Nepal: Armyís stern counsel needed, as Gen Kayani spoke : Or, the Nepal Army Chief, General Gaurav S. Rana, who as of now remains as a mere onlooker of the deteriorating situation as if he were not native of this beleaguered country, will jump to the scene to correct the political aberrations?

Nepal: Reconciliation option : As politics never goes straight so the former Nepal sovereign may have assured Indian regime that Mohan baidyaís faction will not create any havoc inside India by aligning with the Indian radicals. Could have been a verbal assurance. K. P. Oliís meet with Dr. Karan Singh in Delhi canít be dismissed. To recall, Oli was against the second uprising. By extension, he was with the King then.

Nepal: Obscure consensus : But the question is that how come Mohan Baidya, taken as a hardliner in the Maoists camp who quite often ventilates his acerbic feeling against India, is tooth and nail supporting Bhattarai-the opposing camp-and wants to elevate the adherent of a declared Indo-pendent man to the Nepal's Prime Ministerial post?

Nepal: Pending tempest : To boot, PM Bhattarai, July 23, 2012, made a telephone call in the morning and congratulated his former mentor who has now become the 13th President of Indian Republic. But he claimed the other day that he is the President of all. Is he talking of the entire region? Former Indian Ambassador Shyam Saran was here in Kathmandu, July 11, 2012. He was on his way to Bhutan for a seminar and had made Kathmandu a two day transit.

Nepal: India prevails, Beijing missing : Interestingly, the Chinese envoy is missing. Is it that he left for Beijing to allow the Indian regime to penetrate in Nepali affairs? Is there any sort of tacit understanding in between Delhi and Beijing? Even if Beijing is a partner to this design, as it was during 2005-6 Nepal uprising, then ultimately it is Beijing which is the prime loser in Nepal.

Nepal: Sparkling Republican Order ! : Nepal President has ill motive. This he canít hide any longer. He wants the country to reel under uncertainty as long he could stretch by extending time for the defunct parties to forge consensus. His extension of the time to the parties now has become a grand joke of 2013. Republican Nepal shines!

Mr. Clean is Nepal Prime Minister : That Nepal PM's arms will be mercilessly twisted by the Indian ruling elites has already come to the fore which gets reflected in the quick message of congratulations sent to Dr. Bhattarai by his Indian counterpart, Dr. Man Mohan Singh, (who is himself a proxy and is nicknamed as Junior Sonia) who says in his laudatory message, (sic), "Our relations are special and characterized by intense people to people interaction and an open border".

New Modi doctrine will guide relations with Nepal : Thus to expect that India will have compassionate judgment towards Nepal in the days ahead will be a mercy killing exercise for multiple reasons. Instead, Modi Bhai will increase its penetration in Nepali affairs manifold in order to contain the weak China in Nepal, if not in global politics.

Nepal: US excitement! : Now the question come to the mind of the analysts as to whether President Carter had landed in Nepal to encourage the Nepali population to embrace the poll or had he come to Nepal to exert (undue) pressure on Nepal government to ease the presumed restrictions imposed on the Tibetan refugees stationed in Nepal?