Nepal needs now a strong nationalist and democratic force

Thakur Prasad Sharma

RPP leader, nepal

TGQ1: These days the RPP and RPP-Nepal party unity talks are being initiated and you being one of the key men, tell us how the unity talks are moving? How long it may take the unity talks to conclude?

Mr. Sharma: Yes! It is true that the RPP and the RPP-Nepal parties are moving towards unity talks and a talk team has been thus constituted. The dialogues are on. In the process we have already held two round of talks in this regard. The talks are moving in a positive direction.

Well, we for one, wish that the unity takes a formal shape as soon as possible. The leaders along with the workers/cadres too wish that the unity should come to a positive conclusion at the earliest. What the unity talk’s coordination committee has decided that some sort of modality for unity should come up well within this month says mid of April.

It has also been decided that within this month the point of agreement and also of the disagreements be recorded for settlement. But due to various factors, well it is yet difficult to claim that whether we will be able for unity this month or not. But yet many a things could be settled in order to facilitate the unity between the two parties.

TGQ2: So how you will settle the differences with the other party on issues, for example, of monarchy, federal order and secularism? How it would be settled then?

Mr. Sharma: Yes! We have differences as you have told in your question. Whether to go with Secularism or a Hindu state? Yes! The differences are there. Had we no differences over these issues then we would have become already united party. Isn’t it? It is natural that two parties possess differing opinions and thoughts. It is because of such differences, the coordinating committee is there to bridge this gap and bring the two parties closer. We have been actively engaged to sort out those differences. Since we possess similar views and thus there is the pressure from the leaders and the cadres from both the parties for unification between the two. Nepal now needs a strong nationalist-democratic party. This is not only the opinion of the top leaders but the entire workers and cadres too have the same desire. The cadres have been awarding great attention towards the unity process and taking great interest. Apart from all these, some other parties too have been watching this new development. It is not to say when we claim that we need now a nationalist-democratic force. We do not claim that others were anti-national and anti-democratic ones.  But there is the trend looking upon aliens for sorting out even trifling domestic matters is something we do not take easily. Just to discourage this trend we just want to show that we are the masters of our nation and that we can ourselves take appropriate decisions for our country. It is because of this factor we need the existence of a strong-democratic alternative.  The pressure from the entire nation is there on us.

TGQ3: The need for a strong nationalist-democratic force had been there since long. But why this sudden development? Your party has some problems with the post of the Chair and the RPP-Nepal too is in problems. Given these, how the two parties could unite?

Mr. Sharma: We have had talks prior to the conduct of the CA polls. But due to some reasons, the unity talks could not move ahead. There was the need for the formation of a strong nationalist/democratic force as it is even today.

Since the first CA died and the second CA too is not functioning well and the trend to look upon aliens thus the need for such a force emerged. We felt like that which made us to initiate talks for party unification.

Mind it that parties the world over fight for central leadership. This is a common phenomenon. It is in the process of dialogue such issues too could be sorted out. Yes! We have some debates in our party. And on the other side, because of Mr. Padma Sundar Lawati, the RPP-N is also in a mess. Our debate has approached the Court. We appeal our leaders to come back to the mother parties wherein they all will get appropriate honor and posts. We believe that they will be back home sooner than later.  If they come then there remains no problem in our party. Instead the problem is on how to find a common point wherein the two parties differ on theoretical planks.  But the national issues were great than our petty differences. That is why we must search accord and unify.

TGQ4: There are talks that you the traditional forces of Nepal initiated unification efforts only when Indian PM Modi came to power. Has it some connections? Also tell us that have the unity efforts any connections with the fresh appeal made by the former King wherein he demands that the agreements made with him during the last change be implemented?

Mr. Sharma: After some events occurs somewhere, it is natural that speculations begin. It is you’re the media men who begin presuming of such speculations. But for us, who comes and goes in India makes little difference. Our unity efforts are guided by the national necessity. It is not that we act as and when some indications through remote control are there. These indications neither are desirable for unity nor for break up. We act in an independent manner that too on our own. That’s it.

 Former King’s statement in this regard is not an issue that is related with our unity efforts. Simply because we were not a party then. It is up to Kamal Thapa who may have been in the talk committee between the parties and the king then may have some knowledge about this. There is nothing of the sort that we may receive some indications from the former King and why should we be influenced? We move ahead as per our chartered ideologies and thoughts.

TGQ5: Tour party adheres to the republican order whereas Kamala Thapa party sticks to constitutional monarchy line. Given this situation , how your party could adjust with the other opposing views?

Mr. Sharma: For the moment talking as of now, we both stick to our line of thoughts. We have been thinking on how to sort out these complicated theoretical issues which much depends on our political acumen. But ultimately we will bring in the solution to these issues. Mind it that though we are of two differing views but yet since the nation demands the emergence of a strong nationalist/democratic force and so we must work on that so that a common solution could be found. Despite of these differences, we have to unite in order to meet the demands of the common population.  

Text. The Nepali Patra Weekly: Thanks.


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