Nepal must be declared a Hindu Nation: Pasupati Rana : Let the people decide whether they want a secular Nepal or Hindu one through a referendum, he opined. Rana who has freshly returned from a New Delhi pilgrimage on a different note also claimed that issues related to state restructuring must be kept on hold for the time being to promulgate the constitution.

Nepal Major party leaders are agents of foreign forces: Comrade Rohit : Naryan Man Bijukche Rohit of Nepal Majdoor Kisan Party claims that the leaders of three major parties are the agents of the foreign forces. The present sorry state of the country is because the so-called big parties and their leaders prefer to become the agents of foreign forces, he said at a program held in Bhaktapur, November 9, 2014.

Nepal ruling parties urge Dahal to stop making threatening remarks : The Nepali Congress and United Marxist Leninist leaders have warned Chairman Pushpa Kamal of Unified Maoists to stop making threatening remarks against them. Addressing a press meet organized in Kathmandu by the ruling parties, November 9, 2014 said Prime Minister Sushil Koirala, I have told him quite clearly to stop threatening us.

Nepal admits mistake, in bowing down to King Gyanendra then : It provided my detractors with an opportunity to make me fool around. That also brought to open my weaknesses. I had thought that it was my rightful demand. I had also thought that it was not Gyanendra who would define my rights.

Ethnicity based federal model unacceptable for Nepal: FM Mahat : Finance Minister Ram Saran Mahat has advised the opposition parties to quietly accept the seven-state federal model proposed by the ruling parties. Is it an order from above?

Opposition may join Government if help Nepal Charter draft: DPM Gautam : We will not be perturbed even though the opposition continues to deplore but the constitution drafting process will not stop here, he said this while addressing a program in Jhapa, November 8, 2014. Those who obstruct normal constitution drafting process will be taken as despots by the general public, he said.

Two Nepali Maoists parties likely to unite: Chand : The Nepali Congress and the United Marxist Leninist have not been able to correct them, he opined and added, Their acts are threatening the revolutionary changes brought in effect by the revolt led by two Maoists parties when they were one. The party way to preserve the achievements is through unity between the two parties.

Nepal needs fresh struggle for people oriented constitution: Baidya : Mohan Baidya Kiran- who is depicted as a bte noire of Nepali politics is hundred percent certain that the country will not get the new constitution within January 22, 2015 deadline. We are in favor of the people. The people badly need a constitution. But, we are confirmed that there will not be a constitution within the set deadline.

Disaster imminent in Nepal, ruling parties pushing to precipice: Dahal : In a confusing statement in the course of his speech he also said, The progress made in the constitution drafting process lately has made to believe that the constitution will be drafted on time. I will try my best to garner consensus until the last hour, he assured his party cadres present at the program.