Nepal: PM must quit for his anti-national remarks

C. P. Mainali

General Secretary, Nepal Communist Party-Marxists-Leninists

TGQ1: So how do you, Mr. Mainali take the functioning style of the incumbent government led by Babu Ram Bhattarai? Do you believe that the constitution will be drafted even in the extended month’s time? Or one more extension you need as is the habit?

Mainali:  The entire character and the mal-practices being carried out by this Babu Ram led government stands exposed now. Nothing remains a secret. The austerity measure with kicked off with the Mustang vehicle has already come to the fore with the jumbo sized cabinet and his personal oversized private secretariat. All have been exposed.  How much he cares to the word severity gets amply exemplified with the expenditure of some 2.8 million rupees in mere tea and breakfast section. The fresh example has been that Prime Minister sent government’s foreign minister to Japan for a medical checkup who was accompanied by a ‘lady official’ and a medical practitioner. So how much he cares the national exchequer too has come to surface?

His claim of Zero tolerance on corruption too stands uncovered when his own minister demanded kickback in advance prior to approving a particular project. This government can easily be taken as the most corrupt government ever recorded in Nepali history. Similarly, his rhetoric of Nepali patriotism is nowhere to see. It has vanished in the ethereal medium.

Prior to heading for India on a trip, he had said that he will not sign any treaty or for that matter agreements with India during his sojourn there but yet signed the BIPPA agreement which was not only disliked by us but the agreement in itself has been detrimental to Nepal’s interests. To cover up this agreement, he then went on a propaganda affair that Nepal would sign a similar BIPPA agreement with China as well. No proper homework had been done prior to signing of this agreement with India. Nor with China. It did not happen.

Immediately after the cut-short visit of the Chinese Prime Minister Wen Jiabao to Nepal, Bhattarai began disseminating that if Nepal could not become a bridge in between India and China, Nepal then may vanish from the world map. This was a sort of grave challenge from his side. Such anti-national utterances have come from the Prime Minister’s statement.

To recall, some months back, Minister Sarat Singh Bhandari had threatened that Nepal’s 22 districts may prefer to disintegrate from the mainland nation-state.  His indirect hint was to assimilate those 22 districts into the Indian Union. Babu Ram had kept Bhandari under curtain.  Without naming India-his preferred country, Bhattarai under compulsion said that if not the bridge in between the neighbors’ then merge either with India or China. However, this also indirectly exposes his personal preference. What could be treacherous an act than this one? This anti-national , fraudulent and traitor like government must resign at the earliest. Or else, the CA body should initiate the appropriate procedures to kick him out from the current post.

Well, as regards to your associated second question, I see we have major differences over the key national issues. More importantly, the peace process continues to remain in a limbo. Given the present day circumstances, it would be a Himalayan affair if at all we could draft the constitution even in the extended months.

No! For extension, now we don’t have the option left. The Maoists are still in a bargaining mood. Let them push fresh bargaining issues, however, the other parties should neither look left nor right and stick to what has been agreed upon in the past with the Maoists through several agreements and commitments to which the Maoists too were the signatories.

If the parties other than the Maoists converge to a common point then the Maoists will be obliged to draft a democratic and people oriented constitution. This is what I see to it.

TGQ2: Why is your party-the Marxist-Leninists stands against the federal order? What could have been its prime reason?

Mr. Mainali: In the past, we have had problems with the identities of several communities. Those were suppressed. The community having conical nose residing in the Hills and Mountains have now been kept under the category of “others”. Those who fall in this category are, for example, Kami, Damai, Sarki, Badi, Gainey, Sanyasi, and Rautey. They are the real Aryans.

Moreover, in Nepal, no community as such has a majority, talking on geographical terms, which could be taken and later be named as a separate state after certain community, or for that matter a race. The geography has been like that none have the majority as such. Thus unless you have some 60-70 percent of the population at a particular geographical location from a single community, it would not be desirable to name a state in a flimsy manner. Some of those who wish to make community based state have been doing so in a groundless manner. This is all fake and pseudo affair. There is no need to make a state in the name of a particular community. At best what could be done is to award some geographical regions for each and every communities residing in Nepali territories. We feel that some sort of inclusive state be made which has the participation of the people belonging to Terai, Hills and the Mountainous regions. There should definitely be inclusiveness. And in addition, any State which has the population in the range of 60-70 percent of a particular community should go under their command with autonomy.  It should be an autonomous unit.  The Terai plains can’t be made to split from Hills and Mountains. It would neither be desirable nor can we afford to do so if we keep into account the development, political stability and security factors.

