Nepal: Probe panel formed to look into secessionist remarks : Both the leaders, Yadav and Singh had reportedly threatened to split Tarai from the country in the manner much similar Bangladesh had seceded from Pakistan. To recall, the Indian government headed by Indira Gandhi had provided its open support to the separatist movement in East Bengal- now Bangladesh.

Nepal: Mohan Baidya planning revolt, talking absurd : Where will the party headed by Mohan Baidya Pokharel ‘Kiran’ fit in politics after the Constituent Assembly promulgates the new constitution? There is only one option left before Chairman Mohan Baidya and his Nepal communist Party-Maoist and that is to ‘declare peoples’ revolt’.

India and China eager to listen announcement of Nepal Charter: Oli : He is also of the view that the new constitution even after it is endorsed by the Constituent Assembly will still be debated by the population. He said, “The constitution is not being granted to us by anyone as such. The great population of the country is drafting the constitution on their own. Or great four?

Sack Amresh Singh, Nepali Congress leaders in Kailali insist : The Nepali Congress Kailali District chapter issuing a statement has demanded the party leadership to immediately sack the party constituent assembly member Amresh Kumar Singh. General Secretary Prakash Bahadur Bam of Kailai Chapter in the statement asks the party leadership to sack Singh for making anti-national while addressing a public meeting in the district the other day.

Camel like Charter in Nepal coming soon: Dr. Shekhar : The Nepali Congress Senior Leader Shekhar Koirala claims that no matter what is being claimed in the public by the top leaders of the four major parties but the fact is that it is not being drafted by the Constituent Assembly. It is rather, says Koirala, drafted by the four leaders and their five aides.

Nepal big four claim disputes will be sorted out soon : Reports have it that the meeting between the leaders of major four political parties has resolved majority of disputes related to constitution drafting, August 16, 2015. Chairman Bijaya Kumar Gacchedhar of Madhesi Janadhikar Forum-Loktantrik talking to reporters after the meeting on Sunday said, “Each one of us have exhibited utmost flexibility to promulgate the new constitution.”

Nepal Prez in pains, says take all into confidence : In the meeting, discussions were held on issues related to the new constitution and demands of disgruntled political parties and groups on the preliminary draft of the new constitution. President Yadav in the meeting, reports have it, urged leaders to try take all disgruntled groups and parties into confidence while promulgating the new constitution.

Anil Jha invites India to settle and mediate Nepal internal affairs : Chairman Anil Kumar Jha of Nepal Sadvawana Party claims that India will be solely responsible if the soon to be promulgated constitution of Nepal does not guarantee rights to the Madhesi population. He made the remark addressing an interaction program in Sitamadi of the state of Bihar, India organized by Sitamadi Media for Border Harmony.

Nepal: Lipulekh Pass, Myths and Realities and of traitors : “There are traitors right in the government,” commented Baidya and added, “The opposition camp is also overwhelmed by the traitors.” “Traitors are everywhere. It has exceeded all the limits,” Baidya continued, “There is the abundant proof. We have left everything but this has to change.”