Nepal: Beijing loss is Delhi's gain

N. P. Upadhyaya

Kathmandu: The namesake democratic parties, the Nepali congress and the UML, have manufactured a new trick in order to press hard the Maoists, however, the intrinsic meaning of such a ploy is to delay the peace and constitution drafting processes.

Befooling the nation. Gudgaon trickery.

First “finalise the integration fundamentals only then the constitution drafting process shall continue”, so says Madhav Nepal, one of the senior UML leaders who had gone up to Lucknow in search of the then Maoists rebels for negotiations which eventually finalised the 12 point New Delhi agreement, November 22, 2005, and the country’s traumatic days began in earnest. The chaos continues. Analysts hope that with these close to dust-bin leaders, Nepali woes will double in the days ahead.

Yet another Nepali Congress outmoded and obsolete leader, Ram Chanadra Poudel too subscribes to the views recently aired by Mr. Nepal, a signatory to the 12 point agreement, who says “without the conclusion of the peace process, the constitution can’t and shouldn’t be drafted at all”.

To recall, Madhav Nepal strongly pounced upon China by being in New Delhi then.

According to Poudel, the one who bags the rare distinction of seventeen defeats in series while contesting for the Nepal PM post, the Maoists were buying time in order to impose their “authoritarian rule” a la NK regime.

The frail Nepali Congress President, Sushil Koirala, speaks double. While he has all the praise for Chairman Prachanda, on the one hand, then on the other, he makes scathing comments against the Maoists and says the former rebels’ intent were very perilous for the present day democratic order.

The Maoists remain undeterred.

As if the complication in politics were not enough, one more coiled snag has cropped up which is being the National Army’s fresh statement which says in part that the institution has never told or assured the parties that it would allow senior ranks to the Maoists militias while undergoing integration.

The Maoists have fallen flat but yet begun demanding that the party will not settle for less than senior posts at time of the integration, if it at all takes place given the new but yet sad development.

The Army’s sudden rigid stance has come close on the heels of the Army Chief Chatra Man Singh Gurung’s brief talks with the Nepal President last week who is learnt to have alerted the CoAS that the institution must not compromise its professionalism.

Or else, the Maoists were excessively happy with the Army’s “flexibility” exhibited towards the Maoists, however, the “meet” of the President and the CoAS brought down their excitement to a level that was not even in their imagination.

It is altogether a different matter as to whether President alerted the national Army on his own or did it under alien instructions? Keep on guessing.

“Some parties in collaboration with foreign powers were distancing the Army with the Maoists”, so said Chairman Dahal recently hinting that his party’s relations with the national army were being deliberately spoiled. He sees foreign conspiracies in action as is his habit.  

The Army has already made its stance clear. No going back now.

This political mishmash is sure to push the peace and the constitution drafting processes back which is what the entire blood sucking parties prefer. Money matters for all. People’s past experience that it is. Exasperating politics. Nepali tunnel is dark.

While the confusion remains intact, Chairman Dahal has pushed his fresh card in order to seduce the Nepali Congress.

Just the other day, Chairman Dahal had a brief chit chat with the UML leader, Madhav Kumar Nepal, and sought his support in forming a national government under NC’s command. Is Dahal a kind hearted soul?

This does mean that the Maoists wish to delay the peace and constitution drafting processes by diverting the attention of the major parties with the talks of the formation of a new national government. ( Notaably, Ambassador Jayant Prasad beamingly told just the other day that the constitution would be drafted on time. He made this enlightening statement upon his arrival from Delhi. Sounds logical. But how he could know about the writing of Nepali Charter being in New Delhi? Whether it is a matter of making or breaking, New Delhi has advanced knowledge).

NC has abundant reasons to rejoice because Dahal is talking in their party’s favour.  The fact is just the otherwise. Dahal is not talking in favour of the NC instead trying to bring in a grand fracture among the party’s rank and file when the party will have to decide the very good name of the party’s fresh candidate for next Nepal Prime Minister.

The Maoists prefer to benefit from such a altercation inside the NC that is bound to happen if the NC is told to lead the next government as suggested by Dahal and subscribed by the entire UML bits and pieces.

