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Kathmandu: She came. She saw and she conquered.

She had this mission in effect.

Kathmandu's entire ruling political circuit queued up to see this special Indian Goddess at a glance and the latter one by one provided sermons during the blessing moment which the Nepali leaders in a subservient manner, as they have proven for themselves, promised to abide by her dictates remain faithful to her “meaningful” Vedvani.

Beginning first with Nepal President  Dr. Ram Baran Yadav down to Nepal Army Chief, Mr. Chattra Man Singh Gurung and at the last minute with Dr. Bhattarai, all Nepal's august and honored leaders listened to her carefully but what these attending political leaders told her has not yet been made public which is not at all an unexpected phenomenon. Must have been a one sided affair. Obedient students! Tentatively a protectorate albeit willingly!

She was the Indian Foreign Secretary Mrs. Nirupama Rao-the lady now presumed to have been told to rule Nepal ruthlessly. It is albeit a different matter that this Lady was told to leave Colombo within forty eight hours but was saved by the intervention of Proxy prime Minister Dr. man Mohan Singh.

She was found encouraging the LTTE men in Si Lanka, it was reported by Sri Lankan newspapers. 

She was in a three day long “destabilize Nepal” mission to strike at the already feeble foundations of Nepal, January 18-21, 2011, which she accomplished with proper diplomatic elegance. The brilliance and the required acumen of the Indian diplomacy lay here to which the neighbors take with a strong distaste save Bhutan.

Bhutanese compulsions can be understood.

Nepal's foreign secretary apparently was not located in even a single scene. What a cruel joke! Poor Dr. Madan Kumar Bhattarai.

That her arrival was not with a good purpose became obvious when she in an exclusive manner invited Nepal's Madhesh leaders for a lunch at a five star hotel, which, understandably, was a deliberate move to divide a set of the Nepalese with the other. Achtung! Uwaga!

Dangerous symptoms.

This was a treacherous job which went largely unnoticed or willingly ignored by the otherwise intelligent "money spinning" Nepali media.

More fear-provoking was her secret talks with the Nepal Army Chief.

After all what a foreign secretary of a friendly country (One doubts India is?) has to talk with the Army Chief of a neighboring country? Protocols differ.

But she did talk whose minutiae have calculatingly been kept a guarded secret. This is even scarier.

Yet some gifted brains have found that she assured the Nepal Army Chief that the "kept on hold" military components and equipments will soon be regularized upon the completion of Nepal President's India visit which has already begun.

Dr. Yadav’s meaningless India trip has already commenced.

What is motivating is that India is to release the restrictions of supply of weapons to Nepal only when she knew that the Maoists militants will be kept under the Government controlled Special Committee.

Field is free for India now.

The Maoists militias in some way or the other have already come under the jurisdiction of the Special Committee, Saturday, January 22, 2011.

Why then such a decision? Is it to pounce upon the Maoists militias as and when they go against the Government's control or deny abiding by the Special Committee decisions?

The Maoist leader, C. P. Gajurel, has already told that the Indian assurance of the resumption of the supply of weapons to Nepal would mean that the peace agreement stood broken which in some way or the other was also ventilated by Barsa man Pun Ananta-the military leader of the Maoist party. 

Interestingly, all those Maoist leaders who cried foul against India were seen beaming at the handing over of their militias to the government, Saturday January 22, 2011, at a Chitwan ceremony.

Ambassador Sood created some interesting scenes at the ceremony in Chitwan, analysts have been told.

But on the contrary, Nand Kishor Pun Pasang has said that the Chain of Command of the Maoists militias will still be under the control of the Maoists military structure.

This too must have some meaning underneath.

At yet another plane, Mrs. Rao visit appears to have been mainly focused on how to take Prachanda for a ride.

A Prachanda who had very freshly made his party to decide that India was their principal enemy took a U turn while meeting Mrs. Rao wherein he told point blank the Indian Secretary that "neither me nor my party were anti-Indian and that India can't be their principal enemy". Definitely, Prachanda told a white lie betraying his own party's fresh decision and in the process may have also cheated his own trusted allies in the party such as Comrade Mohan Baidya among others.

