About us
Dear Readers,
www.telegraphnepal.com was created/designed in February 2007 establishing The Telegraph Weekly as Nepal's No.1 Academic Newspaper.
The Telegraph Weekly since November 1997 was placed on the Internet News domain with the kind courtesy of NepalNewsdotcom.
Since then, readers all over the world were able to access to the independent and non-partisan news, indepth analyses, interviews on contemporary events, research articles contributed by Nepal's highly competent and widely acclaimed research scholars, Professors, and Readers.
The process thus continues even today.
As per the readers' increasing demands, we decided recently to cater to the growing needs of our august readers, within and without, to present this weekly in a much more influential and pragmatic way.
The venture is there. It all depends on how our valued readers respond to our modest venture.
Your Comments: editor(at)telegraphnepal.com