Now the question is that how come these fresh developments cropped up which have in many more ways than one dampened the prospects of the safe landing of the peace process and constitution writing? Have NOIDA corners some additional plans for Nepal?

The question is also whether Prime Minister Bhattarai will quit the chair as per Prachanda’s preference?

For instance, if Bhattarai quits voluntarily or under pressure, the formation of a new government will perhaps consume some time from the sum total of the remaining three months of the expiry of the CA tenure?

Bhattarai’s advisor though has said that PM will not resign.

Or is it that New Delhi prefers the CA to expire and bring about a regime change under this or that flimsy pretext? This may have some meaning.

It should be in this light the meet of the former Nepal former sovereign and India’s paramount Italian ruler, Madame Sonia Gandhi, taken.

Reports have it that Nepal’s former Monarch has returned Kathmandu with loaded assurances and has been told that he would be awarded justice this time around. The staunch royalists are in a beaming mood these days.

India’s moderate faction of the RAW presumably favours the revival of Nepali monarchy giving a new lease of life to the 1990 dead constitution.

Rest the Indian administration knows on how to twist the Nepali affairs. High level sources opine that Chinese Premier Wen and Indian PM Dr. Singh both have consented that for Nepal’s political stability both China and India must do some substantial home works. Both apparently have realised that a destabilised Nepal will not be in their overall security interests. This collective gesture too is loaded with meaning.

How China and India will proceed in this regard will have to be watched. By the way Chinese Ambassador Yang Houlan is busy these days in throwing lavish dinner to his “yes men” to which they were not.

While the dinner in series continues, the US in the mean time, has stepped up its pressure on Nepal government in relaxing the laws and regulations for Tibetan refugees’ exit from Nepal. Analysts wish to forward this piece of news for their perusal and arrive at a conclusion themselves. The text follows: “The letters dated December 9, 2011 were addressed to the President and Prime Minister of Nepal, and were written by Representatives James McGovern (D-MA) and Frank Wolf (R-VA), co-chairs of the Tom Lantos Human Rights Commission, and Representative Joe Pitts (R-PA), a member of its Executive Committee.
The letters posted on the Commission’s website last week had prominently asked for the rights of Tibetan refugees in Nepal to be protected, and urged the Nepalese government that it assent to resettling Tibetan refugees in the United States.
“We write to express our deep concern over Nepal’s lack of a comprehensive law, delays in the transit of Tibetan refugees through Nepal, and the failure to work with the US government to implement a programme that would allow the resettlement of Tibetan refugees in the United States,” the Representatives wrote. ( Phayul February 21, 2012).

 “We urge your government to grant exit visas to Tibetan refugees to enable them to resettle in other countries.”

Text ends:

Meaningless dinner. Fading Chinese diplomacy is becoming more and more visible. India is benefitting. Beijing loss is Delhi’s gains. Ambassador Jayant must have been smiling. No dinner but yet his jobs are done.  

Houlan’s longer tenure in Nepal bodes ill for Beijing for several reasons. Beijing must understand.

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I agree


  • Posted on - 2012-04-20    by     Spoky
  • Shikhar P Acharya, Maoists were the ones who did not realize the only way they could come to power was if they opted for coeetilns. They finally realized that and gave up their so called b4peopleb4s warb4 and coming to main stream actually worked out in their favor.Now, you talk about civilian supremacy what kind of civilian supremacy does it exits in a communist dicatorship? Like the one in Cuba, or in North Korea, or in China?A true civilian supremacy is there where people can criticize their givernment without any fear, where the government listens to its citizen, and people are free choose their representives without any intimidation.Did I forget to tell you, your favorite Maoists still own their own militia, and yeah true, and rightly so, they are still in US governmentb4s terrorist list.This is a very complicated time (Goverment owns a separate Army )and any decision givernment takes has serious consequences, and therefore they must be careful about what they decide.Now, did I forget to tell you that their true intention is not civilian supremacy, but rather, they wanna control all state instituition including Army. Should not we be suspicious when they publicly say their ultimate goal is to establish a single party communist state?Well, I know , you will either brand me Mandale, or Pratigamanbadi but I am just a concerned citizen without any party affliation who truly believes in civilian supremacy and rule of law!