Nepal: Obscure consensus

N. P. Upadhyaya

Kathmandu: The Nepal Maoists provide an inkling that they just want to behave as is demanded in the democratic society but yet some cynics take the fresh Maoists overtures as a ploy of the former rebels to keep their detractors unfocused from the main issue of the completion of the peace process and the constitution draft, which according to Nepali Congress leader Khum Bahadur Khadka, is to capture the state ultimately.

However, what is in the Maoist party's inner mind no body knows to the extent that the party's insiders even have failed to understand the real intent and the motives of their own party's top hats?
Though, for the outsiders, the Maoist party appears to have been clearly divided into two distinct lobbies, the first is talked to have been led by Prachanda with his meager followers then the second one is being run by the joint efforts of Baidya and Bhattarai, yet some sharp brains claim that the crevasse observed inside the Maoist camp is nothing more than a gambit to keep the party's critics in sheer hallucination.
The same sources opine that Prachanda, Baidya and Bhattarai adhere to the same line of State capture objective though at times they collectively dramatize the whole affair to give an impression that they were a fractured lot.
Politics is more than meets the eye, say observers.
"It is not that what they have given us to understand of late", thus takes an intelligent analyst while talking to this paper over telephone.
He further adds, "Neither there exist different lobbies as is being talked nor do they differ in their chartered ideologies".
The whole affair is to keep rest of the parties to think that the Maoists have now changed with the fresh five point agreement, adds the same source.
Long association effect.
But yet the Maoists have changed a bit. The party, as per the agreement, has begun abandoning the prevailing dual security system. To the extent that those Maoists militias who had been on duty at Chairman Dahal's house have been already sent to Chitwan cantonment which raises the hope that other militias providing securities to their top hats too will soon pack.
Positive overtures have been observed.
Highly informed sources claim that the Maoists have devised a new stratagem on how to keep the Indian regime in good humor but keeping intact their tirade being made against India which is in a disturbed state now.
Two pronged policy thus appears to go in parallel.
It appears that Chairman Dahal will continue, as per the new scheme, to pounce upon India but the new lobby comprising of Bhattarai and Baidya will take a soft corner as regards the Indian establishment and thus no wonder that Dr. Babu Ram Bhattarai is being taken as a consensus candidate for the next Nepal Prime Minister post whose elevation to this coveted post if at all that takes a formal shape, will not only soothe India but will also provide some succor to the so called liberal parties who generally toe the Indian instructions in their political conducts. It has now become a tradition, unfortunately.
Needless to say, Bhattarai, the JNU graduate, is a Maoist leader who believes in the theory that a "grand intimacy" with the Indian organization was a must if Nepal were to enjoy political stability and there by achieve development goals, if any.
This on the contrary means that unless Nepal submitted to the Indian dictates of the friend in the South, Nepal will ever remain in a brittle state.
India will be more than pleased if Nepal remained in a damaged state for all time to come. This no longer remains a secret.
The presence of a contingent of RAW officials in Kathmandu recently does speak volumes. (See apologetic India dated June 1, 2011).
Bhattarai's line of thinking is thus treacherous to a greater extent though his intentions may not be that bad.
But the question is that how come Mohan Baidya, taken as a hardliner in the Maoists camp who quite often ventilates his acerbic feeling against India, is tooth and nail supporting Bhattarai-the opposing camp-and wants to elevate the adherent of a declared Indo-pendent man to the Nepal's Prime Ministerial post?
This is a puzzle and the puzzle could at best be, if simplified, a structured and calculated ploy to take all for a ride for quite some time including the Indian authorities who are now being controlled by the Italian queen-Mrs. Sonia Gandhi who is also the Chairwomen of the ruling Indian Congress?
The second puzzle is whether Prachanda-an all time ambitious Maoists leader, will allow his arch rival to get elevated?
The name of Ram Bahadur Thapa Badal for the post of Nepal PM too has been floated. Could have been Prachanda's preference over Dr. Bhattarai?
Currently though India is in a disorder and any thing untoward could happen there if Baba Ram Dev's supporters come to the streets across the country. The probability remains as some influential parties, for example, the Bharatiya Janta Party for one, have sided with Baba's campaign against corruption.
Nepali followers of Ram Dev too have become restive and they also demand a similar campaign to be initiated in Nepal.
Heart beats may have gone up in Nepal for some. What remains is just to add fuel to the fire.
Definitely India, the South Asian trouble maker, itself has landed in trouble. Justice has been done by the Almighty.
Back home, mere seventy eight days remain at hand for the preliminary constitution draft to come to the public, as has been promised by the "dust bin" Nepal leaders, prior to the expiry of the defunct CA body. The body itself has lost its charm in the eyes of the laymen who think that this was nothing but a house full of corrupts.
Nepal Prime Minister Khanal diagonally claims that he was least interested in resigning from his current post though he opines that he will quit the day a complete structure of a national government in consensus come to his table.
Character of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.
Intra and inter party wrangling have begun to surface to bag the PM post. Himalayan efforts are being made by each and every party to forward their claims for the post of new Nepal Prime Minister. Reports have it that horse trading too has begun.
Talks are centered on how to occupy the post of the Prime Minister. The issue of peace process and of the constitution draft has already taken a back seat though the leaders just talk otherwise. Notwithstanding, some efforts have been made which gives an intuition that the peace process was moving in a positive direction, however, suspicions are also there that the entire process may come to a grinding halt should the parties' accord top priority to the formation of a new government.
Consensus appears elusive as of now. PM post matters much more than peace process and constitution draft.
The word consensus has in itself become a national burden.
The key Nepali leaders prefer to make luxurious trips abroad.
Those who invite them were the real conspirators. Nepal's foreign friends perhaps want the mess to continue ad infinitum or else why they invite the leaders who were supposed to be in Kathmandu for drafting the constitution.
Be it known to all and sundry. 

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