After all how can Prachanda forget the good old days spent in NOIDA, New Delhi?

In saying so to Mrs. Rao, analysts presume that Prachanda must have trembled with fear but may have expected to remain in the good book of India.

No free lunch in Indian diplomacy, Prachanda understands this better from his good old days in NOIDA shelter.

Was his volte face a well calculated ploy to seduce the Indian establishment? Did Prachanda present himself in front of Mrs. Rao to plead that he be made the next Nepal Prime Minister?

Insiders of his party say that Prachanda can go to any extent for power as his greed for power has neither the beginning nor the end.

Sky could be the limit of his ambitions.

Question could also be asked as to whether Mrs. Rao took Prachanda's verbal assurances at its face value?

At best, Mrs. Rao must have tried to blunt Prachanda but may not have assured him of the coveted Nepal PM post as she has her own partiality for someone other than Prachanda from the Maoists party itself.

Dr. Babu Ram Bhattarai is hundred percent India's preferred man. Sponsored media surveys too have elevated the ranks of Dr. Bhattarai as compared to Prachanda to the extent that Dr. Bhattarai now stands tall inside his party though he is being cornered by a small coterie close to Prachanda. Bhattarai's inner party strength is also on the rise thanks the Indian backing though in a secret manner.  

But when India has the backing then Dr. Bhattarai has no "competitor" as such which Dr. Bhattarai knows from his vast experiences that he has obtained while being closer to the authorities in New Delhi during his overly stretched stay in NOIDA during the so called People's War-a war which devastated his own motherland. The scars on the face of mother Nepal could still be seen clearly.

Yet what the analysts here could safely claim that Dr. Bhattarai is a balanced personality with a clear vision. His understanding of the Maoists ideologies and the ground realities of Nepal are simply superb. Above all, Dr. Bhattarai is not a shaky person as compared to Prachanda. He talks straight, not double, and has some better plans for Nepal's development in his mind.

Though his clear India bend irritates some.

Mrs. Rao also talked with Nepal President. It is altogether a different matter that Nepal's President is a free for all man and loves to meet any tom, dick or harry if they were from India. Could be his personal weakness. Nothing to disagree.

But what Mrs. Rao talked with Nepal's lame duck President?

High placed sources opine that Mrs. Rao advised Dr. Yadav to remain alert in tackling the emerging Nepal situation should it go out of control if the Nepal PM imbroglio prolonged.

Does this mean then that Dr. Yadav has been encouraged by the Indian regime to impose Presidential rule in Nepal if the country went berserk? Perhaps yes!

Luckily Dr. Yadav will be greeted by Mrs. Rao at Delhi airport when the former begins his dramatized Official visit to India.

Mrs. Rao will perhaps remind Dr. Yadav of her instructions imposed on President of Nepal some weeks back.

One interesting political development that too was ignored by the mainstream Nepali media was the stoic silence kept by China in the departure of UNMIN from Nepal given that it understands fully well that it would mean India's increased overwhelming presence in Nepal now with the departure of the UN peace mission from Nepal.

Such a Chinese silence may boomerang on China ultimately.

Coincidently, India has assumed a seat at the United Nations Security Council very freshly.

UNMIN's brusque packing from Nepal would definitely encourage India to increase its penetration in Nepal under several known and unknown pretexts. One pretext, though undeclared, would be to jolt China's Tibet in close collaboration with its new found allies in the far flung developed West.

All in all, Nepali politics is still in a fluid state. Impotent leaders still quarreling for lucrative PM post.

It thus provides a grand opportunity to some crooked ones, near and far, to fish in Nepal's troubled waters. 

Nepal President deliberately preferred to remain out of the country when he was demanded most here.

Nepal! Thy fate is like this.

But several Slaps await perhaps.......

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