People do not trust political parties now: Dr. Bhattarai : Baburam Bhattarai made the remark on Saturday May 9, 2015 addressing a parliamentary session. The Unified Maoists leader however did not threaten the ruling party leaders that he will personally seek India’s support to induct his party in the government.

Nepal Red Cross society exhibiting political bias: Comrade Rohit : Chairman of Nepal Majdoor Kisan Party, Narayan Man Bijukche ‘Rohit’ claimed addressing a parliamentary session, Saturday May 9, 2015 that Nepal Red Cross Society is distributing relief materials only in the areas preferred by the ruling parties.

Indian official threatens Nepal Journalists Ghimire : The Chief Editor of Annapurna Post Daily, Yub Raj Ghimire claimed that Shri Abhay Kumar had threatened him over telephone and alleged him of practicing yellow journalism. Mr. Ghimire is an India trained journalist. He spent some two decades in Delhi as he himself claims.

Chinese Prez Xi Jinping assures Nepal of substantial support : In the meantime, talking to the Kantipur Daily, the information officer of the Embassy in Kathmandu Xiyang Wei says, “In the aftermath of the devastating earthquake, China in close coordination with the Government of Nepal is presently engaged in opening blocked highways, cleaning rubbles, demolishing unsafe infrastructures ”.

Indian army men humiliate Nepal government high officials: Report : Another high ranking officer of Nepal government has heavily criticized the relief operation conducted by the Indian Army helicopters and occcuraance of disputes between Nepal’s security personnel and Indian Army in Pokhara of Kaski distict has also been reported by Nepali media on Friday.

Reconstruction of damaged houses in two years: Nepal PM Koirala : Addressing a parliamentary session, Friday Koirala said that the government in two years will complete the rehabilitation and reconstruction within two years. However, the country’s historical assets that turned into rubbles in the April 25 earthquake shall be reconstructed within five years.

China PLA opens Arniko Highway in Nepal : Nepal’s only road access to Chinese territory, the 104 Kilo meter long Araniko Highway which was obstructed following April 25 earthquake has been reopened with the support of the Chinese Peoples’ Liberation Army (PLA) beginning Friday May 8, 2015.

Inedible Indian Paratha for Quake victims: Nepal team saves : The food inspectors representing Nepal’s Government Ministry of Agriculture, Department of Food Technology and Quality Control had found out 1,000 packets of Vaishali Brand Bread sent by India were past their expiry date, reports have it. “The packets of bread were past their expiry date much before they were sent to Nepal,” said spokesperson Purna Chandra Wasti talking to an online portal.

New Nepal through donor fund: FM Mahat : We will make it more beautiful. We seek more support from our development partners and friends at this juncture. Nepal now enters into the phase of reconstruction,” said Finance Minister Ram Sharan Mahat. In an interaction with the local representatives of international donor agencies, Finance Minister Mahat made the remark, May 7, 2015.