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Nepal has already become a free for all country. Each and every tom-dick and harry or whatever he may be, either domestic or an alien one, are in possession of the rights to teach Nepal and the Nepalese a lesson and unfortunately we are being taught by those in effect who must be taught by the Nepalese themselves. FIAT LUX from the Vedas originated from South Asia.

Haughtiness has a limit. Too much arrogance is injurious to health. This applies to the Kathmandu posted diplomats as well. They must not abuse their authority by poking their nose into the matters that are very much internal for this country. However, as and when a country becomes weaker, that we are because of our subservient and inept leaders which they have proved for themselves, even junior rank foreigners begin insulting the leaders and the political parties from some countries.

For example, the United States Ambassador DeLisi, a native of Minnesota, though is a graduate of the University of Minnesota and earned the degree of Juris Doctor from the University of Minnesota Law School, and is also an alumnus of the Hubert H. Humphrey School of Public Affairs, has spoken what he must have refrained from. In effect he dared to teach some lessons of democracy and its norms-values to such a Nepali party which is in existence and working for democracy years ahead even of the birth of this Ambassador from the United States.

Moreover, Ambassador DeLisi committed a Himalayan blunder because he should have aired his abhorrence towards the NC sponsored strikes and demonstrations through his own Embassy and made it an official one. Had he done so as stated, it would have sent some positive signals both to the NC leaders and the majority of the population. We too would have appreciated his efforts.

Instead, he chose to teach the Nepali Congress men a tutorial by airing his somewhat “grand suggestions” through the use or say the misuse of the Face book network which teenagers like most. 

Thus the Facebook Ambassador preferred to provide his sermons in a very objectionable manner which must have irritated the NC stalwarts and the result has been that he is being made the target for his erratic utterances. Gagan Thapa and his father in law, Arjun K. C gave a befitting reply to the US envoy. However, some congress men and a handful of media personalities have openly come to the rescue of the Facebook envoy which gives even more meaning to what “some special” Nepalese are up to?

Rato Ra Chandra Surya Hamro….Maryo Tyo Jiundai Jasley Birsyo Desh Ko Mato…

Though we at this paper have nothing to disagree with what the Facebook Ambassador made it known through his preferred internet network but yet the scathing criticisms he dared to make targeting the Nepali Congress could be taken simply as a blatant interference in the affairs of the NC in particular and Nepal in general.

The Nepali Congress leaders, the high flying ones, who wish to loiter around Ambassador DeLisi as and when the latter is in the scene, say at the diplomatic receptions, must now conclude that the US can never be a trusted friend for all time to come. The US can stick to any party in Nepal which could serve her hidden interests though many of which have already come to the open. By extension to any media house!

Interestingly, the mainstream Nepal’s self declared democratic media which escalates even non issues and makes it public, for some mysterious but understandable reasons-a phenomenon which we have failed to understand- failed to collect the courage to write even a single word against the one who insulted Nepal and one of the oldest party of this country. We understand their compulsions and hence would refrain from making any unwanted comments of our own professional colleagues. Media ethics apply here also. 

The unpredictable US Ambassador beamingly encourages, we have been told, the Tibetan refugees to chant anti-China slogans right in front of the Chinese embassy. The US envoy and his European colleagues do not talk of the plight of the Bhutanese refugees languishing in Nepal for over two decades.  They visit secretly the Tibetan refugee camps. In addition, US Senator Rudolph Frank threatens this country of the likely withdrawal of its Dollar support for a cause that abundantly speaks of its malintent. The US envoy in Nepal doesn’t talk of the demonstrations and strikes sponsored by some interested quarters under this or that pretext. Most of the Kathmandu based diplomats preferred not to talk about the return of the seized properties which the Maoists had captured some years ago. He takes those demonstrations and Nepal closure as a democratic practice. Why he does so is any body’s guess which perhaps the world police envoy understands it better.

As if we have had no demonstrations in the past? Why he remained tight lipped?

The gist is that if such acts are done by his favorites then it is okay or else it is a mockery of democracy. Democracy redefined.

The Ambassador must understand that the word democracy approached America much later which we residing in this part of the world had already brought into practice. We have had the republican (Gan Rajya) order as well in ancient times, for example, the time of Chanakya and Buddha-say some 2600 years ago. Thus he should learn about democracy from our political scientists who can tell him the yes and no of democracy and its associated values and norms. We can provide some good names of Nepalese political scientists if need be.

Having said all these, yet we absolve this particular Ambassador for having made unsympathetic comments as he has spoken about the basic tenets of democracy to which the Nepali Congress men must ponder over seriously. Where we differ with the US Ambassador is that the channel he opted for sounding his ire against the NC party. It should have been an official one.

The one whose home itself was very freshly in disorder, for example, take the case of Wall Street protests, is left with minimum options to teach others.

The fact is that the NC party came to the streets for some plausible reasons. Had the party ignored the matter, it would have deformed more the word democracy. Definitely, demonstrations and strikes cause pain to the daily earning people. We agree to the Ambassador’s genuine concerns which are near and dear to us as well. But when enough becomes enough, it must be enough and so for NC it was definitely become more than enough. But it should not mean that we at this paper have been encouraging the NC men to go on rampage. They too should practice the very inner meaning of democracy with honesty.

We suppose, we have communicated the message to the Ambassador of the Lone Super Power in a very modest way.

No more lessons and warnings please. We will not die, rest assured, if the US tourists change their destinations. The US at its will can declare Travel Warning to its citizens.

Begin learning on how to behave as a posted diplomat and that too from a country with which Nepal has long time friendly relations. Nepalese love America for a variety of reasons but no more threat loaded statements please.

Mind it, not all wish to land in America. Yet we mean no harm to you. Take it easy His Excellency Ambassador Scot DeLisi. Thanks freedom of expression.

( Editorial: The Telegraph Weekly December 21, 2011).

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I agree


  • Posted on - 2012-02-21    by     lamasonam
  • Reading this article make me feel awful and bitter taste of unwanted media propaganda. More one side angular force driving of fortune tellers that divert country into unappetizing. he is trying to dominating teenagers engaging from politics and this is the reason why Our countryman lags in political sense. Today's world real politics mostly carried out by teenager and younger generations. His assumptions were thoroughly baseless. The prosperous of the nation worth happiness not the development. Happiness comes from internal not physical modification. Ambassador DeLisi got vision to change Nepali youngster more aware of politics!
  • Posted on - 2012-01-05    by     outsider
  • To read such an article, which i thought never existed in nepal is such a relief. America will always be what it has always done trying to interfere in other countries internal workings and will India.
  • Posted on - 2011-12-22    by     keshab chaulagain
  • we need true speaking leader or persons for lasting peace and democracy.Now Nepalese leaders and intellectuals aren't speaking truth.Ambassador showed courage to speaking truth on Nepalese issue I appreciate.we have to learn from him that we should ready to speak truth at anywhere.