Indian barbarity at its worst in Nepal : India continues to enjoy smothering the daily lives of Nepal. The unwarranted economic blockade imposed by the southern neighbour some two weeks back has caused enormous difficulties herein the country.

Nepal: THE MISSING DYNAMICS OF PEACE PROCESS: : The peace process should have addressed the structural problems which bred the insurgency. Until 2007, Nepal’s peace process was viewed with great optimism as it unfolded quickly, moving fast from the 12-point understanding to CPA to CA election to the realization of a republic (Heiniger, 2009: 47-48).

Nepal: German MPs Stress on accountability of leaders : He promised to fight in the German parliament for the possible support for Nepal’s democratic, development and peace initiatives. Big parties should support the smaller parties after election and tell them how can we help you and how can we work together.

Nepal: Addressing Impunity : There is alarming situation of impunity in Nepal due to lack of fair investigation and prosecution against those involved in the crimes under international law. Impunity has hindered access of the general public to justice. Justice has been influenced by access, money and power.

Nepal-China Relations and CPC 18th Congress : The problem is basically internal but in the current regional and global context continued understanding, goodwill and support of a powerful and friendly neighbor like China will be crucial in the struggle of the Nepalese people to come out of their current internal problems and external challenges

Nepal views: Russia and the Multipolar World : Multi polarity of the world will certainly bring a justified balance between the countries, creating a healthy and conducive atmosphere. Moscow’s stance on multi-polar world is certainly the only solution to make the world a better place to live in.

Nepal lawyers interpret SC verdict on CA differently: Media : Look how the country’s lawyers, eminent ones albeit, have taken the Supreme Court fresh verdict, May 25, 2011, made as regards the tenure of the already decayed Constituent Assembly. No comments henceforth.

Nepal: New Refugees from India : The Nepalese leaders have started visiting Delhi again, not just for medical check-up, but a friendly visit as they’d like to describe, where Nepal’s political situation can be shared, and the possibilities can be explored and discussed.

Nepal: Khanal seducing President, asks to break silence : If United Marxist Leninist Chairman Jhal Nath Khanal is to be believed then the Presidential post in the Republic of Nepal is similar to an ‘Emergency Light’. What a lovely parallel? “President is like an Automatic Emergency Light. It will be switched on automatically,” said Jhal Nath Khanal.