Nepal: I am just a well wisher of ex-King Gyanendra

Padma Sundar Lawoti

Leader, RPP-Nepal

Q1: You Mr. Laowti somewhat remain in a shadow in today’s politics? Why is is so? What keeps you busy then these days?

Mr. Lawoti: Today’s fashion is that save the Nepali Congress, the Maoists, the UML and the Madhesh based parties; other parties are not even taken as political entities. If it is so then why should we be counted as a party and why should they talk of us? Yes! At times, news about S. B. Thapa, Lokendra Bahadur Chand and Kamal Thapa does appear in the media. The mainstream media is unresponsive to us. Yet I am very much in active politics.

Q2: So how you have been evaluating the prevailing politics of the country then?

Mr. Lawoti: What to evaluate if there is the absence of politics in the country.  In fact, Nepalese people do not play politics. To recall, when the country turned to what is being now taken as a New Nepal just after the 2005-6 movement, I faintly recall, wherein the King gave a new lease of life to the already dead parliament which in turn targeted the King itself, the politics thereafter is being controlled by others for us. There are three parties now in total and for pocketing the share of the power booty, the Madhesh based parties very much remains alive and kicking. They are partners in the common loot. Nobody fears. There is no morality. No ideal remains. Neither the minister nor the parliamentary members have a reputation in the society. They have become irresponsible. Can you recall as to how long it has been that the people have not elected their representatives in the village levels? The Village Secretary looks after the issues of some four to five different villages by being in the head Quarters. I remain puzzled as how much the people have patience? The people in general take everything now in an easy manner as is has already become a practice now.

Q3: So what will happen now?

Mr. Lawoti: Well, how to predict? Fluidity is there. Nothing at this time could be guessed. May be a political earthquake may hit this country. A completely unimaginable thing may also happen tomorrow.

Q4: But the major parties have been talking of peace and constitution?

Mr. Lawoti: Yes they do talk about these things. But have we seen them working on what they talk? Who cares now these parties? If there is the conduct of a free and fair polls, then I am sure, neither the Congress nor the UML, the Maoists and the Madhesh based parties will win instead have to embrace defeats.

Q5: So this does mean that your party will have overwhelming seat in the polls?

Mr. Lawoti: I think it to be so. Or else there is no option left. But our party will not bag gains if it remains the same as it is now. The three likeminded parties must get united. I have been talking to Surya Bahadur Thapa, Pasupati S. Rana and Kamal Thapa that if wisdom prevails in our respective minds then there is the possibility of the party unification.  If we shun our petty political differences and work for saving the country and its people then we can easily bag some 30-40 seats in the next polls but that needs three party unification.  We will either be the third or at best the fourth largest party in the country. The possibility is there of such a position in the country’s political spectrum.  We will then become a strong party eventually whose voice and concerns the NC, the Congress and the Maoists must have to listen and more so the “foreigners” too will be forced to listen to our views. Those who are stronger, their voices and views are heard everywhere even by the foreigners.

As of now, since we have no base as such and thus who will count on us? Even if we speak, others will simply ignore our views and concerns.

The country witnessed a corruption case of Darfur, Sudan APC scandal.  Can one believe that simply the Inspector General of Police, IGP, could have pocketed the entire illegal money? Can we believe that the then Ministers and the Prime Ministers may have remained sacrosanct? Can it be imagined that without their positive nod such a corruption of this scale may have become a possible affair? But one is free to do whatever one likes here now.

Q6: What efforts are being made for party’s unification?

Mr. Lawoti: We have forwarded proposals. But our three top leaders instead of listening to the voices of the people remain adamant over their own petty political stances. They say that they will compromise with their declared stand points.  It is some time S. B. Thapa or P. Rana or even Kamal Thapa bring in new differences which is impeding the process of party unification.  They bring in new ideas and thus party unity is being distanced.

Q7: It is being talked that ideas differ sharply. Your party favors constitutional monarchy and they prefer now the republican order. Isn’t it that has been distancing unity among the three parties?

