India has lost Nepal willingly but it is costly : The joint statement issued by India and the EU in Brussels in many more ways than one challenged the Nepali sovereignty and insults the Nepali population in a manner that is uncalled for.

Chinaís newly formulated matured strategy on Nepal and South Asia : China has lured or say better convinced Nepal in a positive manner and in doing so utmost care has been taken that neighboring India doesnít get irritated with the help and support that Beijing has offered or say promised Nepal. This speaks of Chinaís subtle diplomacy.

China must feel Nepali pains or else it would be too late : Professor Surendra KC says that the Indian diplomats in writing so express the Indian taste which is to keep Nepal in its fold for ever. Now letís wait for Chinese benevolence to be exhibited towards Nepal which is suffering the most.

Nepal looks for urgent Chinese help with an appeal : However, we also dare to appeal China to open its heart at time of our crisis that is already there, to which China understands better, and be of some support, a tangible one, and please the pained hearts of Nepali population that has been reeling under Indian coercion since decades and decades.

Nepal Telegraph Weekly is thirty three years now : For us this is the valuable moment because our effort was to touch the 33 years mark and we passed in our endeavor for which we must be congratulated but there is no one left in Nepal to extend congratulations to us for our stupendous accomplishments. Unfortunate as it is.

Nepal do not ignore China repeatedly or else face music : The fact is that the PM must not go to Delhi until Delhi apologizes its fault and makes friendly gestures towards Nepal for its entire fault which is not the making of Nepal and its population. But unfortunately he is going Delhi.

Nepal: Dragon is welcome but should realize our concerns : All that Nepal needs from China is honor and respect to our national integrity while getting generous support from Beijing and Beijing perhaps understands this Nepali desire for our continued sovereignty. Welcome Beijing to Nepal.

Nepal: Lord Pasupati will chase Indian PM Modiand team : If not then Lord Shiva will chase Modi and his team ad infinitum. Modi will have to face the wrath of Lord Pasupatinath. Behave Indian PM Modi or see what our Lord shall do for you and your dangerous team.

Eyes centered on Nepal Army now : How to deal in such a chaotic situation that he and his colleagues understand better than a common man like, for example, we the Nepali population. But national unity must remain intact. We all are all brothers and sisters. Thatís all.