Nepal: NC feud surfaces, Poudel and Deuba push demands : Reports confirm that President Sushil Koirala of Nepali Congress met his prime detractors Sher Bahadur and Ram Chandra Poudel and urged them both to support his elevation as the country’s next prime minister. Sadly though, during the separate meetings, a Kantipur report claims that both the leaders also forwarded their separate claim over the government.

Identity and Capacity under debate, Binod Choudhary differs with Dr. Bhattarai : At an interaction program 'Federal Economic Model of Nepal' organized by Confederation of Nepalese Industrialists (CNI) in Kathmandu, August 7, 2014, former Prime Minister Baburam Bhattarai opined that the basis for the formation of Federal States must be Identity and Capacity.

Nepal: Dahal and BRB differ sharply, discord seeds sown : Amid persisting differences between the party top hats over the party functioning affairs, the six day long national convention of the Unified Maoists Party held in Biratnagar of Morang District ended May 6, 2014 by reelecting Pushpa Kamal Dahal as the party chairman for the next term.

Nepal: Women voices and action in Finland on display, next week : The exhibition will highlight, as the organizers claim, "the heroines and milestones on the path to equality between men and women in Finland and also the 20th century leaders among nations in women's rights".

Nepal: Nidhi differs with Sushil, CA call puzzle continue : Whereas the Nepali Congress party has formally stood in favor of summoning the first CA session by the President, one of its influential leaders who have had bitter relations with President Ram Baran in the past claims that the meeting could even be convened by the head of the government.

China's increased focus on Nepal, High official Ai Ping in town : Leading a six member delegation, the Vice Minister for International Relations of the Communist Party of China Ai Ping arrived Kathmandu, December 17, 2013. Mr. Ai Ping comes Kathmandu every now and then. Interestingly, Nepal’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs is not aware of the visit from China, reports confirm.

Nepal: Maoists and UML distanced Baidya party from Poll, claims Deuba : Deuba of the Mahakali notoriety is being talked as India’s next Prime Ministerial candidate for Nepal. Are we heading for a new Sikkim? “I had been insisting on bringing the NCP-Maoist onboard. However, the Unified Maoists and UML remained indifferent,” he said and added, “Our party rather preferred deferring the election by three to four months but to include the dissident parties for us was most important.”

Nepal: Maoists party reunification chances high, says Dahal : “The regressive forces have come together, to defeat them all the forward looking forces should unite,” he said and added “As is being propagated by the reactionaries, we have no differences with the party led by Baidya ji. We are ready to contest the election even by forming an alliance with his party.” “The reactionaries want our parties to fight with each other. They will soon that our parties will unite.”

Nepal: Kamal Thapa’s grand chase, BRB being uncovered in parts : “I fully support Baburam’s ji statement that partial truth is more confusing and dangerous than falsehood. But, unfortunately he has himself through his face book page today spread a partial-truth”. What a new political twist bhai? So claims Rastriya Prajatanra Party-Nepal Chairman Kamal Thapa in response to the clarification forwarded by Unified Maoists leader Baburam also from his face book page.