We are not in favor of making a single or several Madhesh State by splitting the nation from East to West.  

TGQ3: How you take the unity efforts among the Nepali Communist parties very freshly forwarded by the UML party?

Mr. Mainali: This not at all a new move taken up by the UML. We have had taken similar initiatives and made serious efforts aimed at uniting various communist parties under one umbrella and the task was given to Comrade N. P. Acharya. It was a task force. We did talk with some meager communist parties then, I mean last year. This process encouraged the objective that was aimed at having joint actions. But the situation was then not favorable to talk matters of unity with the larger communist parties, for example, the UML and the Nepal Maoists. They exhibited their reluctance on matters raised by us. But the present day situation in Nepali politics demands such an effort be taken at least for the time being to tackle the issues confronting the nation.  The demand of the time is forging of unity among the forward looking and democratic forces by committing ourselves to the agreements and the commitments made in the past in consensus in order to complete the peace and constitution drafting process. But unfortunately, no fruitful and successful talks have taken place as such among and between various communist forces of Nepal.

TGQ4: Do you think that the talks that are in the pipeline will take a positive course?

Mr. Mainali:  When we the smaller parties raised the issue, the larger parties exhibited their reluctance.  Yet the manner, one of the largest communist parties, the UML, which has taken up this unity issue can’t be taken in a negative manner. This is definitely a positive step.  Such efforts become all the more urgent in addressing the confronting political issues and more so the concerns that are very much related with forward looking strategies. The communist must unite at least on matters of citizenship, adoption of, federal order, state restructuring, form of judiciary, and electoral system. The communist must unite for these issues at least. Though these may appear for the time being yet the talks of unity assume strategic importance. We can achieve a lot if we go by the UML call for unity among the communists of Nepal.

TGQ5: Is it not possible for a complete unification among the communist parties because the targeted objective of all the communists remain the same?

Mr. Mainali:  The effort that we have been making as regards the restructuring of the parties has the main objective of unification of the parties concerned which abide by both theory and practice. Though we too prefer that the People’s revolution approaches a positive conclusion which ultimately facilitates the advent of socialism. This is the main aim and the goal of our movement. But if we talk of the medium and the means available, we would wish the real unification of the communist parties both in theory and practice. Analyzing in terms of theory and policy being adopted by the parties at the moment then I don’t think that we can completely go in for a sort of unification with the UML and the Maoists so quickly. We have several differences over theory and political strategies. Thus it may not be possible going for unification instantly.  But why not to give it a try? We do not wish that the Marxist-Leninist party should have the continued fame in the world for having both Sun and Moon in the Red flag of our party. All that we wish is that the meager communist parties of Nepal come under one single umbrella. We at the moment are busy in creating a congenial atmosphere in this regard. We will but yet not compromise over theories while seeking unification. I am ready to sacrifice anything from my side if we all agree on theory while going through unification process.  I am even ready to remain as an ordinary member of the completely unified Communist party if that does happen.

Text Courtesy: The Budhbar Weekly dated February 1, 2012. Thanks.

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I agree


  • Posted on - 2012-03-10    by     Lucas
  • Yes comrade Scope: all of Nepal's olebrpms lies with the regressive forces. I wish these regressive forces would show themslves so we can lynch them.Comarade you are missing the point. You say: Royal-American Army ‘recruit’ poor peasants children with the promise of giving them a job and use them as cooks, cleaners, messengers and informers. The regressive minds on this blog will argue that being a cook, cleaner, messanger etc. are legitimate jobs. Besides they might also argue that the RNA didn't put a gun to people's head and force them to join. Or they might even say that the RNA didn't go around blowing up critical insfrastuture and shutting down schools and health services. Or they might even say the RNA didn't use schools as hideouts and expose little children to harm. So on and so forth. Finally some might even bring up the fact that Nepal was actually (very gradually) improving in many human development indicators prior to the people's movement. Why give them all this opportunity comrade?These Royal-American Army sympathizers will say any lie to bloster their point.The people's movement gave the people so much more power, freedom and a voice! Look at how much better off these same villagers are in the countryside. We should take these bloggers on a trip around Nepal and show them the result of the people's movement.