Implementation of SAARC Social Charter: Need of immediate intervention : The concept of human security has come up basically as a counterpoint to the concept of "national security". It comes into widespread use internationally beginning 1994 when the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) built its Human Development Report.

Wars, Warriors, and Writers : Matt curses himself for the boy’s death but fails to judge the reality. Finally, he returns to war with his all time squad—Justin, Wolf, and Charlene, and sees potential threats, and fears that he is not able to pull the trigger at the crucial moment.

Nepal: National security dynamics discussed : Nepal definitely now needs a national security policy. When Mrs. Bidya Devi Bhandari was the defense minister, she is reported to have sketched some paragraphs for national security policy for the country, August 2010.

Nepal: Debased “Agrarian Transformation” : The book, in all fairness, seems to be the product of a proletarian conscience as it is dedicated to, to quote the editors, "Millions of rural people who nurture the nation but have remained themselves unattended and discriminated against."

NINETEEN DAYS THAT SHOOK NEPAL : Incidentally, it is interesting to note the ridiculous volte-face made by the Maoists to enter into the Jhala Nath Khanal- led government as evidenced by their taking oath of office at the very presence of the President himself whom they had denounced as unconstitutional

Nepal: Donors contaminating culture and religion in Madhesh : The donor agencies aren’t positive towards Madhesh since they are unable to influence the strong cultural, religious and linguistic background of Madhesh. We all Madhesi people should be united for our development creating the pressure to the donor agencies.

Nepal Budget 2010/2011 simplified : Finance Minister Mr. Surendra Pandey announced the fiscal budget 2010/11 at the hall of the National Planning Commission to the tune of Nrs. Rs 337.9 Billion through Presidential Ordinance.

Nepal: Tribute to Sir Edmund Hillary : With the establishment of the Himalayan Trust, he embarked on a new journey with a rare spirit of kindness and humility which was mingled up with heroism of exemplary human spirit.