Mr. Lawoti: Which differing ideas? And why not to unite? What ideology one should differ at a time when we have to save the country? We can rethink on all the issues. Can’t it be done so? Whatever Thapa, Rana or Kamal Thapa say, the path is the same.  We can boast of ourselves, however, why for we are in this poor state at the moment?  now?  Can we afford to forget the past? Well, we agreed when we were told that Nepali monarchy was not needed. But for what gains? Which political gains have we bagged in doing so? Simply the foreign play entered into our politics. It has increased as such. Even we need “alien” support in having our own Prime Minister? The aliens have to come to retain and sustain our Prime Minister (s)?

As regards the revival of the Nepali monarchy is concerned, well a nationwide referendum could settle this issue for good. Or we can decide on this issue by convening a joint convention of the three parties. Let the convention decide on whether they wish to have monarchy or even say that let’s not talk on this particular issue. I think the convention will have knowledgeable participants hopefully. Is it that the convention will be participated in by some eight to ten leaders? It is not that.

Q8: When you say so then how your leaders react?

Mr. Lawoti: What will they say? They just act as per their petty political interests. Had been they serious, the party would have already been in a united state.  Some times S. B. Thapa or P. Rana and at times Kamal Thapa bring our new issues wherein they usually differ under this or that pretexts.

Q9: It is talked that the former King too has advised the party to go in for unification efforts. Is that true?

Mr. Lawoti: What could be his role now? He is simply traveling. Making pilgrimages here and there. But his attraction is among the people now because of the NC, the UML, the Maoists and the Madhesi parties. These parties have now become blunt.  Nobody believes them now. A bad dancer claims that the platform is a curved one. What these parties would do? Neither can they conduct polls even at the village levels. So much money has poured in from foreign countries. They eat them all. There was a quake of higher scale. They did not provided any sort of relief to the affected ones.

Q10: Have you met the former King in the recent days?

Mr. Lawoti: Not. Not in the recent days. I even do not have that much wish and desire to meet him. Nor I make efforts in seeing him in private. I am just a well wisher of the King. I think that the Nepali Monarchy has done a lot for this country which needs its real assessment. But I never wish to see him and talk against others.

Q11: Do you think the constitution will be made on time?

Mr. Lawoti: I don't think that these leaders could make it on time. I doubt. Their entire efforts are aimed at on how to loot the nation.

Q12: So what will happen if the Charter is not made?

Mr. Lawoti: If not made on time then I think the people should come to the streets. They must be kicked out from their respective Chairs. New polls must be conducted then.

Text Courtesy: Nepali Patra Weekly April 6, 2012. Thanks.

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I agree


  • Posted on - 2013-04-08    by     Wass
  • that, I believe ppeole ultimately want peace, security and favorable environment for livelihood. For that, anything possible should be attempted. The government should anyhow bring this chaos to an end and peace must be established. Coming to this time, when ppeole of Nepal are completely tired of strikes, political turmoil and insecurity, ppeole now won't have any problem with anyone ruling the country or any system being implemented if there is peace and security. Hope peace will prevail soon in this country.
  • Posted on - 2013-02-25    by     Gaurav
  • The political peaitrs are getting what they asked for.I still hope their rallies are successful in the end. But I won't be dissapointed if a policeman strikes Girija, Sujata and Deuba with their stick several times.
  • Posted on - 2012-04-17    by     David in London
  • Mr Lawoti is a true Nepali patriot, I find. Hopefully, people like him and the others belonging to the non Indo-Aryan races will influence the unification of the RPPs as otherwise Nepal will, within 7-10 years, be a part of India --- merged with Sikkim; W Bengal; Bihar; UP and Uttar Khand. This merger will happen with the people demanding a plebiscite. No merger means Nepal will be sadly saddled with political instability and ethnic conflict that will require a UN Peace Keeping Force, which Indians will not allow.