Nepal: Maoists prefer pro-people Charter

Netra Bikram Chand-Biplav

Steering Committee member, Nepal Maoists party

TGQ1: So how you take the dreams what you have had at time of the beginning of the People’s War some seventeen years ago? In which form it is now? Also tell us about your party’s talk of waging yet another revolution when, the fact is that, the people in general have become frustrated with the Maoists party? Do you still believe that the people will extend their support to your party?

Mr. Chand: Firstly, we are not in a depressing mood but this should not mean that we were in a perfect situation. We have become bit, grave, excited and sensible as well. We are anxious too. But yet we are still hopeful in bagging the objectives with what we initiated the People’s War. It may appear that while landing in the peace process, some ups and down could be observed but this doesn’t mean that we have completely abandoned our goals and the very objectives. In the days ahead, we must concentrate on furthering the revolution and must not waste time and energy in petty political matters.

Yes! I do agree that the people have become frustrated.  We too have felt it. Revolution at times is plagued with such problems. But those issues and problems can be done away with. The responsible and sensible cadres of the party can sort out such problems. Even if today the people remain ignored and neglected then those also bank on our party only.  The Maoists party too has some weaknesses. Some deviations could have been noticed and problems cropped up but yet that should not mean that some other parties have excelled our party in terms of proposals and work schedules as regards the welfare of the people. To tell you frankly, the Maoists party still has the best of the programs and schemes with us for the people comparatively speaking. We have floated forward looking and possess revolutionary ideas. The capabilities for its implementation, only our party has in possession with the needed strength. The cadres have that much gut still. The people have well understood this reality. We have to sort out the problems the moment it is noticed. And the problem solving capability too is alone with the Maoists. Nothing to panic, as I see to it.

TGQ2: What were the prime problems that may have gripped the Party while being in the War period?

Mr. Chand: Well, problems were there but not of that magnitude which could damage the party itself. The party has cleared all the problems that were related with moral, financial, cultural and ideological counts.  The prevalence of some debates and discussion and also of the deviation in the party that was noticed then may have to some extent annoyed the people which we have noticed. The people have forwarded some critical comments as well. Definitely, we have had long discussions and debates in the party on how to complete the Nepali revolution speaking in political terms.  So with these discussions, what has come to the conclusion that the people’s strength must be consolidated and how a people oriented constitution could be drafted from the existing Constituent Assembly body. We must make efforts in having a constitution that is people oriented. The gist has also been that if in government, we must make decisions that take care of the welfare of the people.  This is our party’s policy. But unfortunately, these policies have yet to be implemented in a collective manner. Here lay our party’s weaknesses. We have some weaknesses in implementing those policies because we had a noble revolution and we wanted to make out our plans and programs a reality.  We have been analyzing our past deeds and we wish to bring in new conclusions. Second, organizationally we somehow or the other have missed to implement the effective policies of the party because of certain deviations and weaknesses. But the organization is not yet a damp squib. Some lacunae have been observed as regards the discipline and carrying out of the policies made in the past by our party.  These need to be corrected on time. A communist party is the front runner of the people and of the proletariats. The party is locked in the chain of discipline. But here too we have some snag. We are making efforts in correcting those weaknesses.

TGQ3: Isn’t it that talks are there of the financial irregularities inside the party? The government decision to legalize the land transactions made during the existence of the people’s government too stands null and void. If so then how and why the people should repose trust on your party?

Mr. Chand:  Yes! I do agree with you and admit that some financial irregularities have come to surface. We are now in discussion on the issue that the financial transparency must prevail at any cost. We are also in discussion on matters of cultural practices and feel that this must also be strengthened. There is the heated debate going as regards this in the party. These were some of the issues which tantamount to our severe weaknesses. We are already in the process of correcting those. If we sort out these deviations and weaknesses then the rest of the issues will automatically be solved.

The second issue that you have raised has already become a grave topic inside the party paraphernalia. I told you already that of late there have been some weaknesses being observed inside our party. But it is not that the party has already been spoiled. The party has a clear cut vision as regards the revolution. We have never told that we abandoned weapons for good. We have just told that the People’s Army be sent to National Army. When we speak of sending the people’s army in the national army for safeguarding the nation, it doesn’t mean and should not connote that we have surrendered the weapons. Moreover, the people’s army has not yet been surrendered. The party is discussing on those lines. Important is whether or not to abandon the weapons.  Let’s not look at it as to how many weapons we have in our possession or what is the numerical strength of our people’s army. All that we have said is that if the countrymen need revolution then we can accumulate the instrument needed for such a revolution. We are very much clear on the fact that if need be, a fresh and new people’s army can be formed.

TGQ4: Looking at the progress so far made in the draft of the constitution, how much hopeful are you that a people oriented constitution would be drafted? It is also being talked that the Maoists have abandoned their targeted agenda? Is that true?

Mr. Chand: Well, we have struggled for drafting a people oriented constitution. Rest assured it would be as per our considerations. We have to draft the constitution which should be a people oriented one. Believe it. The proposals forwarded by the party Chairman too have not gone out from the party’s chartered policies. What we have felt is that the present day exercise is all for drafting a people friendly constitution.

Not at all. We haven’t left our prime and declared agenda. Had we abandoned those agenda, then the constitution would have already been drafted. The notion that we are in favor of a bourgeois constitution is not at all a correct version. The delay is because we need a people friendly constitution. Had we compromised with the people’s sentiments and aspiration, a sort of bourgeoisie constitution would have already in place some two years back itself. We are determined in our stand and hence the delay in the constitution draft.  But the Maoists can’t be held responsible for this delay instead the Nepali Congress and the UML should be blamed for the delay.

TGQ5: So what if the Nepali Congress and the UML create problems in the constitution draft of your party’s preference? What would be your party’s stance in that eventuality?

Mr. Chand: For the formation of the people’s power/state, we will go to the streets, parliament and struggle for what we prefer. The UML and the NC can’t go against the people’s wishes in the name of their determined stands. They must become responsible or else the people will themselves decide what to do next. We will listen to the people and act accordingly. Revolution much depends upon the changing times. Sometimes it is in the dialogue and at times it is observed in the banners. Even it is in the movement or in weapons at times. The gist is that we have to remain honest towards the people’s welfare. The Maoists will not shun from fulfilling its responsibility that is in favor of the people.

Text courtesy: The Jan-Ahwan national Weekly dated February 17, 2012. Thanks. 

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I agree


  • Posted on - 2012-02-22    by     gaunle
  • Any revolution has to bring quick changes as per peoples' aspirations.Maoist revolution had lost its significance when they signed 12 pt agreement.It sort of started waning; that is why it is crawling on and on.No amount of talks will bring it to a logical conclusion.Therefore it is in a 'half cocked' position.My 'Fauji' friends will understand this terminology who had the opportunity to handle old .303 Rifle! In this posn neither the trigger functions nor can it be reloaded-a peculiar situation! What next? Can any one suggest please?