Retaliation in making, slide in Nepal-India relations noticed!


Kathmandu: Nepali politics has already become a shaggy dog story. Even the lay men in the villages have developed a sort of abhorrence for the country's prevailing politics.

Patience too has a limit.

Yet, unfortunately, the Nepalese political "flora and fauna" who count in Nepali politics continue to fight over petty issues.

Old habits die hard. Shame!

Give it any name, the main intent is to grab power. The words like consensus, unity and united approach have become redundant looking at the manner these words were being distorted and even misinterpreted by the major parties that profit the respective parties or at best one individual.

In the process, the likelihood of the obscure peace process coming to its rational conclusion and the draft of a new constitution has become sheepishly a distant affair if not unattainable.

Yes there is instant consensus but only to pocket monthly salaries from the accounts department of the proven useless CA body. Nepal's Himalayan burden.

A word of Shame once again.

Five month "free" remuneration has already been swallowed up by our august white elephants since May 28, 2010 as against fighting job.

One more shame they deserve.

Thus the politics remains in a moribund state hence analysts prefer not to dwell at length on the disgusting politics of the country. Analysts don't want to annoy the valued readers because the "unlucky thirteen" has come as a disaster for Mr. Poudel who could garner only 90 plus votes in Tuesday Nepal PM election.

Not even the NC men are voting in his favor.

(Here is a flash: In today's voting, 29 October 2010, the 14th round in series, as usual, Mr. Poudel came out of the CA premises with black face. Yet he remains undeterred to what he calls, "save democracy").

Shame for Poudel and his love for a system that doesn't exist at all, at least the lay men have yet to feel that they have a system of the sort for whose survival Poudel in energetically engaged since four months or so.
The former King, Gyanendra, must be laughing. He has reasons to laugh.
The Delhi enginneered 12 point agreement dies a premature death. So sad.
What exist is "parti-o-cracy", frankly speaking, said a political analysts of international repute to this scribe this evening, October 29, 2010.
Poudel is still not exhausted. His "negative" stamina must be admired.
Political analysts have a preference to instead touch upon the political enlargements that have freshly been dictating the country's affairs in a theatrical manner.

Needless to say, Nepal-India relations have touched a new record low. Not even expected by those who follow Nehruvian doctrine in New Delhi.

The naked "traditional" India thump in Nepali politics is being apparently put in the shade and remarkably replaced by the substantial but yet "subtle" invasion of the Chinese regime though in a very modest manner. Quiet diplomacy is effectively working.

When you lose, it is automatically my gain.

You all know who is losing at the moment.

The rush to China by the Nepali politicians, including the President and the Vice President, in series has in many more ways than one remained instrumental in sidelining the all pervasive Indian influence in Nepali affairs.

It is expected to increase, time permitting. Nothing to panic.

China has won the game to the extent that nobody now talks of India.

This must mentally disturb the Indian regime to the hilt.

Chinese "speechless" diplomacy has professionally worked in that Nepal Vice President Jha upon his return to Kathmandu from a China trip just the other day told the media men at Kathmandu airport that "Not even a signal Chinese official talked of Nepali politics with me during my visit there".

In saying so, VP Jha absolved China from the presumed "calculated rumors" of China's increased penetration in Nepali politics.

"The Chinese were at all not interested in Nepal's politics…this is what I felt", so said VP Jha.

VP Jha's statement must have elated Beijing for obvious and understandable reasons and concurrently came as a "high voltage shock" to "whom it may concern", near and far.

This was China's diplomatic victory par excellence.

Ro add insult to injury, Nepal President who is already in China has even gone too far in annoying India.

He point blank asked China to accelerate the Road and rail link up to Nepal border.

President Yadav will speak more which may ultimately irritate the Indian establishment.

But Nepal President has spoken in favor of his own motherland.

Some further jolts wait to some in the neighborhood. Jolts in series? Patience too has a limit!

A beaming VP Jha in Nepal's national dress also told the Nepali media men that "I appealed the Chinese authorities to come forward and assist in Nepal's development".

The message has already been conveyed. Is VP Jha a different person now? So is Dr. Yadav?

Keep on guessing!

These Nepal luminaries may receive penal actions from some invisible quarters or at least be asked clarifications, hopefully.  

China has already been invited by Nepal's highest authorities. Invitations are generally honored by the recipients.

Thus China which has already secured its place in Nepali affairs may energetically double its activities, hopefully, in Nepal because she has been "invited" by Nepal political celebrities.

Apart from formal and declared visits to China, there have been instances of secret visits to Beijing as well.

