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Or otherwise Nepal President is a modest personality. He may have his inner designs; however, we have so far not found him committing any sort of noticeable blunder against the nation-state of which he has been the guardian that he is. Yet one must take him as a slow and lousy political persona upon whom the entire population repose trust believing that he or say his high office of the Nepal Presidency will come to the rescue of this glorious nation as and when the country is made vulnerable by its own nationals under the cover of being the Nepali leader(s).

To come to the point now.

Some months back, a sitting defense minister made some irritating associated with threatening remarks wherein he stated that the Nepali Terai plains may merge with the near and dear one in the South if things for the plains did not improve or the government in Kathmandu ignored the Terai-Madhesh genuine problems. Forwarding issues and problems is at all not a crime; however, it is close to a declared crime when a sitting minister talks of merging the Nepali territory into an alien land that may be of his or her preference. Terai issues were near and dear to us all.

Thanks the Nepali sensitivity which forced the erratic minister to tender his resignation from the post. Nepal Prime Minister, made up of JNU steel as is being talked, had to sack him under tremendous pressure. Bhattarai may still have pains in his heart for obvious reasons. This much can be easily understood from his preferences that he quite often ventilates while making third grade speeches. The merger theory for example.

Now, for instance, one more minister housed in JNU cabinet under Bhattarai has made yet another frightening remark. He says that soon within a month or so, the entire Terai plains of Nepal will come to the streets and begin demanding the secession of the entire plains from the mainland Nepal. Horrible statement.

Jaya Prakash Prasad Gupta, the communications minister in Bhattarai’s “dangerous cabinet” made this open claim at the ministry itself and threatened the entire nation at a single stretch.  Minister Gupta made his fortune by being a Nepali national from tip to toe. He was blessed and brought to this stage by the ones whom he now takes as thug Pahadiya rulers of Nepal who only wish to marginalize and discriminate the Madhesi issues and problems, if he recalls his Girija past. Half of the cabinet ministers are from Terai plains. This is the fact.The Pahadiyas will not mind if some more were inducted.

Question comes to our mind as to why Minister Gupta prefers to divide the nation-state? After all what the hell he has not collected from this Pahadiya state? More importantly, why Mr. Gupta loses his temper at times? Which force in Nepal has made him to speak such threat loaded statements? Is he making such dangerous notes on his own or been told to speak so by his newly found alien friends? And more importantly, will he be a happy leader if at all he bags success in disintegration his own motherland. Gupta is a political animal born in Saptari district, Kanchanpur village, for the record by the way. He is taken as a modest intellectual in Nepal with fluency in writing articles.

Gupta is a seasoned politician yet. He has changed his camps several times in the past and thus we hope that he has gained expertise on how to dupe his own party colleagues and more so on how to terrify those who have dragged him to the Supreme Court on charges of corruption.

Is it that he is unhappy with the Pahadiya Court and CIAA which has framed a charge against him and the hearing is about to knock his door any time from now?

Mr. Gupta must abide by the rules of democratic games. The Court is not that fool to implicate him on charges of corruption that he may not have committed. As a democrat, that Gupta claims, he must face charges and respond as would be required at time of the hearing. If not a guilty then why he is getting more and more nervous? The Court will have its course even if Gupta prefers to secede from Nepal or wants to become the President of the new nation that he may have dreamt of. Advanced congratulation Mr. President of banana village that is yet to take shape in his own mind.

Thanks the Nepal President spoke his mind and took to task his Prime Minister to tame the erratic utterances coming as it does from some of his friends in the ministry. The President has warned that he may not tolerate any such statements which contain the seeds of disintegration of Nepal. But what he will do? With what authority? Instead he should have sent a strong warning letter for the perusal of the CA body and the parliament. This he still can do.

The President, though late, did his job well. However, the lay men remain askance as to why the National Army is listening to such venomous remarks? Is not the institution responsible in checking such erratic utterances? Is not the Army duty-bound to safeguard the national integrity and the sovereignty?

The ornamental Nepal Army albeit listens to such dangerous remarks but prefers to shift the onus on the government body. Beginning from Shart Bhandari and now to Minister Gupta, the frequency of such vitriolic utterances has increased. The nation-state is in real danger. Hopefully, the Nepal Army will listen to it and ignore as usual as is its habit. The Army has the distinction of looking into the Nepali flag being burnt in Sirha district in a broad day light but did not have the guts to pounce upon those who burnt the national flag-Nepal’s pride if it remains at all. Let’s not expect much from the ornament. Ornaments have a different use, by the way.   

As if this were not enough, Upendra Yadav very freshly has made a clarion call wherein he has told the Nepali Madhesi youths, his voters, to sharpen their swords and bamboo sticks in order to fight a sort of civil war that was already in the pipeline. The Ornamental institution too must have listened to this new fresh dangerous appeal made by Mr. Yadav-the President of the MJF. 

Shrapit Desh.

Editorial: The Telegraph Weekly dated February 15, 2012.

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I agree


  • Posted on - 2012-02-16    by     Devendra Lekhak
  • Mr. Editor, Please do not drag the military into this. When the military spoke and acted it got the blame. When it keeps quite, it gets the blame. In a democracy, as you keep on repeating in your editorial here, the contract for providing peace and for apprehending criminals is the job of the political parties and the police, not the military. Maybe the Nepal Army will speak when the country is about to really suck. Why don't you put pressure on the so called "democrats" who do not even know the meaning of democracy and until now Nepal does not even have one! What the hell you expect from the Nepal Army that is bounded by so many laws, regulations and provisions in the Constitution? If the government wants, it will act. If majority political parties forge a consensus it will act. But until then, I think the military will do nothing, whether you burn the national flag or burn the Geeta or the Koran. It will not act. You are right, ornaments are rarely used. Conversely, the way you sarcastically use the word so many times, do you think the Nepal Army at the moment in history is an ornament of the nation? If you as the editor do not believe it, if parties do not believe it, if nobody in the nation believes it, I don't even think it is coal. You guys do not even care about the army. It is surviving by its institutional instincts, not with the kind of love and support you guys give. Ornament, my foot!