in such talks of unity efforts. Having unity is not that bad a thing and let’s hope that the two party adhere to a common philosophy and may unite. But such unity initiatives may mean less when your own party is in Himalayan disarray and yet you talk of making unity efforts. This will have no meaning and impact. It is nothing but to cover up the party’s mal functioning and disorder that prevails in the RPP paraphernalia.

TQ6: Should this mean that your team is all set to form another party?

Dr. Lohani: Where have I talked of the formation of a new party? Why we should need another party? We just want to discourage those who prefer to damage the party and make the political institution to run in a solidified manner. This has remained our prime objective. With such objective in mind, why then should we form a new party? We have been fighting against those who prefer split and hatching conspiracies against the party. We are just engaged in saving the party. Not for the formation of a new party as you stated.

TQ7: Should this mean than neither you can split nor stick together?

Dr. Lohani: Mind it that this party is much senior to what the comparatively Maoists party is . After the Congress and the UML, we are the senior most. We just have been trying hard not to allow the historical party , that it is, to be hijacked. We want them not to succeed. Moreover, such problems do not remain forever.

Text courtesy: The Ghatana Ra Bichar Weekly dated April 8, 2015: Thanks Ed.  


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