Only recently, some Maoists cantonment commanders made a five day long trip to China which has irked the caretaker Nepal government.

The government is in a mood to pounce upon UNMIN. The UN body has already been told to clarify as to how the Maoist commanders secretly sneaked into China without informing the government or the UNMIN, which has been assigned with the duty to monitor the movements of the Maoists combatants and the commanders as well.

The UNMIN has already issued a statement which says that it is not at all responsible if the military men make a trip inside the country or abroad when they are on "leave".

Prompt reply indeed as if it were kept in a readymade state. Naughty UNMIN.

But the government has reasons to panic. These Maoists military men traveled to Beijing with RED passport.

Be that as it may, the trend thus has reversed within three years of the widely believed "great political change" of 2006. Previously, all Nepali roads used to end up in New Delhi. Now it is Beijing.

Just upside down.

The Indian regime has logical reasons to panic looking at this reversed trend.

The rebels whom she nursed carefully for all along eight years plus all have gone to the fold of Beijing and that too en masse. 

It is time now to go deep into the causes and the very reasons that compelled the Nepal Maoists to inch towards Beijing.

New Delhi must begin pondering over seriously.

Delhi must find its "own faults" that have led to the reversal of the usual-traditional pattern.

The damage has already been done.

The rare and the extraordinary honor that the Beijing authorities bestowed upon Maoists Captain, Prachanda, during his Shanghai sojourn and the contingent of high ranking Chinese officials that came all along from Beijing to Shanghai to greet Comrade Prachanda does speak volume of the "already increased intrinsic bond" in between the Nepal Maoists and the Communist party of China, the government in Beijing included.

Most surprisingly, this high level Chinese authority, Ai Ping, accompanied Prachanda up to Beijing along with his "greet Prachanda member" team.

More than red carpet welcome that it was by all means.

Prachanda has returned home.  

But why the Chinese prefer Prachanda and his party more than the rest in Nepal?

This is the Himalayan question that has been just boggling even the sharp Nepali brains. Why?

Is China in a vigorous search of some "reliable and trusted partner" in Nepal? Has Beijing already concluded that the Nepalese Maoists were the most trustworthy ones who could tentatively take care of their prime interests in Nepal?

Prachanda appears to have assured the Beijing top-hats that his party will henceforth act like a political deterrent against any activities that go against China or Chinese interests in Nepal.

The fact is that China wants no disturbance in Tibet from the Nepalese soil.

Prachanda is on record to have assured this time his Beijing friends. President Yadav also reiterated Nepal's "One China Policy".

The million dollar question thus is will India allow Nepal to slip from its firm grip?

Ambassador Rakesh Sood has become like a wounded lion. He has tentatively convinced his government to "teach a befitting lesson to Nepal" sooner than later.

The shoe hurling incident may time permitting catapult the entire politics of the nation should the Indian Union so desire.

India has a habit of teaching lessons to her small neighbors without asking remuneration.

India is simply great.

Above all, India, as is the experience, will not tolerate China's "overly increased" hobnob with the Maoists and the upper echelon political luminaries of late.

India will retaliate for sure. But when and how? May be after President Obama concludes his India visit.

An alien wrath of the March 23, 1989 dimension, a lesson already taught, is in the making, analysts presume. Schemes are being devised, analysts have been told by some high placed sources with India bend.

But prior to such a possible retaliation, India is hereby advised by Nepal analysts to tame its own erratic Ambassador whose nose poking in each and every Nepali affair could have been one of the prime reasons for the increased anti-India sentiments in Nepal of late. Otherwise, the general Nepali people honor India if she doesn't exceed limits.

Ambassador Sood has committed several blunders since the day he landed in Kathmandu to take up his assignment, April 25, 2008 to be more precise.

Analysts prefer an indefinite economic blockade than being insulted on a regular basis.

Enough should be enough and enough has already been enough.

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I agree


  • Posted on - 2010-10-29    by     nepal
  • Lara, you are right unless and until government fully controls especially those media house which are foreign funded, adversity of Nepalese people will continue. Government should introduce new advertisement policy so that none of the big cooperation can do monopoly by publish in its favor media.
  • Posted on - 2010-10-28    by     Lara
  • Another trade rout via China would be a great solution against India bullying and threatening us with trade sanctions. Mr. Rambaran was right to request speedup on train rout to Nepal via China. Although we need a balanced relationship with both we need an alternative trade rout just to balance ever present Indian sanction threats. The next step would be to curb the Foreign funded Media groups who are running wild and getting more powerful than the government as well as working against National interest.