Nepal: Stern warning to Kathmandu based diplomats

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Insult and accidents approaches one even uninvited at times. Some invite them at times on their own will and get humiliated. These never seek formal invitation(s). They come on their will and fondness. However, accidents may not have a long lasting impact on one’s body and soul, however, insults is not only a pinching exercise but at times its net result could be fatal also.

Broken legs, twisted vertebral columns and the likes have treatments here and there, NOIDA suburb though is taken as the best in South Asia for the care of such homegrown ailments, yet the act of rudeness that one doesn’t deserve or expect, as and when it comes to you then the trouble lasts for long and, we have been told, at time such insulting behavior creates incurable mental disorders. One may turn insane.

But Key Garney?

It comes as if one had himself invited insult or insulting acts for oneself. The word insult in itself is a naughty expression. The act of insult is an ugly phenomenon though the people have to at times compromise with the unwanted guests. The act of compromises continues for long if the man who insults you is a distinguished friend of yours of the bygone but very important era with whom you may have developed ‘anti-national connections’ or could be those who want to tame you as a force or even it could be if you yourself wish to get tamed. It so happens in Nepal. Examples galore.

Well, insult is insult. Whether a common Nepali or for that matter the country’s Prime Minister is insulted, it is a matter of grave concern to the people who were awaiting great changes and transformation of the Nepali feudal society that was promised to them some years back which at times gets repeated by the ones who openly admit that they were being insulted by some diplomats of foreign countries, near and far both. Our sympathies to the offended ones.

But question comes to our mind as to whether Bhattarai deserves such insults? Perhaps yes if he is just a common Nepali more so if he is the one who has been talking whimsical, for example of merging Nepal, things of late. It is just not a news that Bhattarai as a man now in controversy for his to the hilt India indoctrination and excessive bend who simply prefers Indian hegemony to prevail in Nepal until the end of Nepali civilization perhaps is being taken as the foreign based diplomats to be a man who doesn’t deserve honor and thus he is perhaps being insulted by the ones whom he takes as his ‘personal guardians’. How the foreign diplomats treat Bhattarai as a common man is not of our concern. Also, if they take him as a simple and ordinary Nepali citizen, that he is, too doesn’t fall in our sphere of concern. Let him receive what he deserves for his past follies, if he takes some pains to recall those. Let him recall also as to how he pounced upon his own nation-state while being in JNU and NOIDA under some flimsy pretexts. The people back in Nepal have yet to forget their traumatic past. The foreign diplomats have not committed a blunder as Bhattarai, as a common man, has explained to his media friends. Some diplomats directed their shoes towards him which Bhattarai saw, as he lamented very recently.

Bhattarai is a person. But the post of the Nepal Prime Minister symbolizes Nepal’s identity and prestige. The post of the Nepal PM is no less than the post of US President Obama or for that matter Mrs. Pratibha Patel. If Nepal PM is insulted then no Nepali will tolerate. Take it for granted. We thus dare to serve stern warning to the Kathmandu based diplomat/Ambassadors not to repeat the blunders they have already committed. Mind it that you do not possess the authority to insult and in the process defame Nepal Prime Minister as and when you prefer to see the man in this post. Try to correct yourselves or get prepared to bear the sad consequences that may be already in the pipeline. The Nepali population is extra sensitive on matters such as the one related with the insult of the Nepal PM post. Behave or be ready to get slighted. Don’t forget that Bhattarai, if he so desires, can send hundreds of Young Communist Leagues cadres, indeed his obedient disciples, who may chase your diplomatic vehicle until you apologize en masse right in the streets.

Bhattarai is a mere person, a common Nepali. We too do not prefer him. Nor do we possess any special love and regard for him as a mere Khoplangey (in Gorkha district) fellow citizen. In addition, the majority of the populations have hatred against him, frankly speaking. Yet he is unfortunately the Nepal PM at the moment and we value and honor this post. And will continue to regard this post immaterial of who is occupying this prestigious Chair because this Chair is very near and dear to us all.

The foreign Ambassadors should understand the fact that Nepal is the 15th nation-state when the notion of nation-state came into existence. Nepal was very much kicking and alive some 2600 years ago at time of Gautam Buddha and Chanakaya. Those who have recently insulted Nepal PM should now begin calculating the years of their birth as a country and console themselves.

Frankly speaking, those who have insulted the Nepal PM in the recent months presumably belong to the crowd of the nation(s) who were just set free by the Colonial powers. Perhaps they are reminded of their traumatic colonial past and thus wish to act in the same manner as they had been mal-treated by their foreign masters. Inferiority complex remains.

Finally, keep on insulting Bhattarai. We wouldn’t mind. But you don’t deserve the right or whatsoever to exhibit your rude manners to Nepal PM-our Prime Minister. Behave or prepare yourself to receive similar treatments from the common Nepalese. Nepal PM post is our honor. Bhattarai may not be our choice or preference. But since he is occupying this coveted Chair for the moment thus any insult to him from any alien quarter may not be taken in good taste. Let it be a warning to the foreign diplomats based in Kathmandu. Go through Vienna Convention and learn some diplomatic etiquette. This may remind you on how to behave with the head of a sovereign nation’s government. We were never a colony. The message should be loud and clear.( Editorial Telegraph Weekly, February 8, 2012).

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