New Nepal or no Nepal?

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Nepali media has become more than intelligent associated with abundant responsibility. For example, nothing remains a secret now. May be the special award of the new system now in place or could be a sign of attaining maturity through experience. Moreover, the Nepali media has now become able to dig the truth and similarly it is now able enough to differentiate in between which steps taken by this NOIDA government and its predecessors were in the country’s interests or detrimental to Nepal’s unique identities which had made our country to look something very special in the crowd of the nations across the globe. Dazzling Nepal that we have had.

Thus the Nepali media deserves our deep appreciation in having been able to assess and evaluate the good and the bad for this country. Kudos!

Basically we were encouraged to write this story upon reading a satirical column published in Nepali Patra Weekly last weekend. Keep it up.

We are being told that a new Nepal is in the offing and our august leaders were making their entire efforts concentrated on having a new Nepal.

Fine and good.

Let’s build a new Nepal. What is the harm?  No objections. Yet the question is whether we are all set to enter into a new Nepal by demolishing whatever precious and revered for us in the so called Old Nepal? Do we need a new Nepal by damaging the aged one which have had several distinctive things for the world in general and Nepalese population in particular? Question is also that whether it is urgent and necessary to ditch our glorious past summarily in the name of creating an obscure new Nepal?

Change the name of Sagarmatha to Indianmatha. Change the birth place of Lord Buddha from Nepali Lumbini to what the Indians have been trying. Let’s have the father of the nation from any suitable country that our present day leaders prefer. Why not Nehru or for that matter Gandhi or even Mao be accepted as father of the Nepali nation because we bow down to these late heroes of alien land(s) and make them our own hero. Declaration is what just waits. Let’s forget the ones who sacrificed for this nation-state to take it a formal shape wherein you all, ourselves included, have been ruling and amassing wealth in the name of building a new Nepal. Had these heroes and builders of Nepal not sacrificed their precious lives, which included the honorable people from all caste, tribes, and nationalities, this country would never have taken a shape that it has now. So how to forget their substantial contributions that they made in the past wherein we live today and take pride in being called as a Nepali?

Can we forget Bhimsen Thapa? Can we ignore the contributions made by Bise Nagarchi-the one who was excessively close to the unifier of this nation? Similarly, can we forget the one who made Nepal? He fought a war and expanded the territory of this country which is today’s Nepal. He may have played at times foul but yet he provided a shape to this country. In the process of unification of this country, the late King may have committed some blunders and may have pinched the sentiments of some, for which the nation has already apologized, but that should not mean that the unifier was a dangerous Hero.  He did not commit at all a crime. Be it known to all that the unifier and his present day generations were neither our relatives nor do we have any sort of attachment with those who fall in his lineage. But that doesn’t mean that we reject and completely ignore His unification efforts. Hero must remain a Hero.

Demolishing our old cultural, spiritual and traditional values, that are still unique and rare, how can a new Nepal be built? Reckless demolition of the common men’s houses here and there and creating panic among the citizens will ultimately not work. New Nepal can’t be built by making common men to weep.


Ask the pain of being a foreign colony that have tasted the suffering and then compare it with the Nepali sovereignty remaining intact for over two centuries? Why to go far? Let’s talk with the men in the Indian republic. India knows the pains of such a trauma that our beloved Indian brothers and sisters have had to endure for centuries. 

We believe and honor the Indians and thus it would be an act of wisdom to listen to them about their own personal experiences as to how much humiliating it was when they were under British East India Colony. We presume that they will speak the truth.

The sum total is that, good or bad, Nepal is still not a lost case. Let’s search our souls. Let’s think twice whether it would be an act of wisdom to do away with our traditional values in the name of building a new Nepal? And of which Nepal our present day rulers have been talking about? The glorious and dazzling Nepal of the bygone era or the one which is running under the whims of the ones who have experienced their own bitter colonial past?

The decision is ours. We must take bold judgments so that we can live a life keeping our heads high ever. Or get ourselves prepared for living a hellish life much similar to what some in our own immediate neighborhood were forced to experience in the early 1970s. 

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  • What jingoistic nonsense.