Oli meets US and Chinese envoy, pretends all was well with Nepal : Chairman KP Sharma Oli of the second largest party in the Constituent Assembly-the United Marxist Leninist, UML, held separate meetings with the US Ambassador Peter W. Bodde and Chinese Ambassador Wu Chuntai, October 9, 2014. Oli is simply great as he meets two differing POLES.

Bijaya scolds Nepal, says disaster will grip country soon : We will also see how you will draft the constitution in majority, challenged Gacchedhar. Madhav had said earlier, Neither consensus is possible nor constitution through majority is allowed. There is no point in obstructing the constitution drafting process in this manner.

Nepal Prez appeals parties to sort out differences soon : Rest assured your tenure shall be once again extended. Nepali will have Presidential Monarchy. Not bad. Ram Barans appeal for talks came few days after the 22-Party Opposition Alliance led by the main opposition Unified Maoists declared that it will resort to protest if the ruling parties opt for voting in the constituent assembly to resolve their issues of disputes.

HLPC challenges Nepali people's sovereignty, Thapa ventilates his anger : There are more than a dozen parities represented in the Constituent Assembly that did not take part in the peoples uprising, reminded Chairman Kamal Thapa of Rastriya Prajatantra Party-Nepal and he added, without their consent constitution cannot be drafted. A new twist associated with a challenge.

Arms to reinstate Hindu identity in Nepal, dangerous days ahead : More than a dozen central committee members and thirty two parliamentarians representing the largest party in the constituent assembly, the Nepali Congress, have come together with the mission to reinstate the countrys Hindu identity led by partys leader Khum Bahadur Khadka. The grand play begins. The Nepali Congress leaders have formed a group called as Sanatan Hindu Rastra Nepal Sangarsha Samiti.

Nepal parliament deadlock ends,mild slap to ruling coalition : The major three parties, Nepali Congress, United Marxist Leninists and Unified Maoists and the Madhesi alliance will have three members whereas RPP, ML and other parties will have a member each in the much talked unconstitutional committee.

Nepal Home Ministry team to China includes entire Gautam family : Family counts and thus matters. Free trip must be enjoyed. The objective behind the visit this time is to seek support from the Chinese Government for the constitution of a modern building for the ministry. Is Modi's India listening? The delegation will be in China from October 15 to October 21, reports quote home ministry sources as saying.

Don no get confused, no constitution for Nepal: Chitra KC : The alliance of the anarchists will not let the country see the new constitution, continued K.C. criticizing the fresh decision of the 22-Party Opposition Alliance to organize protest programs. In such a situation the promulgation of constitution is not possible, he added.

Opposition protest suicidal and anti-national: Madhav Nepal : The senior United Marxist Leninist leader Madhav Kumar Nepal claims that the decision of 22-Party Opposition Alliance to take to streets is not only a suicidal but an anti-national move. The opposition alliance following affirmation by the ruling parties to promulgate the constitution through majority declared October 6, 2014 that they will organize protest programs.