Indian PM Modi Nepal intent under scanner ? : While on his visit to Nepal to attend the 18th SAARC Summit to be held on November 26-27, 2014 in Kathmandu, Prime Minister Modi has reportedly expressed his desire to also take part in several public felicitation programs across Nepal in Janakpur, Kathmandu, Lumbini and Muktinath. An extended territory of India?

Nepal PM Sushil laments, asks Indian national why we failed so far? : Prime Minister Sushil Koirala complained at a meeting with a visiting Indian Minister that since fight to institutionalize Nepals democratic order is continuing for more than six decades not much of focus could be made in developing the country. Whose fault is this then Mr. PM?

Nepal ruling parties meet foreign diplomats in haste, India ignores : The three ruling parties, Nepali Congress, United Marxist Leninist and Rastriya Prajatantra Party held talks with the representatives of various foreign missions in Kathmandu. The other day they had organized a press meet in the capital to clarify their position vis--vis their present standoff with the opposition parties.

Poudel and Khadka hand in glove, threat to Nepal secular order: Dahal : I recall in the Gokarna Meeting, Poudel had claimed that neither the federal order nor secularism was his partys agenda, disclosed Pushpa Kamal Dahal. Poudel is turning into an extremist. He is supporting Khum Bahadur to do away with the secular order. There is thus the threat to the newly established federal and secular order in the country, he said.

Nepal not in a good health now: Former King Gyanendra : I am perfectly alright. But, the country is not in a good health condition. All of us need to play our role to make the condition better, Nepals former King Gyanendra Shah is quoted as saying by one of the representatives of a New Delhi based organization of expatriate Nepalis.

Defamation case filed against Prachanda in Nepal Court by a NC member : A member of the Nepal Students Union from the district of Ilam, Ghimire seeking maximum penal action against Pushpa Kamal has demanded NPR 10 Million in compensation for the derogatory remarks he made the other day against Nepali Congress and United Marxist Leninist.

Past revolutionary changes must be institutionalised in Nepal: Dahal : A day after threatening ruling parties of heavy beating, Chairman Pushpa Kamal of Unified Maoists in Rolpa, November 11, 2014, has said that his sudden dash there is to acquire extra power to put extra pressure (on ruling parties) to institutionalize the revolutionary changes.

Fight between Nepal parties is for sharing of power: Kamal Thapa : There is absolutely no ideological basis for the ongoing fight between the major political parties, he opined while addressing a press meet in Tulsipur of Dang District, November 11, 2014. This is in fact fight over their share in the state and power, he added and continued, If they resolve their disputes over booty, this will be resolved in a minute.

Nepal leader Anil Jha warns ruling parties, sticks to one Madhesh order : Anil Kumar Jha of Federal Sadvawana Party has challenged the ruling parties to promulgate the constitution through a majority in the constituent assembly and wait to see the consequences of such a misadventure. Incessant rain of threat loaded statements.