The WTO Membership: Likely Social Implications for Nepal : Nepal has been enjoying political independence since long, but the same may not be true about its economics. Sandwiched between two Asian giants, namely, India and the People’s Republic of China, with different socio economic and political environments.

Conundrum of Reconstruction Nepal : But it is more than heart-wrenching to note that the government is yet to undertake any reconstruction work. Otherwise, as many as770,000 homeless families would have been still struggling in temporary shelters.

A beginning for something better in Nepal; Pokhra Airport : When the PRIA embarks upon international flights, foreign tourists will no longer need to take detour from Kathmandu. Taking this fact into account, hotel entrepreneurs in Pokhara are making a huge investment in big hotels and other tourism- related infrastructures to accommodate the inflow of bigger number of tourists.

Protecting migrant workers’ rights in Nepal : Last year, the government made as big announcement as implementing a free-visa-f ree ticket labour migration to Nepalis. Unsurprisingly, it came as good news to both the current and aspiring migrant workers.

Tackling the trade deficit in Nepal : Most of the plans and policies launched by successive governments for promoting exports over the period have turned into a fiasco. Well realizing this fact, the concerned government authorities must do the needful without further ado.

Scourge of Child marriage in Nepal : he Nepali society has long been inflicted by the scourge of child marriage. Even though the law banned this social evil long back in the country, it continues to take place in an alarming fashion. Legally speaking, minimum ages of boys and girls for marriage are specified at 20 years.

Nepal PM Oli India visit: More sound than Substance : It had been expected that Nepal and India would agree to start the work of Pancheswar and Naumure projects, which had been agreed upon between the two countries long time back. Pancheswar project is a part of Mahakali Treaty which was signed in 1996.

Nepal: Make China visit strategically important : China is a global power which is our next door neighbor. We have 1400 kilometer common border with China and have many things in common. Nepal and China have ancient and historical relations. Nepal, in fact, has currently no issue with China but only friendship and good deal of neighborly cooperation.

Nepal PM Oli, do not be a big loser while visiting India : The proposed visit of the Prime Minister (PM) K.P to India has created a great deal of curiosity and concern among the Nepali people. In fact, PM Oil himself declared that his first foreign trip will be New Delhi. In this light, it is all but natural to see the people getting increasingly anxious about the proposed journey of Oil to India.