Chinese wisdom may avert disaster in Korean Peninsula : “We will take revenge on North Korea for the deaths of our fellow soldiers, so that the North will bitterly regret over what they’ve done,”

Live Entertainment: Mar Peet in Nepal's Parliament, Finance Minister attacked : The Unified Maoists' Party mouthpiece Janadisha Daily November 20, 2010 writes, "The caretaker government's conspiracy to present the annual budget through deployment of marshals in the parliament has thus been foiled."

Nepal: Media blitzkrieg : Find out dear Indian friends! What went wrong with your policies? Introspection is highly needed.

Can India & China afford instability in Nepal? : One former Indian ambassador to Nepal replied talking to the BBC few months back that whenever India and China meet it is unthinkable they would not discuss Nepal situation.

Bundh Culture! : A day of Bundh, economists’ initial estimate suggests IRS 10,000-13,000 Crore of quantifiable loss to one of the world’s fastest growing economies.

Nepal: Let’s talk Football! : “There is clearly frustration among the local people, mostly youths of this country with the way the politics is being handled by their leaders”, he also said.

Nepal: What are the Options? : A top Maoists’ leader was recently asked by a senior journalist at a seminar to categorically state what positive contributions his party made to this country? The Maoists’ leader got nervous in the beginning but, later controlling his composure he began outlining those one by one.

The Dantewada-II & Nepal : "If this tragedy is not a wake-up call, then nothing can wake-up this country and this Parliament," Indian Interior minister P. Chidambaram said addressing the Lok Sabha after the ‘Datewada Massacre (the 4/6 Incident)’.

Making Nepal a Bhutan : Nevertheless, Mr. Karki in the course of the interaction not only urged the New Delhi regime to understand the public sentiment in Nepal but also advised Indian government to revise its stance vis-à-vis Maoists in Nepal.