Micromanaging Nepal: Indian diplomat disrupts Madhes party unity bids : While the three party leaders were busy finalizing the details of their unity efforts, as per the Naya Patrika report, head of the political and economic desk (P&EC) at the Indian Embassy, Kathmandu, Sri Man Piyush Shrivastava had all of a sudden entered the meeting room.

Madhav Nepal submitted application to King begging PM Post, claims Oli : Oli replies, "No. It is wrong. I did not support his move. I do not believe in such acts. The party even did not support his move to offer a silver coin to the King (during his accession to the throne). We were the ones who later criticized his acts."

Alliance for Identity based federalism formed, several Nepal parties join group : The objective of the alliance is to wage struggle right from the street and from the constituent assembly to ensure identity based federalism and a constitution with clear provision for the federal order, continue reports.

Bill to choke Nepali media in House, FNJ meets Acharya and registers protest : "The government has no intention to curtail peoples' right to freedom of expression," he claimed and while assuring the journalists he added, "I believe that the parliament is the right place to discuss the bill and if there are wrong provisions they shall be amended accordingly."

Modi emergence to jolt politics, Prakash Koirala claims Nepal an ad hoc nation : When asked if change of guard in New Delhi (from Mrs. Sonia Gandhi to PM Narendra Modi) will also bring about change in India's Nepal policy, replies Prakash Koirala, "Certainly…Modi effect will bring about major shift, which our leaders are totally unaware… the Nepali leaders are only worried that their mentors have lost elections in India.

Panic grips media sector , Nepal all set to enact draconian laws : The Clause 4 of the proposed bill, as per the Kantipur Daily states that “publishing falsified documents regarding sub judice cases or materials that may influence a verdict or erode people’s trust in the court or create confusion about the activities of the court shall be regarded as contempt of court”.

Chaudhary felicitated, hopes increased India-China economic ties to benefit Nepal : "I am hopeful that the governments of both the countries will not ignore crucial role that Nepal could play in enhancing greater economic ties between New Delhi and Beijing," he said and added, "Nepal also wants to be a part of the movement on the overall economic prosperity."

Ideological debates healthy, Dahal claims Nepal Maoists will not split : Talking to media men in Janakpur of Dhanusha District, June 24, 2014, Dahal said, the ongoing ideological debate will make the party even stronger instead of pushing the party on the verge of split as is being propagated by our enemies.

Music day in Nepal celebrated, Alliance Francaise takes lead : On the occasion of the International Music Day, 21 June 2014, the Alliance Française (French Language and Culture Center) in Kathmandu hosted the International Music Day celebration at Lay-ku square, Bagh Bhairab in the historic town of Kirtipur with the support of Kirtipur municipality.