Nepal Politics: U Turn

N. P. Upadhyaya

Kathmandu: Sluggish politics continues to be in the same state. Nothing so far has changed for the better save Nepal Prime Minister has inducted some ministers from the Maoist camp into his cabinet.

The cabinet is still empty.

The fracas to pocket key ministries between the RED federation partners remains intact.

The Indo-pendent lobby inside the United Marxists-Leninists, UML has made it a point to create problems for this coalition so that the government crumbles and a new set up of the Indian preference or liking could be imposed.

The process is in progress but the speed is slow.

Politics is getting more and more knotty and compounded as well in that some eighty days (not even that) were left for the current Constituent Assembly body to draft the constitution.

To recall, one year extension to the CA body has already been made which too is soon come to an end come May 28, 2011.

More strenuous dark corner efforts, as could be observed, are being made by the coalition partners on government formation and robbing of key ministries, as stated earlier, than what they, including the rest of the parties having representation in the CA body, have accorded to the national agenda of drafting the new constitution for the country.

The NC is a lost case now for a variety of reasons. Its grip in Nepali politics is loosening each day.

While the entire CA body remains distanced from the main task, trips abroad have become the new hallmark of Nepal's CA members who have been leaving Nepal in numbers caring little as to what will happen to them if they fail to draft the constitution even on the extended tenure?

Slaps await them for sure as and when they approach their respective districts. As would be evident, some energetic youths in Nepal's eastern districts have already banned the entry of the CA members stating that they will not be allowed to enter into the area and if they use force then the youths may retaliate with more force.

This perhaps speaks the very inner minds of the effervescent Nepali youths who will apparently not settle for less this time around than creating ugly scenes immediately after the CA tenure expired.

The days ahead for the "august" CA members are not that much encouraging.

Be careful.

While no body talks of the Constitution drafting, a special bench of Nepal's apex court has in a very puzzling manner provided its verdict which now allows the CA body to extend its tenure ad infinitum.

This is ridiculous and unacceptable.

The verdict, as was expected, has already invited controversies and become a matter of intense criticism for the majority of the informed citizenry conclude that the honorable court has, by implication, suggested the CA body not to draft the constitution on time.

Frustrating verdict indeed.

A jocular decision that it is by all means, claim widely celebrated academics.

Yet the country's politics is expected to take a new turn in a little while presumably.

Nepal's veteran conspiratorial political personality, though his clout has taken a nose dive in the current scheme of this prevailing here, has suddenly been invited by the movers and shakers of Nepali politics to Delhi.

Surya Bahadur Thapa is already in New Delhi and has by this time met with all those Indian leaders who twist Nepali politics and arms for extracting political benefits.

They all count in Nepali politics because, analysts opine, the Nepalese leaders have provided them with the authority to pounce upon Nepal as and when they wish to do so.

Rare gesture indeed.

Thapa though a staunch royalist yet his political clout in New Delhi remains rock solid since the days of Prime Minister Indira Gandhi.

Notably, Thapa has landed in New Delhi immediately after he met the now sidelined King at a family reception organized by the former Royalties in Kathmandu.

Thapa, analysts presume, may have spoken his inner minds to the New Delhi establishment in his own preferred style.

Thapa in all likelihood first may have primarily sought New Delhi's tacit support for the formation of a broader Democratic alliance in Nepal.

The reasons are noticeable and rational as well. He could have said so observing the increasing Left stamina and swelling strength of the REDS in Nepali politics more so after the "unexpected and sudden" formation of Khanal-Dahal coalition.

Thapa though has been talking of this alliance since long but he now thinks that the existence of such an alliance has become urgent and necessary.

New Delhi for some understandable reasons may have assured and reassured Thapa that his Delhi mentors will go by what he would advise.

At yet another plane, Thapa may have told his Delhi friends that after the fall of monarchy in Nepal, things have gone against the Indian establishment and that it had already been replaced by the Beijing command.

Thapa is correct if he would have said so because the increasing anti-Indian sentiment has been very candidly cashed in upon by the Chinese establishment by default though.

China too has some logical interests in Nepal. Not unusual.

Clearly, India's loss in Nepal is China's gain.

Thapa, a political man who ever remained closer to the Indian establishment with total devotion must have alarmed his Indian friends by telling them collectively that China's infiltration in Nepali politics will increase more if this coalition survived for long.

The Delhi pundits must have got Thapa's point and presumably will act accordingly sooner than later.

The Indian leader Mulayan Singh recently declared that China and Pakistan were soon to invade India and Nepal.

Classic case of fanaticism. 

In all likelihood, Thapa must have portrayed China as a villain in Nepali politics. His honesty towards his GURUS must be admired.

But he must have done it "modestly" as he is also being revered by the Chinese regime.

At yet another different plane, Kathmandu analysts remain puzzled listening to what new Nepal Prime Minister said just the other day as regards the constitution.

He said, "We will be able to draft the constitution on time…rest assured…the peace process will also be completed on time".

His commanding voice is dangerous.

With not even eighty days left for the draft of the constitution and more than eighty percent of the Charter draft key issues remaining intact, Khanal's claim bodes ill for the nation. The whole intent is frightening one.

How can he draft the constitution on time?

Well, Constitutional expert, Harihar Dahal has some interesting answers for Khanal's claim.

Says Dahal-the constitutional expert that Nepal is a land of miracles and that some miracles were in the pipeline.

According to this constitutional expert, the miracle could happen because some clauses in the Interim constitution allow the CA body to promulgate a new charter by proving two thirds majority at the CA body and that UML and the Maoists combined, the two thirds majority could be easily exhibited at the House and thus a constitution of the liking of the coalition REDS could be easily promulgated.

Harihar Dahal's statement that some miracles could happen in the meantime and PM Khanal's bold lecture that the constitution could be drafted on time could have some valid points and thus could be linked.

Does this mean that the miracle will come Harihar Dahal's way?

In all, politics appears to invite hazardous consequences if not handled with care.

How Thapa's Delhi trip works too will have to be watched.

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I agree


  • Posted on - 2011-04-21    by     Madhesi Nepali
  • That's why I have been telling that rather than cursing India, Nepalese should get rid of their idiot leaders whether pro India or Pro china. Only then there will be no interefrenec. In place of blaming others it will be better to set the house in order.
  • Posted on - 2011-03-15    by     N. P Upadhayaya Ji's Fan from NYC
  • Some seriously valid points being analyzed here in this article. Firstly Upadhayaya Ji's observation of NC becoming senile is very apt in the present context. No wonder Kishun Ji cut off what so ever ties he had with this impotent party long before. Another point regarding these useless foreign trips by the CA scum bags including our Honorable President who is always eager to ride even a "high breed Arabic mule". This got to be stopped or else we need to mass mobilize "Regmis" to combat these parasites. About the Indian-Royal Dog Thapa, I don't want to spend my precious time talking about this "lap dog" anymore. I have no good words for this bastard who is always eager to let his masters rape our Motherland. CA body having power to extend its tenure ad infinitum is a dangerous game played out with the Nepalese people. This means no constitution what so ever. If this is the case, then we need to forget the "Regmi" regimen and opt for some serious hardcore stuffs to be unleashed upon those 601, lowest of the lowest grade Nepalese species. Pashupatinath lay hamro matribhumi Nepal ko rakshya garun. Jai Bholey Shankar.