All we demand is draft of federal republican Charter in Nepal

Ram Chandra Poudel

Vice Chairman, Nepali Congress

TGQ1: When the opposition withdrew its protest programs, you people have begun talking of the CA process? Is it that you wish to push the nation for a conflict? Should this mean that you do not prefer to have an agreement with the Maoists? Why so far you have not expressed your commitments on Prachanda’s proposal that if constitution is in consensus then talks shall go smoothly?

Mr. Poudel: Why should the Nepali Congress push the nation for yet another conflict? We have accepted federal order, secularism and republican order which are what they claim to be their agenda. All that we demand is the draft of a federal republican constitution. In saying so if it is to invite conflict then those who wish the conflict will do that.

For having an agreement, we have been making even today tireless efforts. For having an agreement they too should talk in a reasonable manner which shall be reciprocated by us. Let’s settle the disputes at the earliest keeping the nation and its people at the center.

To say that the constitution should enjoy complete consensus means that this nation shall never get the desired constitution. These leaders are naughty. They fight even in trifling matters which have blocked the emergence of the new constitution. They thus have impeded the nation’s development. As a result we have had to flee from the country. While being in an alien land, we felt or are being humiliated and insulted. That Nepali population is saying so should be understood by us all. They have begun cursing the leaders. Should not we award the constitution to the people and linger the process by remaining entangle in trivial issues? Yet we have not opposed the politics of consensus. We still favor consensus. But this should not mean that whatever they say and we agree to that is not consensus.

TGQ2: When you all are rigid in your preferred stances then what is the way out? They have said that if CA process adopted then they may quit the CA body? What say you?

Mr. Poudel:  There is one idea. They should all agree upon a scientific structure for provinces. But they do not prefer this scientific method. Because the slogan with which they moved ahead in politics, it is this sloganeering philosophy that has held them captive or say hostage. The same happened with the Janjatis and the single Madhesh demanding political parties. And all put together, it is Chairman Prachanda who has been held hostage to those demands. Now to come out of this captivity, still there is one way out. And that being they should in an easy manner adopt and CA process. They should tell the people that award your mandate to us once again after that we will do whatever you need or demand. If they do so then they will have some political space which in turn shall allow the nation to get rid of this mess. We are here for their rescue and we shall do it for sure.

TGQ3: They have said that if process adopted, they may quit the CA body? They have told that they have not come for total submission?

Mr. Poudel: That is not a democratic matter. How can we forge consensus with those who reject the democratic values and norms? This is the Nepali ailment. Some people have yet to adapt to the democratic changes that have dawned in this country. Still they appear to be somewhat reluctant in accepting democratic values. If they can’t accept the democratic values and principles then how can they benefit the people and the nation at large? They remain answerable to this question.

Is it that if you accept the democratic principles tantamount to an act of submission? Those who believe in this notion were the ones who impede the process of national development. Simply because, in a democratic system, victory and defeat go well together. There should be sportsman spirit. When you have no sportsmanship in you then how can you be a democratic personality? Unless they become democratic and accept the democratic order, it shall hurt us all along.

TGQ4: It is talked that Poudel and Oli have impeded the consensus efforts because these two were not flexible enough? It is also said that when you bring in new issues with new conditions then the talks gets derailed. Is it that what is being said of you?

Mr. Poudel: Believe me I am out and out for forging consensus. How and where we can forge consensus is what I have been repeatedly saying. All that I have said is that first convince me with your logical propositions which also are acceptable to you. Even if I am trying hard they do not come to terms instead they blame me.

As regard your tagged query, well I haven’t forwarded any such set conditions. The allegations are incorrect. This is just injustice made against my political personality.

TGQ5: So you mean that even if CA process is adopted, the upcoming national document shall be adored by the Maoists party?

Mr. Poudel: Yes! True. We would provide the constitution that would not only be adored by Chairman Prachanda but would also be honored by Upendra Yadav, Mahanta Thakur. They shall greet the constitution from their inner hearts. If per chance, the situation demanded that the ruling coalition has to draft the Charter then that shall be adored by all now in the opposition.

Text. The Dristi Weekly dated April 14, 2015.: Thanks Dristi weekly: Ed. 

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