Nepal Maoists Peoplesí Revolt was planned for personal benefit than societal reform

Chitra Bahadur K. C

Chairman Jan Morcha, Nepal

TGQ1: Talks have it that the next Nepal Prime Minister will be Dr. Babu Ram Bhattarai. Will your party accept him as Nepal PM?

K.C:  Prachanda too has Himalayan ambitions to become the Prime Minister of Nepal. Some fifteen years ago, the extreme Left faulty decisions which the Maoist party made was more guided by how to enjoy personal benefits by acquiring top posts, fulfilling of personal ambitions and prestige by being a part of the bourgeoisie system itself than what they claimed for grand reform of the society through a revolution. We had talked about this long time back. Still what can be said is that Prachanda is ambitious for the Nepal PM post. He became the PM once but could not last for long in the same post. It is seen that Prachanda at times has been convincing other parties in favor of Baburam’s PM candidacy. Bhattarai too has his own ambitions to assume the Nepal PM post. It was a time when Bhattarai was almost a consensus candidate of the Nepal PM post, Prachanda did all he can to dampen the prospect of Bhattarai. Bhattarai is on record to have stated that he was though a consensus candidate but his own party did not support his candidacy. Thus if Mohan Baidya supports Bhattarai and both Bhattarai and Baidya panel put their efforts at one place then Dr. Bhattarai can be the Nepal Prime Minister for some time. But Bhattarai’s elevation as Nepal PM is sure to flare up the party’s internal rivalry. This is clear cut. This much is also visible to the parties in opposition now.

The Maoists party itself will not allow Bhattarai’s Premiership to continue for long. To recall, after the 2006 revolution, the men who have been the declared corrupt ones and pushed the country’s politics in a mess but yet claim to be communists will not allow Bhattarai to remain in office for long. For example, when Madhav was the Nepal PM, Khanal had several sleepless nights. He made it a point to unseat him through the use of various means, including signature campaign against Mr. Nepal. Similarly, when Prachanda was the Nepal Prime Minister, Babu  Ram could not sleep for countless nights.

TGQ2: What could have been the reason that a communist government doesn’t last for long in Nepal PM post? What if the Maoists forward the name of Dr. Bhattarai as Nepal PM next? Will your party support his candidacy?

K.C: At the moment when Jhal Nath Khanal has become the country’s Prime Minister, a section right from within the UML itself is doing all it can to unseat PM Khanal from the Prime Ministerial post. So a dirty game is being played under the banner of hammer and sickle which eventually has been damaging the very communist credentials in Nepal. Some who claim themselves as communists and revolutionaries were in effect playing dirty games in order to grab lucrative posts even if that demanded submitting themselves to the foreigners. The real communists have not that culture. It is not a communist character what is being observed in our country’s politics. It is not to say that the communists should not be in power but that should be to strengthen nationalism, national sovereignty, territorial integrity and independence. But here to be in power means to grab personal wealth, strengthen party at best. These political aberrations and negative traits seen in the communists in Nepal have further been damaging the image of the Nepal communists. If this trend continues then it will carry the Nepali communists to a new low. And this is what is being observed. 

To your tagged question, well, it could be decided by my party as and when Dr. Bhattarai’s name is forwarded for the post of Nepal Prime Minister. I can’t say about this because what the party will decide will be a final one. Not only of Baburam, even if other names are forwarded then my party-Jan Morcha will decide. I can’t decide on my own.

TGQ3: The CA tenure has been extended for three months. Where stands now the Constitution in this extended period? And also tell us about the state of the peace process where it stands at the moment?

K. C: The Nepali Congress has pushed its stance that unless peace process comes to its logical end nothing could be accomplished in the extended period. It is the NC stance. The UML has been saying that the Prime Minister will resign only when a suitable alternative to his government in consensus is forwarded by the parties. Inside the Maoists there is tentatively a fight on whether the Prime Minister should continue in his post or he should resign first. There is also the fight concurrently going inside the party in between Prachanda and Bhattarai on who should become the next Nepal Prime Minister, Prachanda or Bhattarai? Thus there is anomaly seen among the parties on how to use this extended period in favor of the constitution draft. Though the Nepali Congress outwardly claims that the government is not in its priority but yet the party wants to lead the next government. Since for long the Nepali Congress party has not been allowed to lead the government thus the party leaders and cadres have been anxious and restive on how to grab power. They have become like a fish out of water.

As regards the peace process, I should say that the parties are still revolving round the power structure. They just talk on how to grab power. At least this much is visible. The Maoists prefer to strengthen their party internally than by completing the peace process and constitution draft. They just want to linger this process. So one way, it can be said that none of the parties remain concerned for completion of the peace process and Charter drafting instead they have all been engaged in cheating others. There have been several splits inside the Madhesh based parties as well. While in power, they never take up the issues of Madhesi people.  They prefer to ignore the entire Madhesh issue. But when out of power, they become suddenly sensitive towards the plight of the Madhesi people and begin talking everything under the sun.  When in power, the Madhesi leaders wish to accumulate wealth and play tricks on how to strengthen their own grip in the power circuit.

TGQ4: How you take the fresh split in the Madhesi Janadhikar Forum? Is it that the split has been cause because of power centered politics? Your comments please?

K. C: This is nothing but the power selfish act. They have even exhibited their split in a naked manner.  The presence and the entrance of various destructive elements inside the parties too could be taken as one of the prime reasons for the successive splits in the MJF. This is what is being talked. The acts of mudslinging on other parties have already become the hallmark of some Madhesi leaders but they have so far failed to assess or say evaluate their own performances.  They even do not know as to how their own people back in Madhesh take them and their parties.

Yes! The splits in the Madhesh parties are only due to the personal ambitions, their wish to amass wealth, grab lucrative posts and to be in power for long and so many things. They exhibit that they can’t live without power. In addition, well how much the foreign penetration remains inside the parties is a different matter altogether.

TGQ5: How much confident you are in the implementation of the freshly agreed upon five point agreement in between the parties?

K.C: The kind of energy and vigor that was observed on May 28, 2011, among the parties for the extension of the CA body tenure faded away instantly on the following day to be precise. The signing parties now have begun to come to their original political culture and stances. They have their own party wise interpretations. Unless there is some sort of pressure from the people, I don’t think that the parties will remain sincere towards the peace process and for Charter draft. The people’s pressure is a must or else the extended time will also go in waste as the parties will remain entangled on issues on how to grab power. There is the danger that the extended three months will also go in vain.

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