NC accepted Maoists agenda for a Republican Nepal

Dr. Shekhar Koirala

Nepali Congress leader, nepal

TQ1: Your party appears to have forgotten late GP Koirala?

Your party didn’t observe the GP’s anniversary? Isn’t it that? Is it that the agreement your party makes is all but a mere talk only? Why so?

Dr. Koirala: Let’s not take it that way. We haven’t forgotten late Girija Prasad Koirala. We haven’t ignored his political theories. I must tell you that what personality late GP had, if you combine the entire present day political men and judge their personality then it falls short of what he have had. The most interesting part of his political personality had been that he had a very strong will power. I do not see these qualities in the present day Nepali leaders. Not only had he strong will power, late Koirala had the courage and strength to coordinate his own party but other parties as well. His coordinating role was par excellence. Moreover, he had mastered the art in bringing in the entire international community at a common point which you can’t find in others.

TQ2: Your party didn’t observe the GP’s anniversary? Why?

Yes! We did not observe his anniversary.  The NC has a practice that the top officials talk and take decisions and we are just here for implementing whatever they decide. We even do not know whether the top party officials met? We do not have any idea whether they took up this issue or not? But it is not that we did not tell them. It is highly unfortunate for the NC party not to have observed his anniversary wherein the party leadership has missed a chance. I had told this to Party President but he ignored my suggestions.

TQ3: Is it that the agreement your party makes is all but a mere talk only? Why so?

As regards you third tagged question, well it is not that. I want to steal three things which late GP used to speak. He used to talks of agreement, joint efforts and unity.  The NC can’t do it alone. We need others’ willingness in these issues.

TGQ4: You all brought Prachanda from the jungles yesterday but now you prefer to leave him in the deep ocean. Why it is so then?

Dr. Koirala: Yes! Why not. We wish to go along with him also. Mind it that the kind of political situation prevails now in Nepal, we can ignore neither the Maoists nor the Madhesh based parties. Ignoring these two parties would be a blunder. But what I would also like to make them aware that let the benevolence of the ruling parties must not be taken as our weaknesses. They too must exhibit their flexibility on some issues.

TQ5: Isn’t it that you have been talking of the promulgation of the constitution adopting the CA Process? Isn’t it?

 Well, one has to go by the process sooner or later to which the Maoists have also accepted. But the agenda carried by the Maoists and the Madhesh base parties can’t be shouldered by the Nepali Congress. It is the talk of forging consensus. We are going with the spirit of the 12 point agreement and also of the Interim constitution. The fact is that we adopted the republican agenda of the Maoists. As regards federalism, we have accepted the Madhesh agenda. If it is so then why they could not accept to our agenda? One should understand as to whether to push the nation to the brink or unite for the larger interest of the nation? This all must understand. One should understand that whether the issues under disputes were alone or some more others?

TGQ6: Isn’t it that the issue of the federal order is the main obstacle of all? Dr. Koirala: The issue of federal order is not the root cause of the current problems. The NC and the UML have proposed for the formation of some seven federal units. Of those seven, we have differences with the Madhesi front on five districts. That is not only the issue of the debates. We have not only agreed upon the demands of the Madhesh based parties but have also done the same with Limbuwan and also with the Rajbanshis of Kochila and Tharuhat. Now the Maoists remain answerable. Is it that they need two provinces only in the Kochila, Limbuwan and Madhesh? The answer is awaited.

TQ7: Should not it mean that the NC goes on forging agreements but deviates while it comes to the implementation part? Is it so?

Not only the congress but Dr. Bhattarai’s government too have has signed an agreement with the men from far west for the Sovereign West. Isn’t it that Chairman Prachanda, Sushil, SB Deuba and Khanal inked the stated deal? Ask this question to Dr. Bhattarai also. We haven’t blocked the implementation of the agreement made on Jestha second.

TQ8: Also tell us that you all were hell bent of weakening Chairman Prachanda?

No. It is not that. I have talked for long with Chairman Prachanda after the conduct of the second CA poll. I had then told him to assume the Chair of the dialogue committee. I knew in advance that if Dr. Bhattarai is the Chair of the said committee then he will try to play his cards against the NC and the UML. It happened as I said. Had Prachanda chaired the committee, the chances for the draft of the Constitution would have been facilitated. They, read Bhattarai and Prachanda, differ in their political taste. May be they could be in the race for capturing leadership role. But that is defeating the nation if at all that exists.

TGQ9: Prachanda is blaming that the NC and the UML were the enemies of change.  But isn’t it that the NC alone can too do nothing? Is it so?

Dr. Koirala: Let him blame the way he desires. Will things be according to his blame? What utterances they have made from Tundikhel, all have listened to. Making such comments, you judge yourself that where these two leaders, Dr. Bhattarai and Prachanda, stand now? In which surface they are at the moment perhaps all know. While one travels to the South then the other travels to the North.

Look. I haven’t that we can do it alone. The Ranas wished to do away with the Nepali Congress, similarly the Kings too did the same and Prachanda and his party also tried the same and more so the foreigners too tried. But the NC stands exactly where it stood primarily. The fact is that the Nepali Congress is among the people and is with the people.

TGQ10: So what if the Opposition led protest displaces the ruling coalition?

Dr. Koirala: If the people agitate then we can do nothing. I am clear in that if the opposition goes to protests, then the CA Process shall commence though my first choice would be to forge consensus. If they have the liberty to go in for protests then why we could be barred from going to the CA Process? Who will halt us? Mind it that we are not afraid of them. We wish that let the things move in consensus. PM Koirala had stated from the CA Body that if no consensus then let’s begin with the process, however, I told him not to go by the CA process instead let’s forge consensus. I hope that the agitation will come to a halt. It is not desirable for the moment. But if they act as per their desire then we will have no option left with us.

TQ11: Mind it that Chairman Prachanda has said if CA process is adopted then he may vacate the CA body? What if he really quits?

As regards your tagged question, well let him vacate the CA Body. But they shall not quit from the CA is what is my personal analysis. In case he prefers to quit the CA body then he will for sure experience tremendous pressure from the international community. The Prachanda of the bygone days and what he is now remains no longer a secret.

The Dristi weekly dated March 24, 2015. Thanks: Ed.

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