Delhi 12 point accord was signed with bad intention

Dr. Bhimarjun Acharya

Expert, Nepal

TGQ1: Where is the country heading for? How you have been analyzing this trend? Is it that we are heading in a wrong direction? If so then whom you adjudge as to have been more responsible for such a treacherous route the nation may have taken?

Mr. Acharya: As a common person who believes in peace and also as a human being, who hopes for the institutionalization of a just society, looking at the current state of the country what I have found that the realm is heading for a total dimness and inviting degeneration by dismantling the entire uniqueness and the very survival of the nation-state. The country is moving fast towards the demolition of the cultural identities of the nation which we have had and to which we used to take those as a matter of national pride. The steps that have been taken up, I think goads us all to the dark prospects instead of the brighter one as promised. The steps are not for improvement but it is just the otherwise. This is what I presume.

I think these may have two to three reasons. First, we brought a democratic constitution, 1990, by waging a movement the previous year. This facilitated the advent of a constitution based on rule of law. I think, those developments were to some extent desirable for the country-Nepal though some space was provided to the monarchy with constitutional status also. Well, I have nothing to comment on those developments as it may have been a matter pertaining to some sort of compromise made then. However, with the new constitution in force, some works on the development of Nepal too had come to surface. The media too had made its logical space then. While the developments works were being brought into practice, all of a sudden the Maoists declared their armed struggle. The same party which initiated the armed struggle then and the manner the party is trying its safe landing in Nepali politics plus if one were to analyze recalling the 12 point agreement signed in New Delhi, the conduct of the CA polls, it gives one to suspect as to whether those weren’t a part of the calculated plan to demolish this country? This is what I feel at times these days. Even if I thought at the initial state of the Maoists war that the party may have waged the armed insurrection for the social transformation of the nation-state and felt then that those Nepalese who joined this struggle too may have some logical points in having associated them with the ongoing fight. But, sorry to say, the manner the main attitude is taking shape and moving ahead, I think, this could have been the prime reason that Nepal has landed in such a remorseful state today.  Thus I dare to say it now that the main premise of the Maoists struggle proved to be a milestone in damaging and demolishing the nation-state.  Next, the 12 point agreement was signed in New Delhi. What had been given to understand then is that the agreement had been made to bring in the Maoists party to the mainstream Nepali politics. But that too, if one were to ponder over, remains in an incomplete form. The notion of bringing in the Maoists in the mainstream politics too has come under the ambit of misgiving. The election of the Constituent Assembly was held. Not bad. But, some issues which were not even in the schedule of the 2006 movement too were incorporated in the constitution by making the first amendment in the said Charter. Under the pretext of the Madhesh movement, Federal order in the country was adopted.  All put together, in my personal opinion, some of the aforementioned events, were crafted in a calculated manner in order to damage the nation. Though, I am the one, who had the active engagement in the movement. But when I look back now and assess the things, there is no grudge that I for one actively participated in the movement, but yet I would stress that the events; I just mentioned above, were a deliberate one which has now been abundantly proved. 

TGQ 2: So which were those notable events to whom you have just referred to? Can you elaborate for our august readers’ knowledge?

Mr. Acharya: If I were to tell you in plain words then I must say that the Maoist’s armed conflict which they had initiated for what they claimed “societal transformation” and also for entering into a new era of development with a bright facelift was not for what they claimed but instead it was for pushing the nation to the dark and even to annihilate the very existence of the nation. This much have already been proved by this time. Secondly, in the name of the Madhesi movement, the then Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala in the dark hours of Magh 17, 2063, decided the adoption of federal order in the country. The next month followed, Falgun 25, 2063, with yet another fresh decision which was made in order to establish the federal state system by effecting the first amendment in the interim constitution. To me these appeared to have been done or accomplished in order to push the nation for its extinction. Similarly, what I feel now is that the 12 point New Delhi agreement was not signed with a good intention for Nepal. It was not for a good objective for this country.  Looking at the ongoing state restructuring process and of the adoption of the federal order, what comes to my mind is that these fresh measures have been taken to put a stamp on proving that the entire process of unification of Nepal undertaken then by Late King Prithivi Narayan Shah-the Great as an illegal one. If we establish that the unification of Nepal itself was an illegal affair then what remains with us?    

TGQ3: If King Prithvi’s unification process and the unified Nepal were taken as an illegal step then will not that raise legality questions over Nepal’s existence as a nation-state for several hundred years in the past? What say you now? Have such similar events taken place ever in the world?

Mr. Acharya: Never!

