Serious crisis yet to come, Indian envoy warns Nepal : Nepal’s selected few industrialists while confronted that India’s decision to impose economic blockade on Nepal will not even be in India’s interests, the Indian Ambassador Ranjit Rae claimed that if Madhesh issue is not addressed in a timely manner Nepal will be facing serious crisis in the next eight to ten years.

Lord Pashupati may save Nepal Federal Order: Khanal prays : The United Marxist Leninist senior leader and a former Prime Minister Jhal Nath Khanal says that the standoff between the government and the agitating Madhesi parties could be resolved soon if the agitating parties accept transforming five development regions into five provinces.

Thapa demands deporting Indian envoy from Nepal : The United Marxist Leninist Central Committee member and head of the publicity department Surya Thapa has asked the government headed by his own party to immediately deport India’s poor ambassador to Nepal Sri Sri Ranjit Rae. He is really persona non grata-PNG.

Nepali Congress ready to mediate between Govt, Madhesis and India : The Nepali Congress is ready to mediate between the government of Nepal, the agitating Madhesi parties and India to resolve crisis prevailing in the country. This, the Nepali Congress vice president Ram Chandra Poudel claimed talking to journalists on Wednesday, November 11, 2015.

UN boldly speaks Indian blockade imposed on Nepal : Expressing concern over situation prevailing in Nepal following India imposed economic blockade, Secretary General of United Nation Ban Ki-Moon has urged all concerned parties to blockade to lift the obstructions without further delay.

India blockade on Nepal: An Opportunity : The economic blockade imposed by India has provided Nepalis with the opportunity to unite, so opined Unified Maoists Party General Secretary Krishna Bahadur Mahara. Nevertheless, he also warned against the possibility of total surrender before the Indian regime by Prime Minister Khadga Prasad Oli.

Nepal failure of becoming self reliant caused Blockade: Minnister Sapkota : Sapkota who is also the central committee member of Unified Maoists Party claimed addressing a press interaction in Bhaktapur that, “Their demands are illegitimate in nature as they tend to disintegrate the country thus, repeated talks have not been yielding any positive results.”

Indian envoy demands special resolution text of Nepal : Newspaper reports have it that the government on Monday had passed a resolution to urge the government of India to help resume supply of essential goods towards Nepal. “The embassy has not been officially notified (by Nepal government) regarding the special resolution by the cabinet for easing supplies,” he said.

Nepal to seek support of Intl community to cope Blockade : However, fearing further backlash from the southern neighbour, the beleaguered government will appeal the international community without referring to the India imposed economic blockade rather call it a ‘critical humanitarian crisis’, reports Kantipur national daily.