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N. P. Upadhyaya Nepali

Kathmandu: Frankly speaking, the future course of South Asian politics took a different dimension when the Indian Naxals met at a KAROL BAGH Hotel in April, 2012. Analysts hope that this meet will shake the entire South Asian countries sooner than later.

As mentioned in our previous issues, Nepali Maoists, the radical ones, also reportedly took part in this meet and analysts presume that the Maoists operating in other countries of South Asia must have participated in the said Delhi Hotel meet.

Needless to say, the RIM or say the Revolutionary Communist party of America led by Chairman Bob Avakian must have vowed their unequivocal support to any such steps taken by this meet which went in the favour of the teeming millions living in this part of the world reeling under the yoke of, what they may have resolved, the Imperialists and the declared expansionist. Chairman Dahal hates Avakian and the American Communist party for some understandable reasons.

Of late Avakian too is being grilled by his own comrade for the presentation of his new theory on “synthesis”.

The Karol Bagh meet is sure to go against Dahal-Bhattarai signed treaty with India in June, 2002 and obviously the 12 point imposed Treaty, 2005.

Thus the fresh split of the Mohan Baidya panel from the mother party must have been a well designed and a pre planned affair. Look at the timing of the Hotel meet and the split in Nepal.

The Nepal Maoists cut is more than meets the eye. It should be like that.

What is more than bamboozling is that the Nepal President was quick enough to recognise this party, read Mohan Baidya’s, by inviting the entire top hats of the freshly split party for a lavish luncheon. Mind it that the Party has yet not been registered at the Nepal Election Commission yet the luncheon. But why? Has Pranav Mukherjee made yet another call to our most Honourable President?

Honourable Dr. Yadav must have done so, as he does quite often as he did on May 3, 2009, under, hopefully, the influence of some alien quarters so that Mohan Baidya too meets with the same fate ultimately as Dahal-Bhattarai duos have had in the recent past. NOIDA safe landing? One more possible Indian tool in the end. ( Read the editorial also-telephonic coercion exposed).

By extension, the NOIDA veterans must have already entered into the Mohan Baidya scheme of things which will definitely take a new height upon Mohan Baidya’s return from Beijing. Baidya by the way is currently in Mao’s land and reportedly has met with high ranking Chinese Communist party officials. Many infiltrators will be forced to enter into this party in order to make the new political entity weak. Intelligence agents may have been under “selection”.

The likelihood remains and this is what the matured analysts opine.

A puzzled Beijing is definitely in the search of a true and reliable friend in Nepal, however, though the search continues yet the job has not been accomplished. The reasons are simple and obvious which Beijing understands better but pretends.

Perhaps in the process of searching a trusted friend who could understand China’s inner pains in Nepal, Mohan Baidya is in Beijing now apparently which means that in the eyes of the Beijing authorities, Mohan Baidya and his team were comparatively a “nationalist force” in Nepal upon whom she can rely upon at least for some time until the new party gets swelled by infiltrators from the known corners.

At yet another plane, the country’s politics appears to have been awaiting a miraculous turn.

Leaving the entire country in a puzzle, the sidelined King Gyanendra left for a European Tour, (France UK and Germany). Must have been a well calculated diplomatic overture.

One must admit that his July 8, 2012, TV interview has bewildered many a brains in Nepal, including those Nepali leaders who have constructed a syndicate and ruling the nation with the awarded 12 point roadmap. The second episode of this interview is already in the pipeline.

But why all of a sudden the former Nepal Monarch left for Europe? Has he some lobbies in that part of the world which has a grand say in today’s Nepali politics? Is he expecting a definite role from the Europeans and with this objective has embarked for seeking their meaningful intervention for the restoration of what Nepal lost over these 12 point years? If it is so then which force on earth is speaking on his behalf?

Unconfirmed reports, but yet hopefully close to the fact, have it that Nepal’s former Monarch is scheduled to meet some high ranking French government authorities wherein he is supposed to speak his inner feelings giving adequate space to the current political instability arising out of the calculated death of the Constituent Assembly body.

Surprising as it may appear but yet the fact is that, as the strong rumours reveal, Nepal’s former Monarch will receive the kind cooperation of Rakesh Sood, the former Indian Ambassador to Nepal who is now occupying the same post in France. 

This equation sounds though funny in itself and many people will prefer to reject it out rightly, however, analysts here would wish to remind our readers that Rakesh Sood, the then Indian Ambassador to Nepal had approached ex-Nepal King in a secret manner, 9 December, 2009, and had sought the King’s support in lessening the Chinese increasing influence in Nepal.

To go more deep into the story, the fact is that Chinese Foreign Minister, Yang Jiechi, had told a Nepali gathering, December 3, 2009, right inside the Chinese embassy hall in Kathmandu that “Any threat to Nepal from any corner will be not tolerated by China”.

Apparently, Ambassador Sood was instructed by his Delhi maters to be in contact with King Gyanendra and seek his personal clout in lessening the swelling Chinese influence in Nepal. The meet took place in Hotel Soaltee and lasted for almost two hours. Both had preferred the sun set time.

However, the sidelined king said to Ambassador Sood, (sic), “Don’t drag me into politics...You know I am not in a position to influence the Nepali politics as it stands today”.

Thus the two and a half hours long meet at the Soaltee Hotel ended inconclusive yet the relations remained.

Apart from Ambassador Sood, Nepal’s former Monarch may solicit the support of late Francois Mitterrand lobby which loves Nepal and Nepali Monarchy and is perhaps supporting Himani Trust.

Late Francois Mitterrand, the President of France, and late King Birendra have had very close relations. The Nepali Diaspora’s living in France help will be an added advantage for the sidelined King, if at all they wish to support him.  They will for sure.

With the Chinese clout in world politics definitely increasing, India may have felt comfortable in approaching once again to King Gyanendra through its envoy in Paris and through him to convince the French authorities on his importance in keeping Nepal a politically stable country.

By the way, Chairman Jhal Nath Khanal too has already left for Europe. Interesting trips.High placed sources claim that Mr. Khanal will definitely meet the former Nepal King in one of the European nations. (Here is a flash: Khanal has cancelled the trip, say media reports, dated July 20, 2012): Ed.

Mind it that the former Monarch has while talking to the TV interview, July 8, 2012, had hinted that “Nepal must also have a close look at its geographical location” which perhaps went ignored by the most intelligent analysts of Kathmandu.

When he talks of “Geography”, he is definitely talking of his desire and confidence that only his presence in Nepali politics can save India and China from going to a fresh War.

The Indian authorities apparently were quick enough to understand his message as regards to the use of the word GEOGRAPHY.

The Chinese apparently during Mr. Ai Ping trip to Nepal have provided their positive nod to Nepal’s former Monarch. Rest, expectedly, Mohan Baidya will convince about the raison d’être of the institution of Nepali monarchy for thr stability of the South Asian region.  

The sidelined King believes that if he gets a positive nod from Paris then London and Bonn will follow suit that may favour him.

Well this could just be a mere sensing of the pulse beat of the nations of the European Countries. The Europeans will take some time to believe his version of Nepali politics.

The fact is that it will be and should be the people of Nepal who will chart his fate. The sidelined King must not forget this fact, (Read already posted five questions with analyst Keshav Bhattarai).

Thus the Karol Bagh Hotel meet and the fresh trip of Mohan Baidya to Beijing and the visit of former Nepal King to Europe must have some links. If anyone interested and pretty intelligent then he or she can arrive at a definite conclusion establishing the links as mentioned above.  

But will Beijing feel comfortable if the Nepali monarch, former one, establishes a friendly link with the European nation? 

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