India and Britain bid for hegemonism over Nepal ? : The pretext for the support of Balkanization of Nepal being the so-called inadequacies in the Nepalís Constitution of 2015 for which the UK government itself had admired previously. A hangover of Tony Blairís misdeed s for disintegration of Yogoslavia. Should one stoop so low as to avenge PN Shah the Great?

We have not yet agreed on issues of federal system in Nepal : It is true that we have so far failed in drafting the constitution. It is not that nothing have been done in the mean time, much have been acc0omplished though. The first CA body, to recall, have had accomplished some eighty percent of the total task.

All we demand is draft of federal republican Charter in Nepal : To say that the constitution should enjoy complete consensus means that this nation shall never get the desired constitution. These leaders are naughty. They fight even in trifling matters which have blocked the emergence of the new constitution.

Unity between RPP and RPP Nepal is demand of time : The leaders of the RPP and RPP-Nepal have felt the need for the formation of a strong democratic/nationalist force. We both have felt the need. And this is apparently possible only if and when we, the RPP and the RPP-Nepal, unite once and for all.

Nepal needs now a strong nationalist and democratic force : Since we possess similar views and thus there is the pressure from the leaders and the cadres from both the parties for unification between the two. Nepal now needs a strong nationalist-democratic party. This is not only the opinion of the top leaders but the entire workers and cadres too have the same desire.

Why China has to act in Nepal by considering sensitivity of third country? : But I too sometimes fail to understand why China has to act in Nepal by considering the imperialistic and expansionist sensitivity of a third country and retreat from even the normal affairs, whenever Delhi raises its eyebrow.

Nepal Maoists Peoplesí Revolt was planned for personal benefit than societal reform : We had talked about this long time back. Still what can be said is that Prachanda is ambitious for the Nepal PM post. He became the PM once but could not last for long in the same post.

Nepal Charter draft may consume some years if politics remain same : As regards to your tagged question, well my party has a clear policy which was the NCP-Maoists must be brought inside the CA body even if they demanded the entire nominated twenty six members for the draft of the new constitution.

Nepal: Charter draft is main agenda but not President Poll : The NC has a long experience in working with the UML in a collective manner in the past. We have worked with each other whether it is the Premiership of late Girija Prasad or even Sher Bahadur Deuba at various intervals of time.