Nepal: Sparkling Republican Order !

N. P. Upadhyaya Nepali

Kathmandu: Nepal President has ill motive. This he can’t hide any longer.

He wants the country to reel under uncertainty as long he could stretch by extending time for the defunct parties to forge consensus. His extension of the time to the parties now has become a grand joke of 2013.  Republican Nepal shines!

In effect, as analysts now authentically presume, the President is buying time in order to receive “meaningful” instructions from “above” so that he could take over the charge of the nation. And in the process he is supportive of PM Bhattarai. Hand in glove?

The fact is that Dr. Ram Baran Yadav kept himself busy in India meeting “key” Indian machineries so that he could get their positive nod in pouncing upon the Nepali turbulent politics and emerge as the “benevolent dictator”. A ceremonial President thus exceeded his stipulated limits which tentatively demand his impeachment, if some state authority is still alive and kicking.  Media men are buried yet the state is repulsive instead what it should have been otherwise.

But that was not forthcoming during his most unwanted and humiliating India trip which he made along with his entire kids.

The family members must have returned thrilled. Mockery of republican order drama that Dr. Yadav presided over while being in Bharat.  

High placed sources claim that President Yadav prefers to take control of the nation in his own hands; however, the Indian authorities wish the continuation of PM Bhattarai as long as the latter dutifully accomplishes the tasks assigned to him as per the secret Maoists-India 2002 Treaty. Analysts mean it. It must have been so. Dr. Yadav thus has been kind enough to grant grace period for PM Bhattarai willingly. No secret now.

The duties definitely include merge or submerge of this nation-state into the Indian union so that the problems emanating from Nepal vanishes in the ethereal medium once and for all.

PM Bhattarai is duty-bound and has been doing all he can from his side.

Understandably, some marionettes of Bhattarai’s ilk scattered in different political paraphernalia too have been contributing PM Bhattarai’s efforts in annihilating this nation.

But such support is invisible though yet some penetrating eyes possess the knowledge as to which force and which parties were assisting PM Bhattarai  to achieve the goals as desired by the Indian establishment. The NOIDA master plan.

Thanks that Nepali Congress President Sushil Koirala has been declared as a rotten egg for his denial to accept that the New Delhi sponsored 12 point Treaty was a landmark agreement which paved the way for what is called Nepal’s peace process.

Analysts question when the process had not been in existence and not even initiated then how come the peace will prevail? No process, no peace.

The fact is that the 12 point Treaty made in Nai Dilli damaged the entire country including the chances of peace to prevail in this country through the domestic efforts. The fact is that the ‘domestic Nepali forces’ were  smashed as per the “grand design” that it has been proven.  

As if the situation in Nepal were not that worse as expected by the Indian authorities, here is Indian Ambassador Jayant Prasad who after a long hibernation has begun his clandestine activities to further add misery to the already troubled Nepal.

His fresh meet with flimsy and shaky UML leader Madhav Kumar Nepal does tell that Ambassador Prasad through the kind courtesy of Mr. Nepal would wish to forcefully dump the NC President Sushil Koirala’s prospect of becoming the next Nepal PM as the Indian regime remains confident that Sushil, as and when elevated to the ranks of Nepal PM, may create problems for the Indian regime.

The Indian Union tentatively believes that President Koirala is close to Pakistan’s ISI and that is why Koirala abhorrently rejects that the 12 point was a boon for Nepal. It was instead a bane. Let’s admit this fact.

However, when the Indian establishment thinks that those who oppose the 12 point Nepal-India Treaty-2005 as the agents of ISI then by extension it should automatically mean that those who blindly supported the India manufactured 12 point agreement were the agents of the Indian RAW machinery. The logic sounds plausible.

This does mean that Madhav Nepal henceforth would act as per the fresh instructions that he has received from the Indian Prasad to Nepal. This further means that PM Bhattarai will remain in power as long as the Indian regime prefers him in Nepal’s coveted Chair.

Beijing which makes tall claims every now and then that she will come to the rescue of Nepal as and when the latter’s sovereignty is in danger, perhaps is content with the increasing Indian clout in Nepal.

A friend not in need can’t be taken as a friend indeed. Sluggish Chinese diplomacy.

China has willingly accepted its defeat in Nepal.  

Though the Opposition very enthusiastically claims that they will face the government led by PM Bhattarai in the streets. However, this is yet to be understood as to which country on earth will fund their protest programs. No money no protest. That’s it in Nepal.

By this time the former Indo-pendent leaders must have come to their senses as to how much difficult is to sack a political man who enjoys unconditional backing from across the border that Dr. Bhattarai fortunately has over his head. Lucky Gorkhali national. A rare gesture awarded to any Nepal PM ever. The NC must have fallen flat for some logical reasons.

Yet the laymen hope that upon the return of Nepal Army Chief, Gaurav S. Rana Nepali politics may take a new turn as Nepal President is longing for his support to take stringent actions against the incumbent Prime Minister.

If Rana gets this positive nod from New Delhi then for sure Dr. Yadav will pounce upon PM Bhattarai or his prime job left with him will be to seek blessings from the Nepali population. Now Rana’s nationalist credentials remains to be tested. (CoAS Rana is back already).

Though the population back home understands that it would be not theirs but the Indian blessings will be counted in Nepal as a matter of rule since over six decades or so. Thus Dr. Yadav can’t befool the citizens of his own country. They now understand who was what and swinging like a pendulum on whose dictates.

Thus politics will remain stagnant for some more days to come. Have mercy on mother Nepal dear defunct leaders. 

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