Do not derail this Nepal government: Sujata Koirala : Sujata made the remark while her party leaders including president Sher Bahadur with the tacit support of India is plotting to derail the government.“Immediate change in government will only stall the development works initiated by the government”, she continued.

The WTO Membership: Likely Social Implications for Nepal : Nepal has been enjoying political independence since long, but the same may not be true about its economics. Sandwiched between two Asian giants, namely, India and the People’s Republic of China, with different socio economic and political environments.

Nepal China Relations Six Decades of Friendship, Partnership and Cooperation : “The idea of revitalizing the Silk Road to which the present Chinese leadership has attached considerable importance is more than sentimental attachment to the past; it reflects also the economic need of the present which is gradually emerging as the felt need of all countries in the region.”

Conundrum of Reconstruction Nepal : But it is more than heart-wrenching to note that the government is yet to undertake any reconstruction work. Otherwise, as many as770,000 homeless families would have been still struggling in temporary shelters.

Nepal: Buddhism, ethical economy and Development : The most important benefit Buddhism brings is happiness. In the modern world which has been threatened by terrorism, violence and material acquisition, the attainment of grosS national happiness is conducive to development.

Nepal China Sixty Years of Good Neighborliness : Traditionally, Nepal and China are bound by close ties of profound socio cultural and religious affinities since ancient times, which, in due course of history, were strengthened consecutively by important bilateral historical intercourses and events.

Nepal China Relations: Some Reflections : Chinese foreign policy towards Nepal is seen as based on the practice of Panchasheel, the five principles of peaceful coexistence, and Chinese diplomacy and aid prograrns conducted in such a way that they have earned real goodwill and respect of the Nepalese people.

Nepal: Trade of Small arms; Causing big Suffering : Dreadful global scene There are around half a billion small arms around the world and some 300,000 to half a million people around the world are killed by them each year. They are also the major cause of civilian casualties in modern conflicts.

A beginning for something better in Nepal; Pokhra Airport : When the PRIA embarks upon international flights, foreign tourists will no longer need to take detour from Kathmandu. Taking this fact into account, hotel entrepreneurs in Pokhara are making a huge investment in big hotels and other tourism- related infrastructures to accommodate the inflow of bigger number of tourists.