Yes, to some extent such issues had been raised but on exceptional basis. Such issues, as could be noticed, had been deliberately raised for the demolition of the very existence of the nation-state. This had been the real intention behind raising of such questions. At present, we have some two hundred countries existing in this globe. If you look at the available statistics, Nepal ranks among the first ten nations in existence by birth. (It is 15th nation according to Professor Ananda Aditya: Ed).  Can we imagine that such an ancient nation-Nepal, with the prevalence of such prehistoric culture and rich tradition remained in existence in the globe and that too falling very much within ten among the first nation-state crowd? May be the glory and the pride of Nepal that have not been digested by some interested quarters. This is what I presume when I look at it. I think, malicious efforts were being made and are also being made only to dismantle the very nomenclature and the unification process of Nepal while taking its birth. This is a premeditated attempt to damage the realm. I do not feel any sort of hesitation in blaming the Maoists that their agendas are being brought into practice in order to declare Nepal as an illegal entity. The idea is also to make null and void the entire unification process which is what today Nepal is. Likewise, some sections of the society were made to speak that the national flag demanded a change in its size, shape and color. Some parties also endorsed such appalling views. Yet some other parties surrendered to such perilous proposals. Some even talked that the very name of the country should be changed. All put together, what is for sure is that such attempts were made in order to dismantle the past glory and pride of this ancient country. If we talk of the laws, available records have it that the world’s oldest laws, the Civil Code, is also being in the process of dismissed and declared an outdated one.  This civil code has been proved that this Code is the first ever compilation of the laws which came into existence at a time as back as of King Jayasthiti Malla reign. It was called then Nyaya-Bikashini. Not only of Nepal alone, this could it be taken as the world’s first civil code ever recorded in history. I think some initiated armed conflict who did not wish to compromise with the glorious past of our nation-Nepal. And these were being deliberately done to tear apart the nation. Nothing more than that.

TGQ4: But the Maoists claim themselves as number one nationalists? How you take them then? Also tell us as to how you assess Prachanda personality?

Mr. Acharya: May be there is the prevalence of some three to four attitudes.  I even believe that so many leaders and cadres in the Maoists party may have been engaged in bringing about real changes and transformation in the Nepali society. But if you go deep into and then analyze the “main attitudes” prevailing there, one can’t prove to what they claim for themselves. Because whatever issues were raised over these years in the country did come up initially from the Maoist quarters which eventually were aimed at destroying the country. Singly, the Maoists have raised such nation devastating ideas or say issues.

To tell you very frankly and honestly, at time of the initiation of the armed conflict, the initial years of the war so to say, so many people have had respect and honor for him-Prachanda. The people thought that Prachanda is doing all he can for the welfare of the Nepali population. This was a sort of belief on him among the majority of the people. But the moment he came out from the hibernation period and the sort of activities he presented in front of the population thereafter, and the kind of Prachanda’s life style the people observed and listened to his speeches made in series, I don’t think that one remains obliged to honor him anymore.   He doesn’t deserve the honor and respect. That’s it.

TGQ5: Do you see the possibility of a new constitution based of federal order given the present political situation?

Mr. Acharya: Not at all. There is no possibility of that what you have just stated. I hereby claim that until this Nepal remains in existence as a nation-state, be it known to all those leaders, politicians and groups who wish to see a disintegrated Nepal, a constitution which forwards the notion of crumbling of Nepal can never come into existence. Never will such a constitution be written. If per chance, such a constitution comes into existence; its endorsement will be necessarily denied tooth and nail. If it gets endorsed somehow or the other, it can’t be promulgated. It is this reason that the constitution has not been written even we have had four extensions of the CA body.  A great investment has been made here in order to disintegrate Nepal. But the said investment has not yet worked because of the love and honor of the country that the majority of the population have in their inner hearts that are against the disintegration of Nepal. Even if they are still dreaming to see a disintegrated Nepal

Text courtesy: The Ghatana Ra Bichar Weekly, February 8, 2012. Thanks.

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I agree


  • Posted on - 2012-02-22    by     gaunle
  • At that point of time only intention was to oust the King.It was possible only with the Maoists' participation as IT infused courage!!!!!! into peoples mind and body and gave all the 'HIMMAT'to face all powerful King.Therefore earstwhile parties and the people of the nation can't be ungrateful to the Maoists. "MATLAB NIKAL GAYA HAI TO AB JANTE NAHI"
  • Posted on - 2012-02-15    by     Santosh Giri
  • Once again, I blindly support Dr. Acharya's notion on current crisis, particularly imposed by the Maoists, who waged the armed conflict for the purpose of Communism, a stateless principle. Their partners in crime, Congress, UML, RPP, Royalists and their Ethnic splinters and et. al., equally are responsible for the state we are in. If majority of nations, simply amend the constitution as an when required, saving time-money-resources-productivity; why could not we do the same? Should disintegration in the name of federalization be so important; why not allow Baise-Chaubise and other principalities regain their sovereignty? If this is the type of nyaya, "Gorkha" has to offer; people should rethink their leadership once again. Think again! we have not have a "popular will" since 2002 dissolution of the parliament. Its about time the 99% Oppressed Nepalese initiate "Occupy CA" campaign.