Opponents of identity based federal order will face music, warns Gachhedar : Chairman Gacchedhar of Forum-Loktantrik nevertheless claimed that the alliance will take to task the anti-federalists and those who stand against identity based federalism. Rajendra Mahato claimed, "The alliance has been formed to draft the peoples' constitution."

Nepal heading towards disorder: Shekhar Koirala : "The government is retreating from the established democratic norms and values and rule of law in particular. The government under the guise of democratic system is moving ahead towards an autocratic regime.

Identity based federal order in Nepal must, says Baidya : Chairman Mohan Baidya Kiran of Nepal Communist Party-Maoist is of the opinion that there must be the provision in the constitution in order to recognize identity of marginalized groups and said that his party is in favor of identity based federalism to bring the marginalized population into the mainstream.

New Nepal Constitution on time, claims SB Thapa : He also urged leaders of major parties not to unnecessarily flare up disputes on federalism related issues. "Both the issues have been already settled as majority of population support both federalism and secularism," he said this while talking to media men in Biratnagar, July 9, 2014.

Striking disclosure by a sitting Nepal minister, says Madan Bhandari was killed : "Comrade Madan Bhandari's vehicle did not meet with an accident. I always had the needed basis to substantiate that it was a murder by all means. That driver Amar Lama escaped unhurt, body of Comrade Jib Raj Ashrit was found right inside the vehicle....

India to export substandard INSAS rifles to beaming Nepal Army : "The then Nepal Army spokesperson Dipak Gurung had publicly accepted that the mechanical failure of the rifles supplied by India was primarily the reason behind death of the Army men. The same rifles are being purchased once again," further writes Nayapatrika.

Indian SSB advance in full speed, have mercy on Nepal PM Modi : It is expected that during the separate visits of Indian External Affairs Minister Mrs. Sushma Swaraj and Minister for Internal Affairs Raj Nath Singh to Kathmandu, the issue of signing the border agreement will dominantly figure during the bilateral talks. No charity in diplomacy. Listen fundamentalist Nepali Hindus.

Dahal appeals BRB either to split Nepal Maoists party or Unite : Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal of Unified Maoists has asked the party senior leader Baburam Bhattarai to either split the party or help him unite it. The 12 point glue has lost its chemical effect, it appears.

Oli likely to fall flat, Nepal and Khanal form a joint panel finally : On the other hand leaders representing the KP Panel claim that Khanal's support to Nepal will make no impact in the overall results as majority of the leaders who supported Khanal in the past have already sided with the Oli faction or the Nepal faction.