Foreign high level delegates to attend Nepal donor meet : Foreign Ministers from Nepalís immediate neighbours, India and China will also be attending the International Conference on Nepalís reconstruction scheduled for June 25, 2015. The United Nations has already sent its high level representatives for the conference and minister level representation has been confirmed from Norway, Japan, Bhutan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka.

Nepal: Kishor Tharu brings in issue of 1950 unequal treaty, new twist : Chairman Kishore Kumar Biswas ĎTharuí of Plural Nationalist Socialist Party has said that restructuring state without reviewing the infamous Treaty of Peace and Friendship between Nepal and India signed on 1950 will be fatal for the country.

Nepal Prez and CA speaker on verbal duel, bad Omen : President Ram Baran Yadav and Chairman Subash Nembang of Constituent Assembly were locked in a verbal duel on existing relationship between executive, legislative and judiciary. This took place, Monday April 22, 2015 when Nembang met with Yadav at the Presidential secretariat, Shitalniwas, Kathmandu.

SC single bench ruling, not to hinder Nepal Charter drafting : Chairman Subash Nembang claims that constitution drafting process will not stop even for fraction of a second. He said that the ruling has come in a unilateral manner by the single bench of the Supreme Court. He made the remark talking to press men, Sunday June 21, 2015.

NAY to three party syndicate Nepal Charter draft : Upendra : Interestingly, Yadav claimed that the fourth party Madhesi Janaadhikar Forum-Loktantrik- one of the signatories of the 16-Point deal was not at all a political party and its chairman Bijaya Kumar Gacchedhar as an opportunist leader.

Baidya party comes to rescue Nepal Apex Court ruling : Nepal Communist Party-Maoist has come to the rescue of Supreme Court ruling to stay the 16-Point Agreement signed by the four parties. He said that the ruling by all means is a welcome move. Baidya also opined that his party was never confident that the16-Point Pact would facilitate drafting of the new constitution for the country.

Nepal: Four Party despotic rule encouraged SC to block politics : The fourth largest party in the constituent assembly, Rastriya Prajatantra Party-Nepal issuing a formal statement has said that four party totalitarian rule has instigated the Supreme Court to interfere in the political matters of the country.

Nepal: Maoists favour talks with various political parties : A single bench comprising of Supreme Court Justice Girischandra Lal on Friday had issued a stay order based on Article 1, 82 and 138 of the interim constitution asking the parties not to promulgate the new constitution without resolving matters related to state restructuring.

No impact of SC ruling, Nepal Charter draft goes on : Ignoring Supreme Court interim order to stay constitution drafting process facilitated by the recently signed 16-Point Agreement between four parties, the constitution drafting committee of the Constituent Assembly is giving continuity to finalizing the constitution draft.