Nepal: Indian erratic policies rebound


Nepal as a nation-state was forced to take a slide, precisely speaking, on November 22, 2005 when some days ahead of this most unfortunate Gregorian date, the New Delhi masters of this country invited the then agitating seven party leaders and compelled them all to sign a Hindi draft 12 point agreement which were to, as was given to understand, bring about a dramatic transformation of the existing Nepali society through effecting certain dramatic “ordered” reforms that included distribution of millions of Nepali citizenship certificates to alien nationals. This promise was kept by our twelve point leaders, said media reports then.

The Hindi draft of the said Delhi engineered agreement was later translated into Nepali and English language for fear of being exposed. But it stood exposed the very next moment.
Interesting it of all was the quick inking of the most treacherous Delhi designed and sponsored agreement by the NOIDA dwelling Maoists which followed others and was finally stamped by the all time Indo-pendent late Girija Prasad Koirala.
He remained loyal to the aliens till he counted his last breath (Rest in peace). Obedience of Kazi Lendhup standard. 
But is it not that the Maoists waged the people's war primarily against Indian regime? The first nine points were, among the forty in all, for freeing Nepal from the Indian continued subjugation through several unequal treaties?
All vanished in the ethereal medium while being in NOIDA shelter.
Salt price paid perhaps.
The intent and the very motive behind preparing such a draft in an alien land by alien nationals were simply to break Nepal into bits and pieces with the kind assistance of the Nepalese nationals themselves. What was expected did happen to the extent that Nepal as a country remains now only in the world map. The Nepal destruction campaign came to a temporary halt when the stumbling block-the then Nepali monarchy, was told to proceed towards the Nagarjun Jungles which the King beamingly obeyed, June 11, 2009.
The slip became then a real one. The going down continues and will perhaps touch its lowest ebb soon thanks the kind courtesy of the 12 point august Nepali leaders. Let’s presume that the same group of Nepali leaders will preside over the approaching collapse of this nation.
The ruin of this country in package remains still in effect.
No more talking of past glory and pride that we have had in abundance. Whatever we had, all have been made to dissolve in the filthy ponds here and there.
The Indian regime did its job well.
But yet the regime in the South perhaps had concluded that with the sidelining of the monarchy, things will move as per their wishes and preferences which unfortunately was not forthcoming instead a myriad of problems and issues greeted the master mind of the repulsive 12 point agreement. Ploy rebounded. This is also for genuine.
While Prachanda-the brain child of the South Block for some time, distanced himself from the Southern pole to the North, then the latter got it as an opportune moment to ensure and secure its grand presence in Nepali affairs to the degree that China began asking Nepal the internal nitty-gritty of the ongoing peace and constitution drafting processes. A stunned New Delhi received further humiliating jolts in series thanks the kind courtesy of its own Kathmandu based envoy-Rakesh Sood.
China has freshly demanded, July 15, 2011, that Nepal and China should sign a new peace and friendship treaty with extradition clauses.
The jumbo Chinese delegation which is in town at the moment is ready to pour in colossal amount as much as Nepal demands. Ask and get it, is the Chinese fresh authentic assurance. This the delegation chief, Zhou Yongkang, has told.
Ambassador Sood intervened in Nepali affairs every now and then as he was himself a Nepali leader. He forgot that he was just an undeclared Viceroy of Nepal. “This was too much”, so aptly said Chandra Prakash Gajurel, a veteran Maoists leader while talking to a local Television Channel just the day Sood said good bye to Nepal once and for all.
Thanks he is not in Nepal now.
His erratic activities immensely damaged Nepal-India friendly relations at all possible levels to which the yet to arrive Indian Ambassador Jayant Prasad will have to work very hard in order to stitch the completely torn ties that it stands today.
In the process, China cashed in upon from the Sood undiplomatic conducts to the amount that some double cross too have now joined Chinese hands though such a phenomenon will not last for long. The one who changes camps every now and then could neither be trusted by the Indians nor by the Chinese provided the authorities at these respective missions remain vigilant.
Penetration is on both the camps.  Information is being made a financial deal. This is for real.
Finally, India will pay the price. This is for sure. The process has already begun. All that Jayant Prasad can do during his two years tenure is just to heal the small scratches and rashes but what about the deep wounds?
With India taking wrong policies then has made this country most unstable one and it is this permanent Nepali instability that will continue to haunt the Indian regime for long time to come unless some heavenly miracles approaches for its rescue.
The 12 point agreement has summarily failed because it was based on whims of some proven charlatans. The present political turmoil is a glaring proof of what went wrong with the Indian policies on Nepal charted by some hired perverted brains.  
Having said these, Sood ultimately managed Khanal’s ouster from the Prime Ministerial chair. The search for a new but submissive Nepal PM aspirant must have begun in some dark corners in Kathmandu and beyond.
Thus the 12 point agreement remains no longer in existence. It has already embraced a natural death that it had to. 

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